Titleist 2016 VG3 Driver

2016 VG3 Titleist Irons


The All New Titleist 2016 VG3 Driver Coming March 4th to TourSpecGolf!  ( Pre-Order with [email protected] )

Sky Dream Jump Limited Forged 115 PROTO Wedges

SDJ Japan Sky Dream Jump Wedges

Introducing the Sky Dream Jump Limited Forged PROTO wedges by Three Luck! – Only 50pcs can be produced each month they are forged of S15C and handground with they and others are claiming to be the flattest face of any wedge maker in Japan,  it’s a fully CNC machined face using a proprietary method combined with engraved grooves for the most “conforming” spin possible.  This type of accuracy reduces side spin helping you get closer more accurate shots toward the pin.  Review after the Jump…

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TSG’s Top 5 Best Performing Wedges!

Best Forged Wedge

It’s not easy choosing the right wedge there a lot of variables come into play from your type of swing to your conditions plus more all play a strong hand in how well you do with wedges,  In this post I’d like to talk about what I feel are the best of the best on the market today when it comes to Japan Forged and Hand Made Wedges.  So you may be wondering why does it have to be Japan Forged, well of course TSG is highly discerning about what is good and what is not but bottom line is anywhere in life you want to start with the best materials and it’s fact that J.I.S standards are the better and highest  when you look into the mineral structure in S15, S20, S25C Japan reigns supreme in this regard,  so basically we start with the best ingredients and you can’t always tell yes we are splitting hairs in some cases but again you only live once why not strive for knowing what you hold in your hands to score is special.

Why Handmade? For so many reasons while automation and mass production is more precise it’s no craft,  China,  Taiwan and other countries don’t have the skilled grinders to do this type of artisan work,  this is a skill passed down with many years of apprenticeship it’s very personal and with experience you can look at wedges and know where they came from and who the grinder is there is just something special about not every wedge being 100% the same also et’s not forget finish &  feel best is RAW or a Golf Specific NiCr Japanese Satin/Mirror holds no equal in feel and beauty.

These examples apply anywhere in life,  handmade motors are best!  handmade pasta is better!  we lust over hand crafted watches and clothing, Knives and more there is without a doubt something inherently better about the product that’s made by human hands and costs more to produce, I know I’d rather buy a single wedge that had manufacturing costs 8X-20X higher in price than mass a produced product.  Rant Over! Time to Follow the Jump to see what is TSG approved…
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Mizuno Yoro MP-R5L Custom Wedge

Mizuno Yoro MP Wedges

Our latest custom order with Mizuno’s Yoro Craft department the MP-R5L Wedge designed for steep swingers with a custom NiCR brushed satin finish and unique minimal stamping configuration,  this one we decided to shaft with the Modus3 115 wedge shaft at D4.  Contact [email protected] for yours!  Follow the Jump for more PiCs!….

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RomaRo Tour Stream Wedges – Forgiveness for the Better Player

RomaRo Tour Stream Wedges

The word “Tour” in this case signifies that this is the RomaRo Alcobaca wedges most compact with less offset model and compared to other compact players wedges it’s still slightly oversized.  I’ve always suggested the Alcobaca to players who request a higher MOI very forgiving wedge and I’d suggest disregarding the word tour and consider this much of the same a high spin forgiving wedge that is good really for all levels,  for the high handicap who wants a wedge to grow into or the low handicap who doesn’t mind looking and hitting something a bit larger.

RomaRo threw the kitchen sink at this one with a ton of good attributes,  I will explain this with more pics after the jump….

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Zodia CM-2+ Irons

Zodia Golf

Zodia sure makes beautiful golf clubs – Chiba-san has been producing sharp edges grained finish clubs for well over a decade now and in person just as in these photos they are incredible to look at,  but are they equally as satisfying to hit?  To find out follow the Jump….

Zodia Golf

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Honma TW-W FORGED ** CuStoM BLaCk NiCKeL **

Honma TW-W

You are looking at Sakata Factory Custom Black Nickel Honma TW-W Forged Wedges!  Hideto Tanihara had a hand in working togeher with Honma in the development and testing of these wedges.  Geared to the low handicap / pro player it’s designed for a lower trajectory with what he calls “incredible spin”,  he plays both the AW & SW on the JPGA tour with Vizard IB-95W Shafts which are also unique in that Tanihara-san wanted a shaft that would produce a more accurate lower launch result that still stopped on the greens quickly.

I have not hit the Black Nickel version but I do have a few rounds under my best with the standard finish model and they not only feel great but are top of the food chain when it comes to quality of fit, and finish we wouldn’t expect any less from Honma.  Follow the Jump for more feedback and photos….

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VM-Tech by Gold’s Factory!

Golds Factory VM Tech

Introducing VM-Tech by Gold’s Factory a putter and shaft insert made of stainless steel and while small it does a few very big things for putter performance & feel.  The first is it increases the putter heads verticle MOI from neck to face,  horizontal MOI measured from low on the front of the face to the furthest point back,  face balance is measured heel to toe while Vertical MOI produces a top to bottom balance adding a little more distance for the same length stroke + more forward roll,  but how could such a small piece of metal have such an effect on the Vertical MOI? well because this tiny part is 20 grams heavy which brings us to it’s second advantage,  your putter head is now heavier so this is not only a good thing for balance and feel but also a cost effective way to increase head weight.  Finally when using a steel putter shaft it the VM-tech insert dampens and softens the feel as the shaft vibrates up into the hands this is an extra barrier reducing the harsher vibrations where the putter hosel meets the shaft.  So in the end you get a greater Vertical MOI, + 20g weight, and softer feel with better roll.

Taking this a step further gold’s factory has created gold plated versions of the VM insert which are supposed to better for dampening vibration while adding a cool subtle gold band between the putter shaft and the hosel (pic not shown).  The new VM-Tech insert by Gold’s Factory sells for about a #100 in standard stainless and $150 gold plated.  Please get in touch to modify your putter with this option by emailing [email protected]

VM Tech 3

VM Tech by Golds Factory

Fujikura ZERO Speeder – The Lightest Golf Shaft in the World!

Light Weight Fujikura ZERO Shaft

Introducing the lightest golf shaft currently available in the golf world,  The Fujikura ZERO Speeder Shaft and here are the specs:

– 46 inches
-29.5 grams
– 10.8* Torque
– Low Kick Point

Prior to this Fujikura had the Speeder Air in the 33g range and I hit that,  it was not as soft and whippy as I thought it would be although totally not for me it was interesting,  It did help many of our senior customers get higher launch in not only their drivers but also in fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.  The new ZERO shaft by Fujikura has an April 15th 2016 release date.

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