Japan Golf Fair 2016 – ONOFF

Daiwa Golf Clubs

ONOFF / GIII  at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair –  As usual ONOFF was at the Japan Golf Fair and this year it’s all abuut the new Red Series Woods and AKA irons along with their new FF-247 hybrid iron and a super expensive HR-716 Driver.  For those who were looking forward to a black series that will be next year so your Kuro Forged Irons are safe for another season or two.  Shall we get started with some pics and a quick run down?  Follow the Jump…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Titleist VG3

Japanese Golf Clubs

Titleist VG3 Series in hand images and hitting impressions –  Titleist Japan did not attend the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year which was a big surpise as they have just about every previous show I can remember in the last 15 years BUT they did have all of their clubs available to test with launch monitor data,  enjoy the pics and my impressions after the jump…

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2016 Gold’s Factory German Silver Multi Insert Putter

Golds Factory Multi Insert

A sight to behold,  take a look at this one!  Creativity was flowing a couple months back and I decided to put a concept together for a truly special Gold’s Factory putter.  It’s called the 2016 German Silver Multi Insert Putter,  so much going on it’s hard to decide where to start.  Let’s just stop for a second and look at that beautiful sole shot… ok ready?  now follow the Jump…

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Baldo 568F Fairway Woods

Baldo Golf Clubs

Introducing the BALDO COMPETIZIONE 568 Fairway Wood #3 Spoon in 14.5*  It’s also available in a Cleek 5 wood loft as well.  Baldo has done extremely well with this head producing a players wood that incorporates many great attributes from the best JDM Drivers like a DAT55G Forged Cup Face,  follow the jump for more photos and a run down on the new 568F Woods…

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Crazy Sbi-02 Forged Blades

Crazy Golf

A while back I posted images of the black boron modified Crazy CBi-02 Irons yet somehow forgot to show off the normal version which has been popular internally at TSG with the hardcore members but hasn’t gained the attention of  the masses,  so here today I want to show it off in it’s original form all done up in Satin Finish with the sole, neck and face bead blasted for further glare reduction.  These irons are a pleasure to hit if your on the cusp of a players CB and MB or just really want a forgiving and soft feeling blade look no further,  except after the jump that is…

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Buchi VS200 Black Boron by TSG Club Works!

Fuso Dream

Wow look at these huh,  TSG Club Works takes the already awesome Buchi VS200 irons and mods them into these black boron beauties,  these pictures are nice but in person these look out of this world.   Yellow paint with white sheep + #  and fuso dream logo look classy too.  Get in touch with us if you need these at [email protected]  Follow the Jump for More Pics!

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TSG Club Works Cult Classic | R9 TP Forged Irons


What can I say TSG Club Works does top notch work :)  We took in some homeless used classic Taylormade R9 TP Japan Forged Irons and did our magic removing the TP badge sending them into our Black Boron finishing factory ( in Japan ) then a custom white/yellow paint fill job.  These irons are Dark and Evil looking now.  We still have these set of heads 5-PW available if anyone is interested.   Follow the Jump for more pics!…

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SEVEN DREAMERS $10,000 Golf Bag!

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts Seven Dreamers started off by shocking the world with some really expensive shafts,  $1200, $1800, $12,000,  $15,000 and get this… the $120,000 golf shaft!  Despite these shockingly insane prices the Matrix,  Haute, and L01 shafts are among the very best in the world if not the best hands down. Now Seven Dreamers is shocking us once again with their all new caddie bag using space grade carbon fiber used in satellites.

They use a spine structure called T-System that can withstand a powerful impact protecting all your seven dreamers shafts:)  I’m sure it’s beautiful and well made using leather I love this design as it’s been striped of any unnecessary logo’s or markings.  Made of Japanese Carbon Fiber and Leather.   This bag is very limited after the currency exchange it comes out to about 8,500 usd and you can order one at [email protected]


Baldo Japanese Golf Clubs

BALDO COMPETIZIONE 568S Forged Irons – Made of Japan S20C using a process called CF-Compression Forged for a tighter grain producing a more dense and buttery feel at impact these I would call a forgiving players cavity back.  Something not usually seen in forged irons are  CNC milled grooves and milling marks across the entire face that is something usually reserved for wedges.

I have hit these and my opinion as well as more photos after the jump…

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