Korea Exclusive Seven CB Gold IP – 세븐 골드 IP – 한국 시장 전용

Korean Gold CB11

Introducing the KOREA ONLY / SEVEN CB in Gold IP Finish!  For those of you who don’t have an idea what the brand SEVEN is you can get up to speed here – ( Seven Blog Posts Click Here ) .

So I can already hear gold lovers grumbling about the fact that this club will be exclusive to Korea.  Why!?  The answer is simple and it’s that Korea likes flashy finishes.  Another thing worth noting is that SEVEN is focusing on bringing exclusive designs to the worlds three largest golf markets.  USA, Japan, and Korea.   Next week I will highlight what is in store for the United States!  Ok ready for more?  Follow the Jump…

Korean Gold CB9

What we ask everyone to do is look closely at the details of the SEVEN CB.  Its obvious that the quality is unrivaled. and no one including Epon, Miura, or PXG comes close to the way the SEVEN CB is manufactured,  the J.I.S material quality and the fit/finish.  By using 5 Axis milling machines with specialized software SEVEB  has created

the highest quality cavity back the golf world has ever seen. SEVEN is also boasting the highest manufacturing cost per head with their intention to cut out middle man keeping the retail price as low as possible thus giving the consumer the best product they can buy

Korean Gold CB5

You are probably wondering how durable is this finish on these irons.  First thing to understand is that the standard soft and very durable chrome mirror plating is applied first then a process done after which bonds the GOLD IP finish to the original plating.  This means the irons will not rust,  the GOLD IP is very durable but eventually wears in the impact zone.  If your ball striking skills are half decent the wear pattern looks beautiful after many months of play.


The above is what we feel is the perfect view from address. The offset/face progression numbers are exactly what golfers want: 4.5/5.0/5.5 very few clubs have this little offset and this would be equal or even less offset than even the smallest blades. The top line is thin but in perfect proportion to the body and shape, we have also implemented a clear top blade style which is why you dont see bead blast on the top line.

Korean Gold CB8

The grooves are milled not pressed, the entire face has the tightest milling while the neck transition also has a light mill to show off how well this head is made. The toe extends past the top line not boxed or tear drop but in between for the perfect profile from all angles. Simply put your looking at the best cavity back money can buy.


The New GOLD IP SEVEN CB retails at $650 per head and while this is still considered very expensive each head cost more than $300 to manufacture and that isn’t including cad, and design fee’s. Simply put these are highest quality irons money can buy for now.  Available for Korea shipping addresses only.  If interested inquire with [email protected]




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