New Mizuno MP CLK-F / CLK-H / MP-Fli HI Utility Clubs

Mizuno MP CLK-F

Wrapping up the new summer releases from Mizuno are the MP-CLK-F Fairway Woods,  MP-CLK-H Hybrids, and MP FLI HI Driving Irons.

The new Fairway Woods features a Forged Cup face in the #3 & #5 while the 7 features a maraging face insert. Mizuno has also introduced a cut away sole channel as many OEM’s have recently and says that it increases RBI for a stronger trajectory and more distance.  This year Mizuno has designed the new CLK-F & CLK H to flow in shape and spec so more players use the full line up.  3/5/7 woods into the 3UT and possibly into a Fli Hi driving iron.  Stay tuned for more info!


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