TSG’s Top 5 Best Performing Wedges!

Best Forged Wedge

It’s not easy choosing the right wedge there a lot of variables come into play from your type of swing to your conditions plus more all play a strong hand in how well you do with wedges,  In this post I’d like to talk about what I feel are the best of the best on the market today when it comes to Japan Forged and Hand Made Wedges.  So you may be wondering why does it have to be Japan Forged, well of course TSG is highly discerning about what is good and what is not but bottom line is anywhere in life you want to start with the best materials and it’s fact that J.I.S standards are the better and highest  when you look into the mineral structure in S15, S20, S25C Japan reigns supreme in this regard,  so basically we start with the best ingredients and you can’t always tell yes we are splitting hairs in some cases but again you only live once why not strive for knowing what you hold in your hands to score is special.

Why Handmade? For so many reasons while automation and mass production is more precise it’s no craft,  China,  Taiwan and other countries don’t have the skilled grinders to do this type of artisan work,  this is a skill passed down with many years of apprenticeship it’s very personal and with experience you can look at wedges and know where they came from and who the grinder is there is just something special about not every wedge being 100% the same also et’s not forget finish &  feel best is RAW or a Golf Specific NiCr Japanese Satin/Mirror holds no equal in feel and beauty.

These examples apply anywhere in life,  handmade motors are best!  handmade pasta is better!  we lust over hand crafted watches and clothing, Knives and more there is without a doubt something inherently better about the product that’s made by human hands and costs more to produce, I know I’d rather buy a single wedge that had manufacturing costs 8X-20X higher in price than mass a produced product.  Rant Over! Time to Follow the Jump to see what is TSG approved…
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A-GRIND UT PROTO by Yusuke Ako-san

A-GRIND by A-Design

Absolutely one of the best players Hybrids I have ever laid by hands on,  The A-Grind UT PROTO.   Currently A-Grind has 2 Hybrid Wood style clubs and 1 driving iron design and personally I think this is the better option of the three if your looking for a more traditional hybrid.  For those of you who don’t know much about A-Grind Follow the Jump we will dive a bit into his history and then my Review…

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A-GRIND Limited Black Oxide Wedges


A-Grind is on a role with recent releases like their new 440cc driver and this black oxide limited wedge,  they also have another larger UT coming end of August.  This limited series of black wedges is offered in 52/58* with only 250 pcs produced.  It’s made of Himeji forged S25C and features a milled face with conforming grooves.  This wedge will wear but the feel is soft and this finish is the most requested by JPGA tour players.

For more images follow the jump and if you have interest please email [email protected] to pick up a set before they are gone.

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A-GRIND 440cc Driver Review


A-Grind 440 Driver has been released and is now listed in the TSG ProShop,  I must admit I wasn’t too excited for this one as in my opinion the smaller headed,  harsh feeling,  and not forgiving at all Classic 350 A-Grind driver would not last in a discerning players bag for a full season it was more it’s sex appeal that drove sales of that model but now this 440cc version is an entirely different beast this one I can see in the bags of many it’s looks are simple and sleek with no external weights or adjustable adapters and best of all it fits a wide range of skill levels.  Follow the Jump to read our review…

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A-GRIND Fairway Wood Review

A-GRIND Fairway Woods

It’s been less than a year since A-GRIND has opened its doors to the public originally they were only found via the Tour Service on the Japan PGA Tour and they were not for sale given away by Ako-san who is part owner and designer of the company not to mention the lead designer for royal collection for more than a decade.

The connection with RC is apparent in this Fairway Wood,  Royal Collections most successful products were it’s fairway woods and now that Ako-san has left and started his own company the DNA of the design has gone with him. In this blog post I share my long term thoughts on the A-Grind Fairway Woods.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

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New R1 Cavity Back Forged by A-GRIND

A-Grind R1 Golf Irons

Ako-san has been extremely busy with his new company A-Grind and the results are paying off with the winner of the Volvo China open playing an A-Grind UT 20.5* club so big congrats to A-Grind and Ako-san on that one.  Today I’m going to highlight something we have been waiting for since the Japan Golf Show back in Feb where we caught glimpse of a prototype R1 CB iron which I must admit looks stunning.

Forged in Himeji Japan & Made in Kobe the A-GRIND R1 is the new design cavity back made of mild S25C,  it’s designed for the low capper to pro with a very thin top line and compact appearance,  it’s toe and face shape are unique to cavity back irons and its neck transition is very quick yet subtle and small to provide a more blade like appearance at address.   More photos after the Jump…

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A-GRIND Wedges Now Available at TSG!

It’s A-GRIND week at TourSpecGolf!  We first highlighted A-GRIND in early February during our Japan Golf Fair coverage,  the founder and designer Yusuke Ako-san is someone I’ve been an acquaintance with for nearly a decade while he worked as the lead design guru at Royal Collection and now with his own brand we were able to do business together finally after all these years.

Ako-san has been a part of the Japan Tour for over a decade and the designer at RC from 2004 till 2013 yes and he is the man who created their fairway woods including every sonartec model as well so he’s good at what he does and now with his own company we are excited to showcase that.


From face forward you can see it’s got a beautiful almost perfect shape,  the A-Grind wedge features conforming grooves and already has 2 JPGA tour victories in less than a couple of years.  Ako-san is busy all golf season as a Tour rep for his own brand custom grinding wedges for the players.

A-Grind Wedge Top

From Above the top profile of the wedge is clearly flawless,  it has a tear drop shape and high toe tapering to a  narrow neck transition with edges that are rounded,  the design and look from this angle is directly influenced by what pro’s request while he is working the JPGA Tour Service for A-GRIND.


The Image above shows the 52* loft with a more pronounced trailing edge grind that allows the face to be opened,  this is usually the amount you would see on a lob wedge but with A-Grind catering to professional tastes this is a common request so the player can produce higher shots with more distance by opening up the club head.


The 58* loft has a very aggressive grind that lets the golfer rock the face open a good amount,  it also has some major heel and toe relief to go along with the trailing edge which helps the player on a variety of lie’s from uphill to downhill making this wedge extremely versitile.

Specs & Availability

Available in only 3 lofts 50/52/56 with 2 types of 56* offset configurations,  one has no offset the other has what’s considered onsett where the leading edge extends pass the neck line allowing the ball to make contact with the face earlier.

Two finishes are also available,  Brushed RAW and Nickel Brushed Satin and sold as components in the TSG Online Store:  Click Here

TSG also offers custom finishes,  custom shaft & grip builds and custom hand stamping at an additional cost so please inquire to [email protected] with any custom requests

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