SEVEN SH-Series Gold’s Factory Modified Putter

Seven SH Golf Putter5

SEVEN SH Putter – Made 100% in Japan CNC milled of SM490A the Seven SH series putter in it’s standard form features phenomenal end over end roll,  the perfect soft feel and a shape with angles to die for.  We took it a step further sending a few heads to Gold’s Factory for specific modifications.

This is a one of a kind putter, it’s most unique upgrade is its’ asymmetrical face milling.  The SH has a top and leading edge that has a curve so a standard faux or real insert would not look proper.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

Seven SH Golf Putter4

Gold’s Factory milled the face so that the faux insert is taller toward the toe and slightly more narrow as it flows to the heel.  it’s NiCr satin finish has been enhanced with a hand polished face.  There is also a small arc reactor placed on the heel with translucent blue paint.

Seven SH Golf Putter2

While the face has been polished to nearly a mirror the sole remains smooth satin.  2 x G logo arc reactor weights were installed to balance the head weight at a perfect 365g.  Double floating slits to give it a unique sound at impact.  This combo of SM490A,  deep face milling faux insert and dual slits on the sole feels and sounds sublime.

Seven SH Golf Putter1

At address it’s shape is pure precision,  the edges and angles on this putter from address play perfectly to the eye.  From the back side it’s angles have attitude.

TSG will be listing this one off putter in the proshop in the next couple of days.  It should go very quickly so keep an eye out.

Seven SH Golf Putter3




  1. Great looking putter! Well designed looks like a Scotty Cameron prototype. WHat does the grip look like?

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