Yururi Satin TATAKI by Okamura

Yururi Satin Tataki

Quite the week for Yururi it has been and still more to come.  Introducing the Yururi Satin TATAKI by Okamura most and the notable difference is a RAW Grain look but this actually is plated satin so it doesn’t wear like unplated wedges do.  I love this finish because it’s still soft, now more durable and allows you to see every turn of the hand that Okamura-san did when crafting it.

ow is the original Tataki only released a year or two ago it’s another really cool finish almost rustic it’s not the normal dark or black finish other companies use the beauty lies within it’s purposeful imperfections,  it’s a “coating” with an process applied on top of it so it’s not a “plating” this means it provides a different feel not better or worse just different,  I think the satin and or grain on the new Satin Tataki makes it feel softer while the original  feels slightly clickier I could argue that I like that feel as well.  So for me it’s a toss up if your the type who prefers visual perfection with no blotches or little intentional scratches go with the new satin, if your a RAW guy then by all means the original’s the way to go.   Click Read More to Continue…

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Yururi Gekku Okamura Satin Wedge

Yururi Tour Okamura

Feast your eyes on this the all new 2015 Yururi Gekku Okamura Wedge done up in smooth brushed satin hand ground by Okamura-san himself.  You may be wondering who is Okamura-san?

He is the master and head grinder at Kyoei Golf Factory in Japan and in collaboration with TSG is responsible for personally grinding all the new TSG Exclusive Yururi wedges to ensure the highest quality and best performance that Kyoei can possibly offer.

What we have here is the original TSG exclusive version Yururi Gekku wedge with a slightly adjusted grind, shape, and stamping done up in what we are calling a Smooth Satin Finish,  it’s called smooth because we also have other new Yururi products just released in what we are calling our Satin Raw Finish.  Click Read More to carry on!…

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J-Beam ZY-11 Review

JBeam ZY-11

2 Drivers have taken the lime light recently and both are made by J-Beam,  this all started during my fitting at Seven Dreamers where I asked what clients heads do they see the best performance during their in depth analysis and the lead engeneer blurted Jbeam 435 & 535…  Not sure if he wanted to let that out but the answer came quick so I’ll take it!  Why is it important who this man thinks produces a good driver?  Because his job is analyzing heads and designing shafts to work together and at his place of work he gets to see the absolute best clubs money can buy.  Since then the new and limited Black out 435 and even more rare ZY-11 have become two of TSG’s top selling drivers and boy am I happy these are catching on because now many players are expereiencing something very different and totally unique to what they are used to.

Ready to experience the ZY-11?  Follow the Jump Please…

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SEVEN PROTOTYPE – V1.5 SS400 Cavity Blade


SEVEN – Every time the brand “Seven” produces a new model many True Protos and test samples must be made,  we experiment with different grinds, finishes, specs, and anything else we think is needed.  Today we pay homage to one of our most special sets of True-Protos and while may look similar to the first version of the cavity blade I would consider it’s DNA version 1.5.

The original CB as seen “here” features blade like specifications to face progression (offset) to top line thickness which is in the 4mm range.  This prototype was designed to bring it a little more forgiveness while finding out how these changes effect feel during impact.  Follow the jump to learn what happened with this one of a kind Seven True-Proto’s.

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New R1 Cavity Back Forged by A-GRIND

A-Grind R1 Golf Irons

Ako-san has been extremely busy with his new company A-Grind and the results are paying off with the winner of the Volvo China open playing an A-Grind UT 20.5* club so big congrats to A-Grind and Ako-san on that one.  Today I’m going to highlight something we have been waiting for since the Japan Golf Show back in Feb where we caught glimpse of a prototype R1 CB iron which I must admit looks stunning.

Forged in Himeji Japan & Made in Kobe the A-GRIND R1 is the new design cavity back made of mild S25C,  it’s designed for the low capper to pro with a very thin top line and compact appearance,  it’s toe and face shape are unique to cavity back irons and its neck transition is very quick yet subtle and small to provide a more blade like appearance at address.   More photos after the Jump…

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SEVEN AG-Wedge Series Coming Soon!

Seven Golf Clubs

What we have here are the prototype Seven 577-AG Series the “AG” = Aggressive Grind, and while the retail version will differ slightly from these I still wanted to go ahead and give everyone a sneak peak of what these are all about.  Obviously by name these focus on a grind that allow players to get creative with shots and have a lot of confidence in doing so.  Ready for more? Follow the Jump Please…

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Honma TW727 455S 4-Star Driver

TW727 455S 4 Star

Here’s something new & special that we don’t see very often,  A Honma 4-Star Upgrade but on the new Tour Wold 727 Series club.    Many have heard of  Honma star rated clubs and shafts but the majority still doesn’t quite understand how the program works or how it’s better than the standard versions so I figured it’s time to explain this and there is no better way than to test it myself on range and course.

Honma 4 Star Shaft

So what makes the 5 Star better than the 4 or the 3 better than the 2?  Follow the Jump to learn why Honma offers these pricey upgrades and what they do to better performance for the player…

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ONOFF Labo-Spec Frogs Leap 70/64 Degree Wedges

onoff frogs leap wed

ONOFF Labo Frogs Leap Wedge – It’s an interesting concept a 70* wedge that plays to an effective 64* when used as advised.  ONOFF has released three lofts  52/64/70 each can be adjusted up to 1* stronger or weaker and the basic premise is you play these closed down a bit and come into the ball square versus across the ball.  ONOFF wants players to realizing how it’s used looking beyond it’s loft  and not just consider this a normal wedge at 70*.

The 64* and 70* feature a  twin cut sole that has variable bounce angles and out near the toe the 70* plays to 24* bounce,  toward the heel it’s 12* but center where bounce is usually measured it’s 14*  This is something most players don’t take into account when figuring out bounce,  that manufactures tend to measure center while a wedge can play totally different from the heel and toe.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

64 and 70 degree wedges

These wedges are cast,  finished in satin and mirror,  why make a 52* along with a 64 and 70?  for the chip and run shot and these wedges are designed to promote better contact and less topping or thin shots around the green.

labo spec by onoff golf clubs

The photo above shows the club hovering but when it’s placed on the ground it naturally rocks a little closed,  you can play the 70* slightly open for 70* loft or open it up further for even more,  I’ve tried this and the face just slides right under the ball which would make it great for a short shot from atop a hill going down to a fast green.


The 64* is similar as well,  pretty much plays to a 58-60* closed down or a full 64* slightly open,  the sole design of the 64* starts at the bounce at the  toe with 23* then moving toward the heel 13* and 11*.



The 52* has a different sole grind that the Labo Dept calls Wave Sole yet it’s designed to serve the same purpose providing better turf interaction,  allowing the leading edge to sit low near the ground and provide interaction that increases your chances of a better approach shot.  TourSpecGolf has these listed in our Online Store and these are shipping well at the moment but keep in mind like all Labo Clubs they are Limited Editions and will be gone as soon as stock runs out.  Click Here to Purchase!


Miura Giken Limited Type D & Type F Irons

Miura Limited Type D

Miura Giken has a couple of new variants recently announced called the Y-Grind series Type-D & Type-F blades,  both very similar to the blades they already have the market but hand ground with some aggressive new angles and edges.

Of the two models the D & F MG has released 200pcs of each model 100 in a more silver metallic finish and 100 in a flatter silver look x 2 different sets that means a total of 400 of these new blades  combined will exist.  While it looks like most of their other blades as the base heads are often shared there are still some visual distinctions that are easily noticeable from different angles that we will highlight in this blog post.  If you like Miura Giken ( Japan Version ) and you enjoy drooling over muscle back irons its time to read more…

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