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Introducing the New SEVEN CB!  Made with an entirely new design using new materials and manufactured 100% in Japan. We suggest you have a closer look zoom in so you can see the quality is unlike any other. By using Japanese 5 Axis milling machines with specialized software we were able to create the highest quality cavity back the golf world has ever seen.  SEVEN is also boasting the highest manufacturing cost per head with their intention to cut out middle man keeping the retail price as low as possible thus giving the consumer the best product they can buy.


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New R1 Cavity Back Forged by A-GRIND

A-Grind R1 Golf Irons

Ako-san has been extremely busy with his new company A-Grind and the results are paying off with the winner of the Volvo China open playing an A-Grind UT 20.5* club so big congrats to A-Grind and Ako-san on that one.  Today I’m going to highlight something we have been waiting for since the Japan Golf Show back in Feb where we caught glimpse of a prototype R1 CB iron which I must admit looks stunning.

Forged in Himeji Japan & Made in Kobe the A-GRIND R1 is the new design cavity back made of mild S25C,  it’s designed for the low capper to pro with a very thin top line and compact appearance,  it’s toe and face shape are unique to cavity back irons and its neck transition is very quick yet subtle and small to provide a more blade like appearance at address.   More photos after the Jump…

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SEVEN – S15C & SS400 Forged Cavity Blade Irons

Seven Golf Clubs

Seven Advanced Design is only several months since its official launch yet it’s been years in the making. hundreds of sketches of different cavity backs,  dozens of sample irons from other brands combined with over a decade of listening and learning about what our members truly desire from a compact players iron. 

Learning the Japan golf industry inside and out has helped a lot, knowing where and how other brands get stuck,  see’ing the life cycle of companies including their ups and downs and understanding why they rise and why they fall has allowed us to create a unique scenario for SEVEN.  

In this post I will talk about the History of just 1 of our products,  explain our concept and express thoughts that led to the final design…  Enter the Seven Cavity Blade.

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Yamaha Limited Tour Model RMX CB Forged Irons

RMX Tour Model CB by Yamaha

A short while ago we did a blog review on the Yamaha RMX “PB” Tour Model Iron,  while that’s an amazing club that was highly anticipated we held off on showing the limited model that everyone lusts over year after the Tour Model CB.  That’s right two CB’s and no MB,  the previous year we had an MB and a rather mid sized CB but for the 2015 season none of the Yamaha staffers chose to put an MB in the bag,  it’s as simple as that and the reason why we won’t get an MB this year either.

But is a blade really necessary?  If a plus 5 handicap professional golfer can handle this shouldn’t the single digit amateur or recreational player?  Follow the jump to have a look at our review and more images of this beautiful iron set…

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