REONESS RP-02M CT Rail Putter


REONESS RP-02M CT Rail Putter –  We have been slowly releasing photos of the new REONESS products and today we are highlighting their center shaft RP-02M CT rail putter.  Reoness has implemented twin tungsten rails through the head to promote a straight back and through momentum in the putting stroke keeping the ball rolling straighter on line.  The total head weight on this putter comes to 375 grams and the center shaft version is perfectly face balanced.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

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The New LOOP Prototype IP Shaft!


Introducing the Loop Prototype IP Shaft – LOOP makes some outstanding shafts many TSG clients consider these up there with the best and since we have started selling Loop slowly but surely the group of brand loyalists has been growing.  Today I’m going over their newest shaft the Prototype IP.

It’s a slightly tip stiff shaft that has a strong forward push movement kick,  the mid section is slightly stiff as well while the butt is stiff,  so yes it’s for those who want to work the ball and produce a fade.  The stronger, faster and more aggressive transition style player.   Follow the jump if that’s you…

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Mizuno MP-66 Japan Only Irons

mp-66 mizuno irons

Introducing the all new Japan Only Mizuno MP-66 Forged Iron.  We have received many inquiries since TSG first revealed this about a month ago when we added it to the online proshop.  It’s a very exciting time to be a Mizuno fan,  here at TSG we have always been big fans of their designs and technology especially the custom yoro departments work.

This MP-66 may look similar to some of the other MP models but there is an evolution of design progress combined with their own patented technology that makes this iron special.  Follow the Jump to read on…

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ARESO E13 Custom Black Mirror w/400g Head Weight


Areso Golf Designs by Rock Wu – You may have heard of Areso Putters they popped up a few years back with designs that look to be from the future. Seriously some of the putters look like they should be in a transformers movie that is so beyond the traditionalist designs most brands adhere to today. The man behind the name is Rock Wu; he is a genius in bio mechanics and club design.

Today we are looking at a stunning E13 that has been refinished in black mirror with tungsten weights installed by GF.  The head weight is now a very heavy 400g which makes it perfect for the player who like that super stable weighty head or those who like to counter weight their putters with 40-50g on the butt end.  Follow the jump for more photos…


Installed with a Teramoto black shaft and Elite iB67 grip in a matching orange color to the paint fill this putter is beautiful.  The wave face milling has a nice soft impact adding to the already great feel of the carbon steel that this putter is forged of.


The black mirror finish does have glare but its one of the most attractive and best feeling finishes one can put on a putter.  The look is flawless and luxurious.


TourSpecGolf will be adding this putter to the TSG ProShop we have 1 or 2 exactly like this available so keep on the lookout for it in the ProShop.




REONESS RI-51 Forged Irons

Reoness RI-51 Irons4

Introducing the REONESS RI-51 Irons forged of soft S20C carbon steel using an original mold made specifically for REONESS.  Designed by H.W Kan and a small team of JPGA players these irons provide the control of a higher COG with the forgiveness of a low COG placement iron.

Just enough meat was placed behind the impact zone to provide a nice soft sensation at impact while keeping it very workable for the better player.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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JBEAM TD-450 Driver 440cc

JBeam Golf Drivers6

Do you hit a slice yet prefer a deep faced low spin driver?  The JBEAM TD-450 might be your answer.  Many over the top swingers have a negative attack angle meaning the send the ball up very high and impart way too much spin.  I’ve been tinkering with the new TD-45o and its really really good at doing a key few things that will help most players.

Follow the Jump for a brief run down on specs and my initial impressions on this club…

JBeam Golf Drivers1

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Introducing the REONESS R0-101 Driver!


Formerly known as George Spirits a complete rebranding has occurred,  introducing REONESS.  In no way affiliated with George of George Spirits but rather a man named Kan who had worked for him many years ago under the company Gauge Design Japan.  Without going too deep Gauge Design Japan has had so many former staff start their own brands including Gauge Design (USA),  Gold’s Factory, and now REONESS.

REONESS is no longer affiliated with George Takai and Kan with the help of former Bridgestone Tour staff has restructured,  re-designed, and re-released an entirely new company.  Today we are going to start with photos of the driver.  Follow the Jump for more…


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BALDO 568LC Driver 440cc

Baldo Drivers2

Baldo 568LC Driver – This is Baldos more forgiving players driver designed to promote low spin with a mid high launch in a 440cc package.  Designed with a new forged cup face made of DAT55G feel off the face is hot and springy,  DAT55G is usually used in non conforming heads yet this head is conforming for play.

Standard the 3 weights are all 4 grams with 2g and 6g weights sold separately.  The face comes in square. The Baldo 568LC is now available in the TSG Pro Shop,  we can build it with custom shafts and specs or offer you the head alone in 9.5* or 10.5*. More photos after the Jump…

Baldo Drivers4

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TSG Club Works – Soft Black Yonex MB’s

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG3

Here at TSG we love Soft Black,  it’s a durable non glare finish that feels great at impact.  Here are photos of a set of Yonex Ezone MB’s we refinished.  Translucent grey paint was used as it works really well with this finish.  TSG Club Works finishes are all done in Japan.  Get in touch if you have a set you want to bring back to life. We offer NiCr Satin, White Satin, Mirror Chrome, Black Mirror, Copper Satin,  Copper Mirror, Smoked Copper,  Black Boron,  Black Teflon, and many more!  Follow the jump more more photos…

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG4

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New TSG DARK Forum Option!

Are you a member of the TSG Forums?  If we have added a new Dark look Theme with multiple backgrounds to choose from to enhance the community experience.  Here’s how to get it:

Step 1 – At the very bottom of the page click theme and select TourSpecGolf Dark.

Step 2 – The screen will go dark and at the very top of the screen next to your username there is a paint brush to choose 1 of 3 different forum themes!



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