Japan Only Mizuno MP-55 Irons by Yoro Craft


Over the last couple of weeks we have been teasing with multiple Yoro Craft editions by Mizuno absolute works of art hand ground with possibly the best crew on the planet to do such,  Today an all NEW model that is Japan Only Introducing the MP-55.

The retail MP-55 is no slouch at all either and every bit as good possibly better for the masses but what I'm showing here today is the hardcore version.  Forged of S25C /1025E this iron is Made in Japan and  comes finished in Nickel Chrome Mirror standard.  We had ours tricked out quite a bit with the goal of it looking as compact and "player" as possible yet maintain the forgiveness of the original.   Misson accomplished!  Read On....


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TSG Club Works | Titleist Cold Forged Vokey | Custom Finishes


The Cold Forged Vokey has been one of the most popular wedges sent to TSG Club Works for a refinish and in the above image you can see why, here we have a beautiful copper satin that at sunset or sunrise will glow almost orange.  Some of these finishes are not for the faint of heart let's take for example copper mirror or satin each time the oil from your fingers touch this finish it leaves a fingerprint in a darker bronzy color that over a short period of time becomes a rusty patina immune to glare or glow as it once was.

Below is copper mirror and like the satin it wears easily,  you never lose the copper you simply gain the patina over it and it is an acquired taste,  Please follow the Jump to see more images of cold forged vokey refinishes including black oxide,  black boron and copper mirror + satin...


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Titleist AP1 FORGED Irons | Korea Model


Titleist AP1 Forged Irons Korea Spec Model - Titleist Japan had the VG3 series along with the Cold Forged Vokey and full release T-MB 716 irons on top of  the full selection of retail models that Titleist offers,   Korea has always had only 1 exclusive model and this year again its the AP1 Forged iron but in the latest 716 series.

The AP1 Forged is a cavity back with distance and forgiveness in mind It features a deeper undercut cavity creating a low CG,  the lofts are strong and both heel and toe have tungsten weights to keep MOI up.  All around these are very similar to the standard release AP1's but where it differs greatly is in feel,  the Korea Only AP1 "Forged" Irons feel closely related to the VG3 and T-MB irons and we are thankful for that.


Designed as Titleist's most forgiving forged CB these are mid sized irons  they are not small nor are they big I would say that they cover a wide range of skill levels from pro to high handicap and what I mean by pro is senior tour level or ladies tour not so much PGA tour as those guys prefer compact sized iron heads.  More photos and information after the jump...

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Saying Goodbye to the Vanquish XR


One of the most underrated players drivers has been discontinued,  it seems Maruman who are near the top of the food chain in the luxury segment has a difficult time cracking the better players market.   The Vanquish XR was a driver I didn't consistently hit well but there was a nice stretch of weeks I was in love with it and yes with a stock shaft.   It's a 460cc head with a deep dark look to it made of grade 5 Titanium and a proritary face called 438FG-X even the hosel was fullerene Titanium.  Stock shaft is 50T carbon + fullerene carbon in silver IP and black gradient.  Everything about this club was right,  it just didn't get the traction it deserved,  lets hope they use a similar model in what we hope to be a future XR series.  More pics after the Jump...

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Geotech T-215 Japan Forged Irons


The new Geotech T-215 irons are forged of S25C in Japan and feature a three layer cavity back created to be balanced and centered on the club head,  It's finish is Nickel Chrome Satin with a sand blasted top line to help reduce glare.

The sole is multi-cut with a slight leading edge relief yet with a noticeable trailing edge grind to help if in tough lies,  the new Geotech T-215 is considered a straight neck iron with minimal offset  available in 4-PW, the lofts are what I consider normal with the PW coming in at 45*. Geotech recommends the new T-215 with the Modus3 130 and we would suggest this for players in the 0-20hcp range.  Custom builds include nearly any shaft and grip combo from Japan and the lofts and lie angles are adjustable by 2* either way at the factory.  You can also purchase head only.  Follow the Jump for more photos...

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Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons


Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons - In Japan Mizuno offers the MP-55 instead of the MP-25 why?  I don't know but  I do know after hitting the MP-55's that they are indeed special irons that with the help of Mizuno's hand crafters at their Yoro deptartment can configure these irons to fit a wide range of players from professional to mid/high handicappers by making adjustments to the top line thickness,  sole and grinds along with face progression also known as offset.

Forged of S25C /1025E it is the evolution of the MP-54,  Ready for more pictures and a break down of this beautiful club?  Follow the Jump to read on...

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Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver for Japan


Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver - A Graphite Composite Face... that isn't something we see very often in golf especially a face that looks as out of the ordinary as this driver,  and whats with no adjustability whatsoever?  This is common in Japan yet in the states adjustability is very popular.  Don't ask why ;)

This face is a lightweight carbon material that features a new widened inverted cone technology that supposedly creates a hotter ball velocity that is stable and straight.  Designed for the slower swinger,  female or senior golfer it's touted as the most premium club Taylormade has produced and with a price nearing $1500 usd it's geared to a very specific segment.  Even if that's not you have a look at this very interesting and intriguing club,  and if you are in the segment this caters to I suggest having a read by following the Jump...

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Mizuno’s “ON FIRE” Yoro MP-R5L Series Wedge!


Yesterday we had the boat load of inquiries asking about those tricked out MP-5's in the previous blog post,  today we want to follow up with another truly unique item from the team at Mizuno's Yoro Craft department,  these guys deserve some praise and as I said yesterday Mizuno comes second to none in having a custom options department that no other brand comes close to touching.

 Introducing the Japan Only Mizuno MP-R5-L Wedge geared toward the player who comes into the ball steep,  there are two versions of the new R5 the W & L and the W is for the slider or golfer who's impact comes into the ball more level,  as a steep swinger myself I had to get what I could hit best so the L it is.  Great pics after the Jump so please follow...

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