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Grandista LS-001 Driver

Grandista LS-0011

Grandista LS-001- The brands second driver release.  For those who are not familiar with Grandista they produce really good drivers and fairway woods.  The owner,  founder and designer Kazutaka Yoshida is a former professional golfer.  At one point he was ranked 3rd – 5th on Japan’s long drive championship.

This man doesn’t fool around,  he sourced the best DAT55G from Japan by Daido steel co for the face of this new driver.  I’ve got more for you guys after the jump…

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Grandista RS-F Fairway Woods

Grandista Driver | Fairway Wood

Introducing the new Grandsita RS-F Fairway Woods – with all the amazing fairway woods on TSG it’s hard to choose “the right” one and here comes another stunner the RS-F3 by Grandista,  lets start with some very good news, it’s got a DAT55G face,  a forward CG for lower spin,  yet a fairly shallow face to help get the ball up,  the cut away and two weight bars create a very stable trajectory.  I’ve hit all 14/15/16* custom 3 wood lofts and can suggest these with confidence they stack up with the best of them for sure top 3 in my book as well.

Yoshida-san former tour pro and founder/designer of Grandista is on a roll,  his drivers are top 5 in my book and this fairway wood is top of the heap as well,  It’s designed for the lower handicap player yet its extremely easy to hit with it’s mid/high trajectory and due to less spin a tighter shot dispersion yet maintaining workability,  sounds almost too good to be true but it all works out and compared against other JDM fairway woods for low handicap golfers these have a slight distance advantage as well.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

Grandista Fairway Woods Golf

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Grandista Type-S Driver Review


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Grandista DAT55G Driver head and today we have the same model except with an SP700 material face and silver highlights on the crown and face,  So why produce 2 drivers both with the same design yet just different face materials?  Its really about preference of feel,  Yoshida-san former tour pro and founder/designer of Grandista was able to produce a slightly softer feel and sound at impact with the SP700 model yet with the same  CT “Characteristic of Time” that the ball is compressed against the face and in this case it’s VERY high at CT=257 for both the DAT55G model and the SP700 model.   Yesterday I was able to hit both models together so please follow the jump for what I found the difference was…

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Grandista RS-001 Driver Review

Grandista Driver

Gradista Golf Driver -When TSG offers new brands we usually look for a particular type,  brands that have a full line up and release products annually,  brands that have a unique difference about them like top of the line materials from Japan and ultimately brands that produce products that perform,  in this situation Grandista Golf only has 1 product in their line up ( with 2 variants ) so why did we decide to offer it?  Because after a few whacks at the ball it was obviously a performer and we are proud to announce our relationship with them.

Not only is the Grandista Driver unique but it’s really well thought out in it’s design,  one of my favorite things is that they use DAT55G from Daido steel co in Japan,  yes look for the “G” when shopping DAT55 because that’s the one you want this material is one of TSG members favorite on drivers it produces slightly faster ball speeds than the others and of course costs a little more as well.   Lots to share on this excellent excellent driver so follow the jump….

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