JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver4

Introducing the Jbeam 535 Premium Black Driver – Jbeam is one of TSG’s top selling driver brands.  Known for it’s spin reducing and lower launch characteristics.  The most popular Jbeam head right now is the ZY-7 yet it’s not for everyone as it caters to those who need to reduce spin and lower their trajectory.  This new 535 Premium Black driver is for those who wish to reduce spin but also want a medium to mid/high trajectory.  It’s also more forgiving than the ZY-7.  Follow the Jump to read on…

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver5

The new 535 black also looks stealth with it’s new paint theme and matte black crown.  Compared to the original 535 there are some differences.  This new Premium Black 535 is a few cc’s larger,  it’s CG location is slightly more back and deep and Jbeam has reduced spin even further with the laser milling on the face.

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver1

Where the original 535 was out of the box somewhat draw bias this new premium black is neutral allowing the player to choose how heavy of a weight they want in each of the 3 balanced weight ports to decide their own draw, fade, or neutral weighting bias.

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver3

Beautiful shape that inspires confidence,  it’s deep with a lot of zone heel and toe to land the ball at impact.  Get yours now in the TSG ProShop!

JBeam 535 Premium Black Driver2



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