REONESS RP-02M CT Rail Putter


REONESS RP-02M CT Rail Putter –  We have been slowly releasing photos of the new REONESS products and today we are highlighting their center shaft RP-02M CT rail putter.  Reoness has implemented twin tungsten rails through the head to promote a straight back and through momentum in the putting stroke keeping the ball rolling straighter on line.  The total head weight on this putter comes to 375 grams and the center shaft version is perfectly face balanced.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…


In total there is 85 grams worth of tungsten rod within the head from front to back.  The head itself is made of 285 grams of stainless steel.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 6.21.40 PM

I’ve been rolling this putter for a couple days and it’s hands down one of the best performing center shaft flat sticks I have tried.


The insert is made with grooves that have rounded edges,  unlike wedges when you have very sharp edged grooves on a putter it can sometimes pick up the ball making it actually skip more.  Reoness had realized this in it’s testing and found the roll was best with a touch of grab on the ball but not so much it  for a ride.


There are 2 other Reoness putter models the heel shafted mallet and a neo blade style putter.  All three have the inner twin rail tungsten and extra heavy heads. The entire new REONESS line is now available in the TSG Pro Shop which you can access now if you “click here“.




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