PRGR 2015 iD Nabla Tour Series Coming Soon!

PRGR Nabla Tour Series Wedge

PRGR did a showing of their up coming releases for mid 2015,  we are allowed to show you some of them but not all.  The PRGR Nabla Tour 2015 Series is exactly what TSG members would expect retro look pro level clubs packed with technology especially the 3 wood in my opinion.

The new Nabla Tour Wedge has a flat silver finish to totally eliminate glare and trailing edge grind that goes to the center of the sole which PRGR says provides enough to open the face a few degrees yet allows the player to hit full shots with the club sitting square if you want it to.  Ready to see the Driving Iron and new Fairway Wood?  Click Read More…

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SEVEN – S15C & SS400 Forged Cavity Blade Irons

Seven Golf Clubs

Seven Advanced Design is only several months since its official launch yet it’s been years in the making. hundreds of sketches of different cavity backs,  dozens of sample irons from other brands combined with over a decade of listening and learning about what our members truly desire from a compact players iron. 

Learning the Japan golf industry inside and out has helped a lot, knowing where and how other brands get stuck,  see’ing the life cycle of companies including their ups and downs and understanding why they rise and why they fall has allowed us to create a unique scenario for SEVEN.  

In this post I will talk about the History of just 1 of our products,  explain our concept and express thoughts that led to the final design…  Enter the Seven Cavity Blade.

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Honma TW727M Review

Honma TW727

Honma Golf – They make some of the best gear in the world in fact I can’t think of another brand that has as complete of an arsenal as they do or owns a factory as advanced and massive as they own or has the backing with as deep pockets they’re on a whole other level yet at the same time there is a segment of enthusiasts that simply brush them off as gold plated golf clubs with soft whippy shafts for the older asian rich gentleman, and the sad part is most of these people have no clue what Honma is all about and are missing out on some of the best gear in golf.

last years model the 717 was spot on but this years model while looking somewhat similar is completely refined and TW series is one of their many line ups now consider this this one portion of Honma’s gear has 4 drivers,  4 irons, a fairway, UT, driving iron, and wedge not to mention a ton of high end accessories to match.  That’s more than most brands have period and that’s not counting the other many series of clubs Honma produces.

Here’s my take on the new TW-727M (muscle back) – Follow the Jump to Read On…

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Titleist 716 T-MB Irons Review

Japan Only T-MB Irons

It’s finally time,  our review of the 2015 Titleist 716 T-MB Irons.  This one caught us by surprise at the Japan Golf Fair and just a few days before the event leaked spec sheets were floating around the web,  we scrambled jet lagged the day of the show waking up at 1am to prepare the product listings and placeholders in the newsletters for an iron we had never seen in the flesh,  somehow we knew this would be big,  and it was.. it is.

After hitting just a #7 iron in the swing cage  I knew it was special and while it looks like a blade it doesn’t perform like one, not even close.  This thing whatever it was is different and after a weeks worth of play It’s time we spill the beans on what could be one of the most awesome irons of 2015.  Follow the Jump to Read on you do not want to miss this!

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A-GRIND Wedges Now Available at TSG!

It’s A-GRIND week at TourSpecGolf!  We first highlighted A-GRIND in early February during our Japan Golf Fair coverage,  the founder and designer Yusuke Ako-san is someone I’ve been an acquaintance with for nearly a decade while he worked as the lead design guru at Royal Collection and now with his own brand we were able to do business together finally after all these years.

Ako-san has been a part of the Japan Tour for over a decade and the designer at RC from 2004 till 2013 yes and he is the man who created their fairway woods including every sonartec model as well so he’s good at what he does and now with his own company we are excited to showcase that.


From face forward you can see it’s got a beautiful almost perfect shape,  the A-Grind wedge features conforming grooves and already has 2 JPGA tour victories in less than a couple of years.  Ako-san is busy all golf season as a Tour rep for his own brand custom grinding wedges for the players.

A-Grind Wedge Top

From Above the top profile of the wedge is clearly flawless,  it has a tear drop shape and high toe tapering to a  narrow neck transition with edges that are rounded,  the design and look from this angle is directly influenced by what pro’s request while he is working the JPGA Tour Service for A-GRIND.


The Image above shows the 52* loft with a more pronounced trailing edge grind that allows the face to be opened,  this is usually the amount you would see on a lob wedge but with A-Grind catering to professional tastes this is a common request so the player can produce higher shots with more distance by opening up the club head.


The 58* loft has a very aggressive grind that lets the golfer rock the face open a good amount,  it also has some major heel and toe relief to go along with the trailing edge which helps the player on a variety of lie’s from uphill to downhill making this wedge extremely versitile.

Specs & Availability

Available in only 3 lofts 50/52/56 with 2 types of 56* offset configurations,  one has no offset the other has what’s considered onsett where the leading edge extends pass the neck line allowing the ball to make contact with the face earlier.

Two finishes are also available,  Brushed RAW and Nickel Brushed Satin and sold as components in the TSG Online Store:  Click Here

TSG also offers custom finishes,  custom shaft & grip builds and custom hand stamping at an additional cost so please inquire to [email protected] with any custom requests

Honma TW727P Iron Review

Honma TW727P Irons

As it stands today Honma Golf is one of the most powerful golf brands in Japan,  many don’t know this or understand why but it’s a combination of their aggressive business model and their marvel of a factory the Sakata Studio.   As an established golf brand  Honma has the experience and financial backing to be  in prime position to grow market share in Japan once again and nowhere is this more evident than on the JPGA & European tour where many of the top ranked players are signed with Honma under contract, 18 to be exact.

Today we will dive deep into the Tour World TW727P Forged Iron,  It’s the most forgiving of the TW727 line up designed for more distance and to be easier to hit.  It’s got a thicker top line than the rest not to mention a larger head size so looking down at it you have confidence you can hit it with a good result, compared to teh TW717 it’s even easier to hit with more carry than before.  Time to Read On…

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Honma TW727 460 Driver Review

Honma TW727 Driver

TW727 460 Driver – Naturally the most forgiving model in the line Honma has designed it around straight and higher launching shots with mid spin.  So figure mid spin/higher launch,  It features a lower and further back center of gravity compared to the other Honma TW727 drivers,  it’s got a shallow back which stabilizes spin for a tighter dispersion the MOI is also higher than the smaller four heads as well.

I will be posting brief impressions on all of Honma’s new products over the coming weeks,  TourSpecGolf has has ample time with these on the course with a few different types of players,  click read on to see our thoughts…

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Ryoma Beyond Power Driver (Special Tuning)

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver – This year many of our members were asking what will Ryoma release new for 2015 and while it’s not entirely new Ryoma has enhanced it’s Ryoma Maxima Driver naming it the Ryoma “Beyond Power” Special Tune Driver.

Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

Made with high strength titanium TX Forged with a Forged CNC Multi-beam cup face the “Non Conforming” Special Tune is combined with a new shaft that Ryoma claims will increase head speed by 2.7mph on average and depending on the player sometimes even more.  What’s interesting is this shaft is infinity flex which works for any golfer between 67mph to 111mph!!

This isn’t uncommon now days as Fujikura has an infiniti flex “Fujikura Speeder Air” shaft that works for both fast and slower swing speeds but this new Ryoma Beyond Power Driver Shaft is designed for both types of swingers not to balloon and to still meet the ball square at impact with no delay.  The design and materials of the shaft allow the bending to start at the tip section and as you swing toward impact step by step it kicks in different areas ending with kick in the hand area at impact which allows the club head to accelerate through the ball in an automatic behavior.  Usually the final kick is in the tip section.

Ryoma claims this will amplify the head speed for all swing types creating power to the player of 120%…

So we know everything Ryoma makes is well thought out and they don’t rust to adding new products of the line up,  but will this really work?  Let us know your thoughts!  The Ryoma Beyond Power will be available at TSG for Pre Order shortly with a mid April ship date.


Modart MA01DS Driver

Modart MA01DS

New for 2015 the Modart MA01DS Adjustable Shaft Driver – Last year the surpise brand of the Japan Golf Fair was Modart which flew completely under the radar until it’s launch and besides a complete line up of equipment from woods to multiple sets of irons and wedges 2 Modart drivers were released the MA01S and MA01D which although similar in appearance were designed for players who desire two different flight characteristics.  I personally played the MA01S for almost all of last year and fell in love with it’s mute feel and sound during impact combined with it’s low spin design and good distance.

This year Modart has further evolved the MA01 driver with the new “DS” and it features a new adjustable hosel not for loft or lie or face angle but only for interchangeable shafts.  I got to hit the new MA01DS on the trackman at Modart HQ last month and walked away impressed as I usually do when it comes to Suda-san’s designs. Follow the Jump to Read…

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