Jim Furyk Makes Huge Driver Change

r9Any and all of you golfers out there that have ever played a certain club for an extended period of time, especially a driver, know just how difficult it is to up and switch to a completely different club, in a completely different brand, mid-season.  Looks like that’s the exact hurdle Jim Furyk is going to have to be leaping over as rumors are spreading that he’s officially made the switch with his driver.

From Titleist to TaylorMade

As you may, or may not have known, Furky was playing the Titleist 909D2 driver for well over a year, ever since the 2008 Barclay’s Scottish Open.  He took up that driver immediately after the British Open at Royal Birkdale and has been using it ever since, with some pretty impressive results.  Furyk has never been one to be huge off the tee, but as mentioned on Golf.com:

“Jim Furyk has been one the straightest and most consistent drivers on the PGA Tour for years. In 2007 he ranked third in driving accuracy, hitting 74.37% of the fairways. This season he is hitting 69.72%, ranking him 23rd in the category.”

So he switched.  We’re not entirely sure why, as he was playing great off the tee with his Titleist, but reports are in that he switched from the 909D2 to the TaylorMade R9 with an X-stiff, 60-gram Mitsubishi Diamana Kai’li shaft.  According to Mitsubishi Rayon, he’s currently the only player on the PGA Tour to be using the Kai’li shaft.

2010 for Retail

Curious to try it yourself?  Get in line, word is that us mere golf mortals won’t be able to get our hands on the new shaft until 2010 and will be forking out a huge $400 just to put it on our drivers.  Yikes.  Stay tuned to see how Furyk handles it, so far so good as he’s tied for 3rd at the Quail Hollow.

Quail Hollow Cut Line Hovering Around Even Par

Tiger WoodsLooks like the cut line at the on-going Quail Hollow Championships is inching ever closer to a record low.  Right now, according to the most up-to-the-moment updates, the cut line is right at Even Par, with 69 different players all playing at -1 or lower.

Inching Towards Lowest Cut Line Ever

If players continue to shoot such low scores, and many more are with more players turning in their second round scorecards.  Currently, Zach Johnson and George McNeil are in the clubhouse tied for first place at -7, which just so happens to be where Tiger ended his first round yesterday.  If the scores continue to come in low, the cut line could be shoved down to -1, which would mark the lowest cut line ever at Quail Hollow, beating the previous record of Even par that was set in 2004.

Tiger Catching Back Up To Round 1 Score

As of now, Tiger is going to have to catch back up to his Round 1 score, having dropped a stroke on the very first hole to put him in 2nd place with a -6.  He’s got plenty of holes to do it, as of time of writing he’s only on the 4th.

Low Scoring, High Excitement

The bottom line is, the way things are shaping up, this could be not only the lowest scoring Quail Hollow Championship, but one of the most exciting with some of the biggest names in golf playing to their potential.  The three bogey’s in a row that Johnson closed his round with could be the deciding factor in the way the leaderboard sets up at the close of today’s 2nd round.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Tiger Woods:

“Of the 23 previous times that Woods has led or shared the lead going into the second round, he’s gone on to win 13 times.”

Tune in…it’s getting good.

(image Lecka/Getty Images)

Reports: Tiger Testing New Driver Shafts

nikesqdymoCould there be some shakeups going down inside the famed bag of Tiger Woods?  Looks like that might be exactly the case as new reports and rumors are coming in that Tiger Woods might be testing and shopping for new driver shafts.  We’ve been hearing a great deal about the importance of the shaft lately, with Jerry Kelly taking home top honors in New Orleans playing with a prototype shaft that isn’t available to anyone but pro’s.

Tiger Shaft Hunting…

So, is Tiger in the market for a new shaft?  By the looks of things, yes.  According to news reports:

“Tiger Woods had been using an 83-gram Mitsubishi Diamana White Board shaft in his drivers for several seasons. But on Thursday morning his Nike SQ Dymo 380 driver was outfitted with an 85-gram Oban Mach 4 prototype shaft…On Wednesday, during his practice round with Payton Manning at the Quail Hallow Championship in Charlotte, the world’s No. 1 player had an 89-gram Aldila Voodoo XPP8 prototype shaft.”

Given the fact that he was out of commission for over 9 months, I’m sure he’s missed out on the opportunity to test out a great deal of new technology.  Looks like he’s using Nike’s STR8-Fit and has apparently narrowed it down to 3 different shafts that will be in his next clubs:  the Oban, the Aldila, and a 76-gram prototype True Temper Project X graphite shaft.

Adjustable Shafts For Precision Golf

The cool thing about the STR8-Fit technology is that it allows “golfers to unscrew the head from the driver’s shaft, then re-attach it in one of eight different positions to change the loft and lie angle of the club.” Wow.

Stay tuned to see what he locks in with, and how it affects his game.

Tiger Woods Surges To Lead at Quail Hollow

WoodsWhatever “swing problems” his naysayers were talking about must not be coming out quite yet.  Looks like Tiger has any and all “problems” in check so far, as he’s surged to an early lead at the Quail Hollow Championships.

1 Off Course Record

Looks like his first round was only 1 off the course record after he shot a 30 on his final nine holes of today’s round.  So what we know now is that Woods is done for the day, and in the clubhouse at -7, after shooting a 65 today.  Impressive considering the fact that he’s coming off surgery, time off, and supposed “swing problems” that have people just about everywhere inside the golf world wondering how he’ll be playing.

Swing Problems?  What Problems?

According to reports, this round is even more impressive when you consider how poorly he’s done off the tee, consider this:

“Woods obliterated the front nine — his final nine after starting on the back — at Quail Hollow, closing with three straight birdies and seven altogether in a bogey-less round in which he hit just 5 of 14 fairways, but found 14 of 18 greens in regulation…”

5 of 14 Fairways, 14 of 18 Greens

Raise your hand if you’d be absolutely elated finding 14 of 18 greens in regulation after only hitting 5 of 14 fairways?  Yeah, everyone.  All of this just reaffirms how he’s not only the most exciting golfer in the world, but also the one with the deepest arsenal in which he can hurt you.

Tiger In Front, 4-Way Tie For 2nd

The tournament rages on as we speak, with Tiger out in front by 3 strokes over a huge tie for 2nd between Jeff Maggert, Retief Goosen, Hunter Mahan and Lucas Glover.  This will most certainly change and we can’t wait to see how Tiger responds to what is sure to be increased pressure on his lead in the days to come.

(image via Lecka/Getty Images)

Mexico Open Cancelled Due to Swine Flu

mexicologoLooks like this swine flu outbreak has gotten a lot scarier than anyone previously believed it would.  With the current health threat level at 5 (out of 6), it’s clear that the global fear of swine flu is growing to huge proportions.  Huge enough that The Nationwide Tour’s upcoming Mexico Open, which is presented by Corona Light, has been completely called off due to the circumstances.

Swine Flu Cancels Tournament

According to Bill Calfee, President of The Nationwide Tour, and PGATour.com:

“Given the serious circumstances surrounding the swine flu outbreak, the Nationwide Tour has decided it is in everyone’s best interests to reschedule the Mexico Open presented by Corona Light and play the tournament later in the season,” Calfee said. “A significant number of lives have been lost in Mexico, which is tragic. There are more important things for people to focus on at the moment…With regard to new dates, we are in a position where we have options and will begin working with tournament personnel in Mexico to decide when the event will be played,” Calfee added. “As soon as a new date is finalized, an announcement will be made. The PGA TOUR is very committed to the Mexico Open and looks forward to playing at El Bosque Golf Club.”

Rescheduled Dates Not Announced Yet

This tournament was supposed to take place May 18-24 at the El Bosque Golf Club in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, about 200 miles northwest of Mexico City.  New dates have yet to be announced but stay tuned, as we know, you’ll know.

World Series of Golf Coming to Cable

strategy-imageAll you fans of the World Series of Golf will be pleased as punch for this little gem of news:  They’ve officially signed a deal for a 13-episode series that will be coming to cable channels around the United States.

13 Episodes of Golf Gambling

That’s right, according to reports out of Las Vegas, a 13-episode contract has been signed between the World Series of Golf and WGN America that, if everything goes according to plan, air the tournament in mid-May.  The Tournament, when aired, will span 13, 1-hour episodes and will bring all of the pseudo-gambling event to the masses.

According to reports:

“The World Series of Golf is also upping its top prize from $250,000 to $300,000, with each player required to pay a $10,000 entry fee to play.   In the unique format, dozens of amateur players bet with poker chips, winning chips when they finish holes in fewer strokes or by forcing opponents to fold.

The tournament aired on CBS last year as part of a three-year deal. But World Series of Golf president Terry Leiweke says the tournament opted out of the network deal this year because he thought cable would bring more flexibility to airing the tournament.”

Great for Golf, Great For Us

We think this is great for golf and great for people who like watching golf but want more than just the weekly tournament.  Requiring each player to drop $10k just to enter definitely raises the stakes and makes the bigger money prizes even more attractive.  Stay tuned to this one, it should get good.

(image via worldseriesofgolf.com)

Jerry Kelly’s Zurich Winning Clubs

KellyHe held on, held tight and pushed away all challengers to take home top honors in New Orleans…the question is, what was hiding inside that golf back of his that helped him snag the #1 spot and the $1.1 million prize that accompanied it?

A Peek in the Bag

Glad you asked.  It’s always interesting to take a peek inside the bag and see who is playing what, when, and why.  Looks like Kelly is still very much supporting Cleveland Golf in his bag, but to take home the victory in New Orleans, a new shaft was placed on his clubs, the Miyazaki prototype shaft.  Apparently he’s not the only golfer to strap that into his clubs, as Vijay Singh is also jumping on the Miyazaki bandwagon.

Custom Shaft for Cleveland Driver

The new shaft is apparently very rigid and tailored to fit players who swing extremely fast, as it helps resists twisting.  Nevertheless, here are the clubs Kelly needed to take home the number 1 spot:

DRIVER: Cleveland Launcher (7.5°) with Miyazaki prototype X shaft
FAIRWAY WOOD: Titleist 906 F4 (13°) with Graphite Design Pershing 85g X shaft
HYBRID: Cleveland HiBore XLS (16°) with Graphite Design YS Hybrid 85 X
IRONS: Cleveland CG7 Tour (3-9) with True Temper Black Gold X shafts
WEDGES: Cleveland 588 (47°, 53°, 60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S-400 shafts
PUTTER: Cleveland Classic #3
BALL: Titleist Pro V1x (2009)

Miyazaki Shaft Not Available in Retail

I wonder how many tour victories Titleist already has this year.  While the Miyazaki shaft Kelly played is currently unavailable to anyone other than Tour Pro’s and people with very lofty connections, rumor is that it might hit the market later in the year.  If you’re a player with a very fast swing, keep your fingers crossed for that one.

Congratulations Kelly, Congratulations Cleveland

Congratulations to Jerry Kelly, and Cleveland for getting a big time win.

(AP Photo/Bill Haber)

Mizuno Limited Edition Black Series Custom Grind Wedges


2009 Mizuno 2 Letter Press Wedges

Mizuno Japan has already sold out of a very limited and exclusive run of Custom Grind Black Mizuno Wedges.

The wedges are officially named “Jypers 2 letter press”  featured in two grind variations.  People are calling them 2 letter press silver stamp and gold stamp wedges. They are forged of S25C in Japan at Mizuno’s Chuo factory.The silver stamp model features a triple flat sole and is based off of a prototype Model T series while the gold model features a special quad flat sole and is based off of a prototype R series wedge.

Both models are finished using a flat black dye and share the new running bird emblem. The only other text besides that is on the neck where it says MIZUNO with no paintfill. They also use dots to signify loft.

Sold as a 2 wedge set in a fancy box lined with velvet both the silver and gold stamps are only available in 52 & 58* lofts with Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex Shafts and Tour Velvet Rubber Round 60’s.

Sorry these are Already Sold Out…:(

The only source to find these beauties was on TourSpecGolf.com, Its unfortunate but they have already sold before they could even be listed in their ProShop.  Many times TSG’s most rare and desired products never make it to the photoshoot going directly from Japan to the VIP’s doorstep.

Follow the Jump to see images of the Silver Stamp and information on both models.
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Golf Tech Talk: The All New 2009 Ozik TP Series Shafts

ozik-tphd-seriesOzik Releases it’s new top of the line performance shaft

Matrix has created new levels of structural strength and combined them with advancements in spin control. “HD” refers to the hexdecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the new designs are built. With the stronger 16-cutt butt section, Matrix engineers were able to better structure and strengthen the tip without adding overall weight and, at time, even lowering balance points to better match today’s high MOI, low CG heads. The result is a stronger tip-strength-to-weight ratio than found with any previous Matrix Ozik.

The internal HD structure can be made more consistently uniform than a circular design, further reducing the need for specific orientation during installation.

In terms of performance, players should look forward to flatter, more piercing Tour-type ball flights and a more stable feeling than they have ever experienced with a Matrix Ozik shaft.

Construction and Materials:

16-Cut Hexadecagon Internal Structure (patent pending)
20 Individual material layers
18 High Modulus graphite layers
1 Full length layer of Japanese Ballistic Zylon
7″ of Matrix-wound 24ton, 50 count Boron Fiber
Strategically-placed section of 1KA Woven fiber
TSG Testing Results:

TourSpecGolf has put a couple of these shafts into the hands of low handicap hard hitting test subjects and overall the results have been promising and impressive.  Official TSG club tester Tatsuro Oshimoto says:

The Ozik TP7HD shaft lowered my ball flight and reduced wayward dispersion for me. I swing at 115mph and found the stiff flex to be a little soft with no tipping whatsoever.  I had TSG send me the strong flex to install into my Nike Dymo driver and this is the perfect flex for my swing. I was able to work the ball considerably more than other shafts I have tested and found a better forward kick with the ball hitting the ground running. I am so pleased with this shaft that I do not want to return it. I wish I could afford it because I feel it would save me a couple of strokes a round at least.  The distance gain over my tester Prototype Diamana shaft was noticeable but more importantly the improvement in my ball flight, dispersion, and forward kick. I give this shaft a huge thumbs up and of the many shafts I have been fortunate enough to test for TSG this is my favorite by a considerable margin.


To learn more about the complete line of Ozik Shafts and to learn where you can purchase a new TPHD model please click here

To find out what flex you should be playing for your specific swing speed please click to Read More and view the official Ozik CPM flex guide…

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