Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons

Miura Japan Only Iron

Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons – Another heavily customized set from the Miura Giken Factory in Japan,  this set features a Copper – Nickel – Chromium Mirror finish this is the softest feeling chrome mirror finish available anywhere,  the sole has the custom grind dent sole option and the heads have been ordered extra heavy. Finally we have requested as little offset possible on this head design making it look like a butter knife at address.  Enjoy the photos and if interested in your own custom set, please contact us at [email protected]  More Photos after the jump…

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! How long does the custom order take to produce?

  2. Just noticed this one but it is sold out on your website… I am always just a little too late

  3. How much “face progression” of this 6 iron is?
    How did you order?

    please teach me.

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