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Srixon – XXIO – Cleveland Golf @ Tokyo Golf Show


Srixon at the Tokyo Golf ShowSrixon-Z-TX
The Srixon Z-TX is the next generation release from Srixon Golf, although we are not sure if it will make it to the U.S retail line up it is getting heavy play on the JPGA tour and we do expect to see some sort of version of it late 2009 in the states. 

Let’s just hope it’s not a watered down version of Japanese models.  This 2009 video footage was taken prior to the release of the Srixon Z-TX to tour players so it isnt in the video but we do have Srixon Japan’s new high end models as well as some from XXIO and Cleveland which are all under the same parent company umbrella since SRI sports made the purchase of Cleveland Golf in 2008.

Golf Club Sales and Performance Ranking

One of the best ways to choose golf clubs is to see what others are playing and what is popular among your peers. Golf to Impress will start posting regular updates on sales numbers for all retail clubs sold at Japan retailers. We will post charts from several of the big publications in Japan including, Golf Digest Japan, Waggle, Alba, Golf Classic, Golf Today, Choice and other great sources. We will also be releasing performance rankings from TSG based on our own testing as well as feedback from customers and forum members.

albacoverThis really gives a good idea on whats hot and the trends in golf gear.  Keep in mind there are some differences between retail mainstream brands and premium boutique brands. Most media publications focus on the mainstream sales of big chain stores like Golf5 and Niki Golf while TSG’s ramkings include several high end premium brands that are not typically available at big retailers even in Japan. This is why you will see some differences when it comes to brand availability.

I started by posting up Alba’s Q1 2009 sales. As more info becomes available I will increase the frequency and probably post sales by month which can be more accurate as a hot driver that is released say in late March would not get the same sales recognition on a 3 month chart as one that got released in January.

Another point is that the Alba Charts seem to cater to the average/recreational golfer while the rankings at TSG show a strong focus towards the athlete and more serious player. Not a single blade made the Alba list and we have 2 models on the TSG Chart.  A lot of the drivers on the Alba Chart are for slower swingers and slicers while the TSG Chart has several athlete models.

I hope that these numbers can help people in making the right golf club choices or if anything be of interest to the golf enthusiast.

The Rankings page will have their own permanent page right here: http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/golf-club-rankings/

Ping G15 Driver and Ping G15 Irons Update!


Ping G15  Update

The Ping G15 Driver and Irons have been the talk of the forum boards for a couple weeks now and although we can’t get much info from Ping golf directly there are those insiders out there leaking rumors and pre release info. I wonder if this is part of Ping’s strategy to produce loads of hype for the new G15 Series.

Testing the G15 & i15

We are also hearing that their were indeed two drivers produced, the Ping G15 and the i15, a insider from golfwrx  noted that the professional golfers that are testing both the G15 & i15 prefer the G15 driver.   Again we can’t confirm either but based on some images surfacing of Knock Off G15 Irons from china that usually closely resemble the retail product I will go out on a limb and say the Ping G15 is the next release and will most likley make its U.S PGA Tour debut at the 2009  British Open. Don’t quote me on that…:roll: 

Where is PING made?

It makes us wonder where PING actually produces their golf clubs if Chinese companies often get a hold of similar to retail release looking knock off’s far before any announcement and even before actual images are spotted on Tour. Does Ping really make it’s golf clubs in the USA or do they only assemble it in the states? Im not going to get into this touchy subject but you can figure it out for yourself.

Ping G15 & i15 release date? we can only guess but based on past Ping Tour releases around the time of the british open that U.S retail release will be early to mid October.

We have compiled all the images we could to give our readers the most info possible, we would like to thank some of our sources from various forum boards like GolfWRX, BombSquadGolf and Golf-Patents.com.

Click Keep Reading to see the patent images of the G15 or i15 Driver and the G15 or i15 Driving Hybrid….

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Srixon Z-TX Driver And Srixon ZTX Irons

Srixon-Z-TX-small-Image2010 Srixon Z-TX Driver & Irons

Here you have it first images found anywhere of the Tour Issue Prototype Srixon Z-TX Driver and Srixon Z-TX Iron’s.  I haven’t heard anything about these two new products from any source until a few days ago when our JPGA friends sent us images of what appears to be Srixon’s next generation of golf clubs for 2010.

Off the bat it doesn’t appear to be sporting typical Srixon Japan aesthetics and based on that hunch we do think that the new Srixon Z-TX will show up early 2010 in Japan and mid 2010 in the United States.  No players had the new Srixon Z-TX clubs in the bag at the U.S open or any other recent PGA Tour event so it’s still hard to confirm.  It sure does look like a good fit in the U.S line up though.

Wider Sweet Spot

Our reports tell us that the first images of the Tour Issue prototype will debut in next months Golf Classic magazine and in regards to the performance and design aspect it is gem, the testing shows  the new Srixon Z-TX has more distance and a better optimal spin rate than  any other Srixon driver ever released.  The face depth has been reduced and the heel to toe length increased creating a wider sweet spot. This has been the design philosophy of XXIO which is also under Srixons umbrella but geared to the average golfer so it’s nice to see Srixon implementing that technology and design into a Tour level product.


Srixon Z-TX Irons

Now take a look at the Srixon Z-TX Irons, very similar to their last offering in Japan with it’s cut away sole area’s but this one appears to be even more compact and blade like. from above it also has a thinner top line and less offset. I think a lot of golfers in the United States will be excited to see the improvements over the last models. I still think Srixon USA should also release the current Japanese ZR-600 model in limited numbers in the states to select accounts. It would be good for them and great for golfers.


For Z-TX Top Line Images Please Click Here or the Keep Reading button…

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