Miura Limited Y-GRIND MB-5005’s



It’s the MB-5005 with a custom Y-Grind and hairline finish.  Only 150 sets were produced and they are all that wonderful Miura shape, feel and quality that so many have grown to love. With all the recent press about Miura’s globals majority share being purchased and with all the fan boys & naysayers speculating the brands future I wanted to get everyone back to what matters most… Their awesome clubs!

After the jump we will share how these are different from the standard 5005 and what is so special about the Y-GRIND.  Click to Read On…

Miura Golf Y-GRIND4

First of all Y-Grind can’t be custom ordered,  Yes Miura’s Craftsman World through TSG offers custom finishes,  grinds and stamping but there is no Y-GRIND option.  Miura has reserved this for their limited edition sets ( very smart! ).  It’s a fantastic grind I personally like the shape more than the standard version by a wide margin.  In the photo above you can see it’s shape is undeniably beautiful.  From it’s super thin top line to its high toe that lines up just past where the grooves end it strikes a near perfect balance.  It’s lack of offset is what you would expect in a blade which is next to none and worth noting is it has what I call a clear top blade.  This means there is no bead blast on the top line like the face has.  Just the way I like it!


Miura Golf Y-GRIND5

A Face shape to die for – One of the best blade shapes I have seen in the last 10 years thanks to the toe!  The hairline finish which is a deeper polish of chrome mirror reduces glare and makes it look unique.  It’s a very easy process with a great effect visually.  This iron is all about shape and the Y-Grind nails it.

Compared to the standard version Miura’s Factory has reduced the face length by 2mm making it more compact.  A sharper top line helps frame the ball at address and the hosel is 3mm longer to adjust the center of gravity.


The below photo doesn’t show it well but it’s sold grind is also unique.  It’s the standard sole with a killed leading edge to help the player who’s got a steep down blow and often takes too much of a divot.  The neck design was slightly altered to give the better player more confidence in working the ball either direction.


It’s finish is W Nickel Chrome to be exact so it’s feel should be nice and soft but unfortunately the 5005 doesn’t have the same feel other Miura blades have and I think it’s due to the cavity carved out on the back face.  Based on the many we have sold the customer feedback of the standard version (not this Y-GRIND ) has been not so great when our customers compare the standard 5005 vs say the MB5003 or Miura Global offerings.  I don’t know if this is the case on this Y-Grind set.

Miura Golf Y-GRIND1

But besides that I can’t fault it for anything,  above and I need to stress this the shape is outstanding.  For me it’s even addictive to look at like many Miura blades are.  TSG has both the standard MB-5005 and the Limited Y-Grind version available in the TSG Proshop by clicking here.  Thank you for reading!

Miura Golf Y-GRIND2



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