Mizuno T7 Wedge by Yoro Craft

Mizuno T7 Wedges8

The brand new Mizuno T7 wedge but this one done up by Mizuno’s very own Yoro Dept.  I’m a big fan of Mizuno Japan’s MP-R5L and W series which are grind and spec specific for the steep or shallow swinger and comparing the new Japan T7 to those this one is really about versatility and in hand it reminds me of a vokey,  a really soft impact vokey ;).   Follow the Jump for more pics and info on this yoro crafted beauty.

Mizuno T7 Wedges6

This Yoro wedge has the black gloss finish,  a custom stamping configuration and is in the highly desirable 62* loft for the player who enjoys the flop shot.  The T7’s have beautifully milled faces and feature the new quad cut groove .  The interesting part is depending on the loft the groove depth varies.

Mizuno T7 Wedges5

Mizuno clames these new quad cut grooves produce a lot more spin in the wet rough.  + 10% at 30yds and + 23% more spin 60yds out vs  their previous grooves in wet weather.  This is a big deal as even when it isn’t raining the grooves get wet from condensation of the grass.  If these #’s are legit this is no joke.

Mizuno T7 Wedges1

The grinds alter slightly depending on what loft/bounce combo.  you can have 58/08 vs 58/16 and the trailing edge grind is actually different.   The loft will also determine the face progression with slightly more offset the closer to the PW you are.   Speaking of lofts there are many!  44/45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52/53/54/55/56/57/58/59/60/61/62 and multiple bounce options within.

Mizuno T7 Wedges7

So they keys are,  the width and depth of the grooves vary with loft,  the hosel is 3mm longer than a traditional length wedge hosel for a better sense of security,  shank reduction,  and a better image from the rough.  This is an all around versatile wedge and you can find it in the TSG Pro Shop.

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