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Seven CB Prototype – Only 2 Sets Worldwide!


Here is the latest SEVEN Cavity Blade Prototype - Only 2 sets produced hand made of Forged SS400 in Ichikawa Japan. We have released multiple variants of this cavity design adjusting the grind and shape along the way.  It is an Original CAD design that we are able to transfer to various head molds which allows for flexibility in manufacturing.  The cavity design itself allows for enough center mass to aid in forgiveness and feel yet not so much that it reduces workability.  By keeping the areas besides the center steps free of metal and slightly reducing perimeter weighting we have been able to blend the best attributes of a blade together with the forgiveness of a players cavity.  Follow the Jump for more photos and info...


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Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons Pictures

VG3 Forged Irons

Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons - Introducing the new 2016 VG3's by Titleist.  Only offered in Japan the VG3 series is geared toward the mid to low handicap player the forged version as seen in these photos features very little offset yet with a rounded somewhat thick topline it's forged head has a progressive cavity with short irons having no undercut while the mid to long irons have a deeper CNC milled undercut for extra added forgiveness.  The soles of the mid to long irons also feature embedded tungsten weighting spread optimally across the entire sole area making these very forgiving and lowering the trajectory which blends well with it's stronger lofts somewhat the same combo used in the Titleist T-MB 716 irons, but these are not stainless steel or hollow like the T-MB they are soft forged 1 piece heads,  just the way we like um.  Follow the jump for detailed photos of the PW, #7 and #5 irons....

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Honma Beres IS-05 Irons

Honma IS-05 Beres

Introducing the newly released Honma Beres IS-05 Forged Iron - Honma has identified the key attributes desired by slower swingers seeking a game improvement iron,  the first an a very important one is the fact that it's still partly forged which is not so common in the game improvement iron segment this appeals to just about everyone who seeks the soft rewarding dense impact when the ball meets the face.  Next Honma increased the overall heads dimensions over the outgoing IS-03 model both the face height and length heel to toe has been increased by 1mm.    A lot has been improved with the new IS-05,  please click read more to learn about the differences...

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Japan Golf Fair 2016: Golden Ratio S15C Soft Series

Golden Ratio S15C Golf Forged

The company Golden Ratio has been around for more than a few years and TSG has covered them in our previous golfs show posts in years past,  this year what prompted me to revisit the brand is their full line up use of S15C forged steel this is a material that creates a buttery soft impact and is currently the softest used carbon steel in golf irons bar none.  Golden ratio has a full line up of irons and wedges along with a new models that we would like to highlight so for more pics and info please follow the Jump... Continue Reading


Baldo Japanese Golf Clubs

BALDO COMPETIZIONE 568S Forged Irons - Made of Japan S20C using a process called CF-Compression Forged for a tighter grain producing a more dense and buttery feel at impact these I would call a forgiving players cavity back.  Something not usually seen in forged irons are  CNC milled grooves and milling marks across the entire face that is something usually reserved for wedges.

I have hit these and my opinion as well as more photos after the jump...

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Titleist 2016 VG3 Forged Irons

2016 VG3 Forged Titleist Irons

New 2016 Titleist VG3 Forged Irons - It's here one of the best selling best performing Irons from Titleist's Japan Only VG3 Series!  Titleist has been producing this line for over 5 years now and it fills the perfect gap between the low handicap player and the golfer who needs more forgiveness without a larger sized head,  This is the pinnacle of Titleist engineering using S45C a Japan designated material FORGED with Tungsten Nickel weighting on both heel and toe sides from #4 thru #7 irons making your long to mid irons nice and easy to hit.

Titleist Japan Only Irons

Follow the Jump for more images and information!

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Zodia CM-2+ Irons

Zodia Golf

Zodia sure makes beautiful golf clubs - Chiba-san has been producing sharp edges grained finish clubs for well over a decade now and in person just as in these photos they are incredible to look at,  but are they equally as satisfying to hit?  To find out follow the Jump....

Zodia Golf

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Honma TW-W FORGED ** CuStoM BLaCk NiCKeL **

Honma TW-W

You are looking at Sakata Factory Custom Black Nickel Honma TW-W Forged Wedges!  Hideto Tanihara had a hand in working togeher with Honma in the development and testing of these wedges.  Geared to the low handicap / pro player it's designed for a lower trajectory with what he calls "incredible spin",  he plays both the AW & SW on the JPGA tour with Vizard IB-95W Shafts which are also unique in that Tanihara-san wanted a shaft that would produce a more accurate lower launch result that still stopped on the greens quickly.

I have not hit the Black Nickel version but I do have a few rounds under my best with the standard finish model and they not only feel great but are top of the food chain when it comes to quality of fit, and finish we wouldn't expect any less from Honma.  Follow the Jump for more feedback and photos....

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Geotech T-215 Japan Forged Irons


The new Geotech T-215 irons are forged of S25C in Japan and feature a three layer cavity back created to be balanced and centered on the club head,  It's finish is Nickel Chrome Satin with a sand blasted top line to help reduce glare.

The sole is multi-cut with a slight leading edge relief yet with a noticeable trailing edge grind to help if in tough lies,  the new Geotech T-215 is considered a straight neck iron with minimal offset  available in 4-PW, the lofts are what I consider normal with the PW coming in at 45*. Geotech recommends the new T-215 with the Modus3 130 and we would suggest this for players in the 0-20hcp range.  Custom builds include nearly any shaft and grip combo from Japan and the lofts and lie angles are adjustable by 2* either way at the factory.  You can also purchase head only.  Follow the Jump for more photos...

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