Honma TW727 455S 4-Star Driver

TW727 455S 4 Star

Here’s something new & special that we don’t see very often,  A Honma 4-Star Upgrade but on the new Tour Wold 727 Series club.    Many have heard of  Honma star rated clubs and shafts but the majority still doesn’t quite understand how the program works or how it’s better than the standard versions so I figured it’s time to explain this and there is no better way than to test it myself on range and course.

Honma 4 Star Shaft

So what makes the 5 Star better than the 4 or the 3 better than the 2?  Follow the Jump to learn why Honma offers these pricey upgrades and what they do to better performance for the player…

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ONOFF Labo-Spec Frogs Leap 70/64 Degree Wedges

onoff frogs leap wed

ONOFF Labo Frogs Leap Wedge – It’s an interesting concept a 70* wedge that plays to an effective 64* when used as advised.  ONOFF has released three lofts  52/64/70 each can be adjusted up to 1* stronger or weaker and the basic premise is you play these closed down a bit and come into the ball square versus across the ball.  ONOFF wants players to realizing how it’s used looking beyond it’s loft  and not just consider this a normal wedge at 70*.

The 64* and 70* feature a  twin cut sole that has variable bounce angles and out near the toe the 70* plays to 24* bounce,  toward the heel it’s 12* but center where bounce is usually measured it’s 14*  This is something most players don’t take into account when figuring out bounce,  that manufactures tend to measure center while a wedge can play totally different from the heel and toe.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

64 and 70 degree wedges

These wedges are cast,  finished in satin and mirror,  why make a 52* along with a 64 and 70?  for the chip and run shot and these wedges are designed to promote better contact and less topping or thin shots around the green.

labo spec by onoff golf clubs

The photo above shows the club hovering but when it’s placed on the ground it naturally rocks a little closed,  you can play the 70* slightly open for 70* loft or open it up further for even more,  I’ve tried this and the face just slides right under the ball which would make it great for a short shot from atop a hill going down to a fast green.


The 64* is similar as well,  pretty much plays to a 58-60* closed down or a full 64* slightly open,  the sole design of the 64* starts at the bounce at the  toe with 23* then moving toward the heel 13* and 11*.



The 52* has a different sole grind that the Labo Dept calls Wave Sole yet it’s designed to serve the same purpose providing better turf interaction,  allowing the leading edge to sit low near the ground and provide interaction that increases your chances of a better approach shot.  TourSpecGolf has these listed in our Online Store and these are shipping well at the moment but keep in mind like all Labo Clubs they are Limited Editions and will be gone as soon as stock runs out.  Click Here to Purchase!


Miura Giken Limited Type D & Type F Irons

Miura Limited Type D

Miura Giken has a couple of new variants recently announced called the Y-Grind series Type-D & Type-F blades,  both very similar to the blades they already have the market but hand ground with some aggressive new angles and edges.

Of the two models the D & F MG has released 200pcs of each model 100 in a more silver metallic finish and 100 in a flatter silver look x 2 different sets that means a total of 400 of these new blades  combined will exist.  While it looks like most of their other blades as the base heads are often shared there are still some visual distinctions that are easily noticeable from different angles that we will highlight in this blog post.  If you like Miura Giken ( Japan Version ) and you enjoy drooling over muscle back irons its time to read more…

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The 2015 Honma TW727V Forged

TW727 V Irons

Last year the model “V” was Honma’s most compact forged players cavity  iron it was called the Tour World 717V and this year it’s grown a little to become a more forgiving and softer club making way for a new and even more compact players CB the “VN”.  This is good news to me because I liked the previous V a lot but this one  with even more forgiveness and still a low offset thin top line iron It’s now better than ever.

Honma’s professionals really liked the V but wanted an iron the had a cavity and traditional lofts still,  this paved the way to create the VN to fit this need allowing the V to maintain slightly stronger lofts and implementing just the slightest bit more size and a deeper cavity.  Ready for more angles of this beauty?  Follow the jump!…

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Titleist Cold Forged Wedges 2015


The cold forged is back and further improved for 2015!  The previous version was a major hit with TSG members and clients one our best selling wedges we have ever had and already the new cold forged is picking up where it left off.

This year offered with lofts between 48* and 60* in 3 different grinds the  F, M, and K Grinds all made with a more medium bounce profile making them extremely versatile for all types of conditions.  Why would Titleist only offer a forged wedge in Japan and not everywhere else and I don’t know the reason  perhaps it’s a supply or cost issue or maybe it because the majority of golfers and especially outside of Japan don’t particularly have a preference on what materials were used to make their golf clubs.

Lots of photos and comments so click Read More to continue on…

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Latest Gold’s Factory Modified Putters @ TSG!

Golds Factory Putters

Some clients prefer not to wait 3-4 weeks for their custom GF putter so we decided to bring in a few so they can ship quickly.  In this blog post we will be covering the 5 latest custom and modified Gold’s Factory Putters recently added to the store.

Make sure to move fast if you are lusting over one of these fine flat sticks as there is only 1 of each already made and the modified putters can’t be ordered on a normal basis unless you send in a head first.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

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Honma Golf 2015 TW727 455cc Driver

Honma TW727 455 Driver

W-FORGED is a new process developed by Honma which combines two new techniques,  the first is an industry first high density forging method that increases the face strength by 15% via tighter forged fibers allowing Honma to make the face thinner and save 2g weight,  this gives Honma a greater freedom of design.  The second is Variable face thickness, and while this has been around for a while the method Honma uses is proprietary to create the perfect amount of rebound across a wider area thus expanding the sweet spot size.  Bottom line bigger sweet spot,  better feel, and more distance!

So how does it compare to the previous version?  You will have to read on to find out.

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PRGR 2015 iD Nabla Tour Series Coming Soon!

PRGR Nabla Tour Series Wedge

PRGR did a showing of their up coming releases for mid 2015,  we are allowed to show you some of them but not all.  The PRGR Nabla Tour 2015 Series is exactly what TSG members would expect retro look pro level clubs packed with technology especially the 3 wood in my opinion.

The new Nabla Tour Wedge has a flat silver finish to totally eliminate glare and trailing edge grind that goes to the center of the sole which PRGR says provides enough to open the face a few degrees yet allows the player to hit full shots with the club sitting square if you want it to.  Ready to see the Driving Iron and new Fairway Wood?  Click Read More…

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SEVEN – S15C & SS400 Forged Cavity Blade Irons

Seven Golf Clubs

Seven Advanced Design is only several months since its official launch yet it’s been years in the making. hundreds of sketches of different cavity backs,  dozens of sample irons from other brands combined with over a decade of listening and learning about what our members truly desire from a compact players iron. 

Learning the Japan golf industry inside and out has helped a lot, knowing where and how other brands get stuck,  see’ing the life cycle of companies including their ups and downs and understanding why they rise and why they fall has allowed us to create a unique scenario for SEVEN.  

In this post I will talk about the History of just 1 of our products,  explain our concept and express thoughts that led to the final design…  Enter the Seven Cavity Blade.

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