Modart T55 PROTO Wedges!

Modart PROTO

Introducing the MODART T55 PROTO!    This wedge features the same shape as the original T55 (found here) yet the sole is wider and the milling effect altered for a new look.  Modart also applied a black oxide finish so the player can feel the steel differently than the original and plated model.  If you look closely what looks brushed is actually milled then slightly polished by hand.   Follow the Jump we have many photos…


Beautiful computer controlled milling extends flowing down the neck towards the face while both the grooves and entire face are milled as well.  The result is what I consider one of the finest wedges ever made.  There are very few fully milled heads on the market and in the case of wedges the only options are Modart Wedges & PXG’s Milled $650 wedge.  In my opinion these are superior being that they are made of Japanese steel,  made in Japan and the design is understated and clean.


Modart is becoming more and more popular recently with it’s MA01D+R driver doing well on the long drive tour and in customer feedback from TourSpecGolf.  The fairway and utility woods are also some of the best for whom they are designed for.   While still very expensive especially for their fully milled products Modart is producing some of the very highest quality golf clubs in Japan.


When comparing Modarts irons, wedges, putters and woods the brand surprisingly competes and beats other top boutique brands like an Epon and Miura.  Consider them a sleeper.

The new T55 Proto is a low bounce wedge with the 52 coming in at 6 degrees while the 58 comes in at 8.  This makes it better for sweepers or players who are around firmer conditions.


The feel at impact is sublime and hands down some of the best I have ever felt and I only hit the very finest.  Its S25C J.I.S grade steel and in finish feels so pure when struck well.  It’s right there with SS400 and FE99.9 it is that buttery yet still solid.  Compared to the T55 with the standard chrome mirror it feels totally different this is softer and more dense at impact.


This is a good players wedge theres no doubt about it.  It is compact with no offset and a low bounce and the leading edge is nicely rounded.  This wedge spins like crazy and no doubt the face milling pattern supports that while minimizing spin loss when wet, simply put CNC grooves are the best.

The shaft you choose can have a big outcome on how well you hit your wedges.  Today the only reason for most amatuer players not to go carbon in their irons and wedges even putter is the expense. Carbon cost more but can be every bit as straight,  low,  biased or anything you need it to be.  There is carbon that can go lower and spin less than X100’s.  I no longer call it graphite because of the stigma that graphite is for seniors or ladies.  This Fujikura MCI Black is a top tier wedge shaft and since playing these I noticed much improved feel and touch around the greens.  Fujikura makes two types one called MILD and the other SOLID and with these the bend profile and way it kicks supports either a sweeper or a digger.


Finally the grip,  it’s the all new IOMIC iXX in yellow to match the yellow paint fill on the head.  feels firm and not sticky at all I highly suggest it.


The new Modart T55 PROTO is very limited and will sell out quickly at TourSpecGolf.  We have reserved as much as possible as well as produced 3 sets of 52/58 built exactly as seen in these photos.  I am keeping one of them so that leaves two available for the public.   contact [email protected] if interested.



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