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TSG Club Works Modified Epon P3 Irons back in stock!


When we (TSG Club Works ) take on a custom job for our customers we are especially excited when the clubs are unique, cool and even a challenge.  1 piece club forged club head designs are pretty easy to work with when it comes to refinishing, and they require no cavity paint but 2 piece designs bring its own set of difficulties which require extra time, communication and money.   Today there are many people who offer golf club modifications yet few who understand quality.  Want a beautiful super high quality finish?  Ship it to Japan and allow our golf specific plating factories do what they do best.   Follow the Jump for more…

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Epon P3’s in White Satin Matte by TSG Club Works!


Last week on our instagram and facebook pages TSG Club Works revealed a set of custom Epon P3’s.  Today we have another 4-PW this time in white satin which is a new golf specific finish developed at the refinishing factory.  This iron set also has a custom leading edge grind. The White Satin is a matte finish whiter than traditional satin yet there is no glare.

Last weeks set sold in less than a day from listing in the TSG ProShop I have also included those photos after the jump…

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Epon 504D Drivers Coming October 23rd


Epon 504 J & D Drivers coming October 23rd – Two new models are being released later this month and while neither is designed for the hard hitter it is something new from the brand.  The 504D (H) was created for the golfer who desires high spin and a higher launch,  it’s only available in 10.5* and Epon reccomends is used for players with an 80 mph swing speed.  The 504DJ is made for players who swing about 96 mph and is available in 9.5* loft only,  both drivers are 460cc’s.  Another indicator of who these will appeal to lies in the stock shaft options made by FSP all  50g range options even for the 504J model.

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Help Spread JDM Clubs – Get a Free Driver!

Help get access to JDM clubs and demos at your local golf shop and get a FREE Epon, Romaro, Ryoma or Crazy Driver in return! As you all know Tourspecgolf is the leading retailer of Japan Market Golf Clubs outside of Japan. Not only is TSG pround to make Japan Domestic Market golf clubs accessible to golfers around the world, we strive to to spread awareness and accessibility to JDM by introducing and marketing brands that would be otherwise unknown outside of Japan.

As some of you may know we have begun focusing on a distribution network in North America (though we are also looking at possibilities in Europe and Middle East). We have been slowly building a team of premium and quality shops who share similar views and understand the benefits of Japan market golf clubs. TSG is currently an official distributor for the following Brands:

Crazy Shaft

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New Epon ZERO Driver Coming Soon!

New Epon Zero Driver 415cc

The New Epon ZERO Driver was first sighted burred on the Epon Japan website inside their PDF catalog by TourSpecGolf Forum member HULC1105.  TSG will be receiving an early release sample for testing in a couple of weeks.  I should first note that this is a players driver and Epon says clearly ” stay away if you are not strong enough”… makes me want to try it even if I shouldn’t :o).

I find it interesting that it’s only listed with a 10.5 loft.  It’s a 415cc driver made by Endo jam packed with all the best Forged Titanium like a KS120 Forged sole, 15-3-3-3 Forged crown, and purely forged titanium body.  Looks HoT!  We will be posting info soon along with a ton of other latest release products from the 2012 Japan Golf Fair that starts in…. a few hours!

Epon Custom Finish Satin

As many people know Epon’s standard finish on its irons is an NiCr or nickel chrome plated finish which is polished to a mirror look. Epon does also offer custom finishes like satin, copper and black on their irons and wedges with options depending on which model. Recently people have posted up copper models as well as black finished models in our forum but some customers emailed me wondering what satin finish looks like. The Satin is brushed and gives a nice subtle less reflective look to Epon’s irons and is also a very affordable upgrade. I asked Epon to snap a quick picture of a satin AF-302 which they emailed me today. I much prefer this look over the mirror finish.

Epon EMB Contest Winner!

It’s time to announce the second winner in our TSG – Golf to Impress contest!

Please keep in mind that if you register for the RSS feeds your email must match the email you use for posting comments on the blog here or we can’t verify entry and contact winners properly. Some commentators have been posting with no email addresses or invalid emails. A list of all emails registered since the contest began was thrown in excel and randomly sorted 3 times over with 10 emails being at the top of the list on the 3rd time chosen. We then checked to see who out of the 10 randomly chosen emails made the most comments on the blog over the last week.

The winner for the Epon EMB 10.5* with Roddio W6WA is user Kent, khgolf!!

Remember there are still 2 more prizes to come including a Taylormade Japan Burner Plus driver, and Seven Hills Prototype Caddy bag. Everyone still has a chance to win so keep on commenting as the numbers are now reset! If you’ve already registered your email for RSS feeds and newsletters you only need to keep commenting with the same email. For those who have yet to register there’s still lots of time to enter!

Congratulations to Kent. Please contact me when you get a chance.

Epon AF-502 joins the Forged Cavity Shootout

I’m happy to report that Epon has agreed on letting the AF-502 take part in our forged cavity back shootout in June. I’m looking forward to see how it stacks up especially against the Ping Anser Forged which has a similar size and design with a cavity that absorbs vibrations and creates feel. Should be a great shootout as I await the arrival of the other contenders!

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