PRGR 2015 iD Nabla RS 01 Driver


Pro Gear 2015 iD Nabla RS 01 Driver – 2 versions released of this new model the 01 for the better player and 02 for the mid capper yet both have open face angles,  interesting move by PRGR as much of their wood line up this year features the same.   PRGR is using sound tuning in the RS series drivers giving the 01 a lower more muted pitch while the 02 has a higher tone to it these also works as vibration absorption which ultimately changes the way the driver feels at impact for the better.

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PRGR id Nabla RS 01 Driver

As for adjustability PRGR allows the face to be opened or closed which also helps with changing the effective loft and combine that with the ability to move the CG placement by changing the weights and you have a driver that’s not obtrusively adjustable but more so effectively or subtly adjustable without going over board with unnecessary gimmicks,  by adjusting the heavier 15g weight to the back it places the CG location at 38.5mm yet when you move the lighter 5g weight to the rear it’s at 36.5mm.

PRGR 2015 Golf Clubs

The face is really unique,  it’s shape is deep and curvey it definately has more style than other deep bulbous shaped faces we usually see,  PRGR was able to give the player more impact space on the heel, toe, and high and low by doing this.  It’s a 5-7 piece driver depending how you want to look at it.  It contains Ti-6Al-4V in the face,  Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo in the body,  3 types of weights internally:  Ni, W, Fe as well as a stainless 15g tungsten weight and SUS630 5g steel weight with a Ti 6AL-4V plug as well…. that’s a lot going on in there.  The face is rolled while the body is vacuum precision cast.

The face was made thinner than ever yet still conforms to the rules,  a new ridge was also added within the head to allow the head to produce penetrating shots while still having a low CG and very low spin.  There are dual patents on this club and one still pending.

PRGR Pro Gear 2015

As you can see in the images above and below it’s got a matte finished area that extends beyond the back of the club head,  It’s actually pretty hard to see without the right lighting and it’s designed to help the player square up the club face at impact with yet not leave it left and yes that’s even with an open face angle,  in other words it’s a straight promoting anti left driver that packs very low spin and lots of forgiveness.  When you change the adjustable loft the graphic on the shaft changes,  it’s a pretty neat visual feature that hasn’t been used effectively in the golf industry.

Outside of all the tech and fancy graphics on the club it still performs,  PRGR has continued to create clubs that pushes the envelope in terms of technology.  To purchase or to see the official options and product listing “click here”  or to see the more forgiving 02 version “click here



PRGR iD Nabla RS Black


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