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2017 Mizuno Frame Walker Stand Bags


2017 Mizuno Frame Walker Stand Bags are here!!  Not sure how many folks here in the TSG community actually prefer to walk and carry their bags on the course,  but I actually carry my bag pretty much all the time.  My wife thinks golf is good exercise as long as I walk!!   So I walk.   I do think walking provides a better overall rhythm to my game where the walks in between shots give me enough time to think about my next shot as well as other things including how I should look into trying new clubs etc…  you get the picture.  :)     When I occasionally ride,  it seems to totally mess up my game.   Click to read more…

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2013 CRAZY 9012 Denim Caddy Bag


Rarely do we write up a blog post about a single golf bag but this time we felt this particular one was something special.  It’s a bit flashy and designer it feels as if a  luxury hand bag could have built this and It’s called the Crazy 9012 Caddy Bag and she’s a stunner.  It’s made of cotton denim  with what I believe to be is vinyl,  looks like leather.  Everything is made top notch and there are a lot of little extras like silver bits and pieces,  It also comes with a bottle holder.  One thing you must mind is if it’s damp or even dry and rubbing up against something white  like many jeans it could bleed.

Crazy ShaftsWe have tons of pictures for if you click on “Read More” below.

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Como!Come! New 2010 Promotional Video

Check out Como!Come!’s new Promo Video for 2010 featuring their image golfer Kayoko. Beautiful swing, beautifully shot video… funny captions and great style! We’ve got some cool new items coming soon from Como!Come! So look for them in the pro shop!

[flv:http://www.tourspecgolf.com/blog/videos/comocome.flv 640 427]

New Epon Golf Bags Coming May to TSG!

The new Epon 2010 Tour Bag has just been released in Asia and expect it to be available in the TSG ProShop this coming week.

The new Epon Tour bag is a limited production product and produced of the highest quality bag materials.  It’s total weight is 4.3kg coming in with a 9″ opening and another unique thing is its made of a synthetic leather that really makes this bag feel as if its on another level.

Available in White/Sax, White/Silver, Black/Red, and Black/Gold expect the bag to run for about 500.00 USD.  Below we have some real images for you to enjoy!

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Checking out the Dance With Dragon 2010 Collection

It was a rainy day today in Tokyo but it was not enough do dampen my visit to Shinagawa where I went to visit the Dance with Dragon 2010 Collection Preview with Master Sasaya from Gold’s Factory. Next years DWD collection has a Star Wars theme as you can see in the poster behind Master Sasaya and I. The Star Wars theme song played in the background as we spoke with DWD staff about their new collection, signing top Japanese Pro Shingo Katayama and how Dance with Dragon will take golf enthusiasts to where no golfer has gone before!

dwd1dwd2The large staging area was filled with racks of DWD clothing. Clothing is always the major focus of DWD especially for a summer collection where clothing sells the most. The displays had both the coming Spring Collection and Summer Collection and Dance With Dragon showed off its usual bright colors and daring designs for both men and women. Since TSG is now selling clothes and looking to slowly expand their golf wear offering we really wanted to pick out some of the hot items at this DWD preview launch. As always, the new caddy bags stood out with awesome design and quality. I have already decided I am getting one for the new season though a certain master also told me that he would have his own caddy bags in the new year… decisions decisions!

Other standout items included new Dance with Dragon putter grips to go along with their sticky wood and iron grips. There will be two new styles of putter grips and 6 different colors in all.  Dance with Dragon has a close relationship with Iomic and these do look very similar to Iomic’s new Absolute putter grips.  The camouflage grips look very cool!


As always Dance with Dragon is releasing some of the best looking caps in golf. I own a few already and I can say they fit great and are always top quality. They have several new caps including integrated magnetic ball markers in a couple of their models. The white and black one below is definitely one I am targeting for the new season.


Finally comes the clothes. They have some really hot stuff for next season and a lot of it is definitely influenced by top Japan pro Shingo Katayama who will be wearing all of this collection. From very stylish polo shirts, to slick solid colored pants, to the brightest checkered pants, there is something for everyone, men or ladies.  This simple D and DWD logo is going into my clothing rotation for sure.

dwd5I took  quite a few pics for everyone to check out. Dance with Dragon is by no means cheap, in fact it is one of the higher priced premium golf wear brands. One thing you can be sure of is getting high quality one of a kind golf wear. You can bet that nobody in your golf club has the same clothes as you do if you are wearing DWD. Look for the new collection to make its way into the pro shop in coming months!

Check out the pictures!

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Dance with Dragon Revo Skull and Camo Series

Ultra chic golf boutique, Dance with Dragon is releasing 3 new lineups of golf bags and headcovers. The Revo series features the classic Dragon logo, while the new Skull series features a DWD Skull logo. The Camo series is a very camoflauge design. The new items will be released this weekend in the pro shop. You can count on the best items being sold out within the week so order as quickly as you can!