Seven x Benock Putter User Review


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Alright,  putter lovers, gather around for my review of the Seven x Benock Putter.!! Smooth and balanced stroke is easy with this putter.   Feel at impact is.. Ummmm  “PERRRRFECT” .. how do they do it?    I always thought CNC machined irons and putters would feel soul less and cold and that manual grinding by an experienced craftsman was the only way to make putters and irons lively and special.   Click here for more…

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I couldn’t have been more wrong!!  This putter in particular feels so nice and refined at impact.   The face is not deep milled, yet it feels really soft.   While I have never actually putted with one,  “a semi-defrosted butter”  just might be the best word to describe its feel.    Softer on on the outside with a slightly firmer feel coming from the inside.     So addicting!      This particular head is made with Japanese 303 but you can order them in SUS316L as an optional upgrade.    If the feel is this soft with 303,   I just can’t imagine how soft it might be with SUS316L … I’m starting to drool just thinking about it.

Benock Putters Japan4

The Seven x Benock putter came out of the milling machine pretty much like you see here..  No additional grinding or polishing done on it.  Purposefully left raw with no additional finish.  The putter looks best as is.    State of the art milling machines used by Benock make this possible.   Previous generation milling machines used to leave distinct milling marks on the head which were typically polished away.   Milling marks are hardly visible with these putter heads made by Benock.   They have such a smooth surface for not being manually polished.   You have to see it to believe it!     Though you would not characterize one piece milled putters as “High Tech”    I would totally have to say that the manufacturing process by Benock are absolutely “High Tech!!”

Benock Putters Japan3

I do quite like this particular model which is a modified Newport type with a higher toe.    Added weight to the toe would look like it’s more ideal for those with a stronger arc stroke.    I have a very subtle arc stroke .. so perhaps I would do better with a more conventional toe shape.    What’s different about these putters is that the corners and lines are so crisp and sharp that it makes alignment so much easier even with a blade shape.    The addicting feel at impact makes your stroke that much more confident as well.    I also could not help but notice that the “SEVEN”  engraving on the sole has a reflection that creates an illusion of the letters illuminating due to the way they engraved each letter.    At one angle,   S,V and N look like they are lit up  and then when you change the angle of the sole,  the two “E’s”  look like they are lit up!   It’s super cool!!    There is also a looong list of options you can choose from which allow you to make your putter as unique and one of a kind as you want!!        The possibilities are endless with Seven x Benock putter!!

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