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The New Miura CB-2008 Modified


You are looking at a very custom set of the new Miura CB-2008 irons.  How is this one different than the standard model?  Its all cosmetics we took the heads and stripped the finish off of them and then sent it to our Japanese factory that does our black mirror finish.  Black Mirror is very similar to chrome mirror, but it has a deep dark hue to it.  Ready for more? Follow the jump for more details…

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ARESO E13 Custom Black Mirror w/400g Head Weight


Areso Golf Designs by Rock Wu – You may have heard of Areso Putters they popped up a few years back with designs that look to be from the future. Seriously some of the putters look like they should be in a transformers movie that is so beyond the traditionalist designs most brands adhere to today. The man behind the name is Rock Wu; he is a genius in bio mechanics and club design.

Today we are looking at a stunning E13 that has been refinished in black mirror with tungsten weights installed by GF.  The head weight is now a very heavy 400g which makes it perfect for the player who like that super stable weighty head or those who like to counter weight their putters with 40-50g on the butt end.  Follow the jump for more photos…


Installed with a Teramoto black shaft and Elite iB67 grip in a matching orange color to the paint fill this putter is beautiful.  The wave face milling has a nice soft impact adding to the already great feel of the carbon steel that this putter is forged of.


The black mirror finish does have glare but its one of the most attractive and best feeling finishes one can put on a putter.  The look is flawless and luxurious.


TourSpecGolf will be adding this putter to the TSG ProShop we have 1 or 2 exactly like this available so keep on the lookout for it in the ProShop.




SEVEN – Black Mirror Finish K1 Putter


I’m tired of writing Kyuzo.01 so I’m calling them K1’s from now on. Here’s a standard K1 with Black Mirror Finish, I used to call this finish something else but then member Spoon used the term Black Mirror in a forum thread and I think this describes them better.

Technical Term – Soft Black 100% Polished
Known as – Black Mirror
aka – Twilight

Only 1pcs available – Click Here  | Follow the Jump for detailed photos…

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