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Introducing the SEVEN MCB!


It is a beautiful thing this iron; one piece milled entirely from a block of Japanese steel.  It’s every angle is perfectly shaped by computer controlled milling.  Our CG locations and CAD produced using an HD-3D NX7 software.  The resin prototypes shaved by hand to determine its final form.  Getting excited?  The new MCB Mid-sized players cavity back by SEVEN Golf.  Follow the jump to continue…

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Introducing the New SEVEN CB!  Made with an entirely new design using new materials and manufactured 100% in Japan. We suggest you have a closer look zoom in so you can see the quality is unlike any other. By using Japanese 5 Axis milling machines with specialized software we were able to create the highest quality cavity back the golf world has ever seen.  SEVEN is also boasting the highest manufacturing cost per head with their intention to cut out middle man keeping the retail price as low as possible thus giving the consumer the best product they can buy.


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Modart CBC Irons Back in Stock!


Finally available again the Modart CBC Irons,  these have been out of stock for months with customers waiting patiently ( thank you! )  Now I’m happy to inform everyone that these are now shipping with custom builds available from TSG.

For those who are not familiar with Modart here is a bit of back story:  Modart was created by Suda-san all the clubs offered by Modart are made completely in Japan featuring a full line up of woods and irons and wedges and putters.  Suda-san having spent more than 10 years in the golf industry had long had a dream of making his own brand. He spent years honing his grinding and club design skills at Fourteen Golf where under the guidance of Grind Studio master and former top Fourteen grinder Masahiro Tomaru. When Tomaru-san left, Suda-san became the top grinder and focused on grinding Fourteen wedges for top Japanese pros on tour. Besides grinding for tour pros, Suda-san was also in charge of up and coming releases which include the very popular MT-28 V5 wedge in his portfolio.  Ready to hear what makes these irons so different and special compared to the others?  Follow the Jump….

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New George Spirits Mono M1 Putters!


George Takei is a name that is synonymous with golf club design in the Japanese market. The former founder of Gauge Design Japan and G-Field Golf has traveled the road both high and low when it comes to golf clubs in Japan. At its peak, George had led Gauge Design into becoming the number one putter on the Japanese tour, besting the likes of Odyssey and Scotty Cameron. Gauge Design Japan and G-Field eventually dissolved as the company broke off seeing former employees of Gauge form new companies like Gold’s Factory and Romaro Sports. George however, continued to hone his design skills and passion/dream of creating the ultimate golf clubs. Several years ago, the George Spirits brand was born.


George continued on his journey to create his dream golf clubs, with the sky the limit. Top quality forged irons and wedges, premium forged and cutting edge designs for woods and of course putters. George Spirits recently released their Mono line of pin style putters the Mono1 , Mono2 and Mono3 models. Personally I am much more of a mallet type player so I was very happy to see George release the new Mono M1 putters featuring Style1 a center shafted small mallet and Style2 a double bend shaft over heel mallet. I was immediately drawn to the Style1 as I typically use a center shafted putter with more of a straight back and forth type of stroke. George Spirits as usual was of course very accommodating and sent over both models for me to try out.

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Yururi Nantetsu Forged Putter

I’ve been busy reviewing Yururi’s new Rupas and Tour wedges and all the while a new putter they sent me was also sitting patiently in the corner for me to test. Yururi’s new putter is simply called Nantetsu which means Forged Mild Carbon Steel. Nantetsu is made for premium soft feel. It has a classic pin/blade putter shape with rounded bumpers and heel along with a rounded multi level sole.

Shark Face…

The Yururi Nantetsu features what they call the Shark Face… horizontally cnc milled lines which are rather sharp to a point that promote soft feel due to less contact area and forward roll on the ball. The idea is not unlike what we’ve seen with G-Field and Gold’s Factory’s Premium Zone milling or Rife’s Roll Groove Technology.  While the designs of all these millings vary slightly ie groove depth, groove shapes and distance, the idea is similar. Create consistent roll with minimal skidding. The Nantetsu does that long with soft forged feel.

Clean looks…

The Yururi Nantetsu is a very clean looking putter. It is unplated and finished in a flat black finish. The Yururi logo is in the back cavity and on the sole.  The sight line is a single line on the top blade keeping for a very clean look.

Relatively heavy head…

The Nantetsu features heavier head weights varying from around 345 to 350g depending on the length (33 to 34″) of the putter. This gives a nice swing weight of around D1-D3 which is not too heavy or not too light meaning it’s an all around putter than can be used on both faster and slower greens.  I received just the head so that I could check its weight first which came out at 348g. I shafted it up at 33.5″ along with a sky blue standard Iomic grip which came out at D3 swing weight.

Nice setup…

I really like the way the putter sets up. I do like black colored putters, there is no glare from the Nantetsu and it’s very clean looking at address.  The small sight line and flange and bumpers frame the ball well. Feel is as expected from a soft forged putter and that is very soft.  The Nantetsu is all about feel. Some who prefer a crisper harder feel may not like the very soft feel of the Nantetsu.  The shark face does its job in giving the ball instant roll and does also adds to the softness at impact. Overall a great looking putter with very soft feel and very good roll. I’ve put it in the bag and I can’t wait to try it out on the course!

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