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Introducing ITOBORI GOLF by Mayuki Takai – Ready for something special?  TourSpecGolf is proud to announce our partnership with MTG Golf Studio.

We have prepared tons t of special feature content to showcase the crafting and customizations of Mayuki Takai (MTG).  Every Itobori golf club is made to order by one man’s hands for a truly dynamic and custom experience.  Follow the Jump for the story of the man and his brand…

Itobori Golf MTG21

Mayuki Takai the man behind the brand MTG Golf Studio started playing golf at the young age of 12,  now 42 years old he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of the game for over 30 years.  As a former aspiring PGA Tour Pro he made the team at Chukyo University and aspired to be a professional trying his hand in Florida qualifying tournaments,  Australian events as well as the Japan mini-tours and asian circuit yet he did not find did not find success he strongly desired.

After he realized he may not become a professional tour player he redirected his passion into club creation using his experience  and a players perspective on what a golf club should offer and for the next 10 years honed his skills as a Japan Tour Rep and Golf Club Grinder for the JPGA professional players.

Itobori Golf MTG4

In 2015 he founded MTG Golf Studio also known as Mayuki Takai Golf with the strong belief that his entire life experience was destined to culminate the founding of MTG.

Enter ITOBORI – Takai-san’s mantra is that the maker should develop and produce the work themselves which is unique in this era of mass production and machine technology,  he believes that the works of a true artisan combine performance with beauty.  The artisan feels the heat from the friction of hand grinding and feels its shape as it is created.

Itobori Golf MTG5

The key performance points of a golf club are the stroke feel, the shape and the contact between the sole and the ground.  ITOBORI was created to excel in all of these areas.

A final polish with rough sandpaper avoids imparting heat stress to the material. The rough carved finish of the back face and the sole comes from a fast polish, a method that was created to draw out the full potential of a material called S25C.  It takes approximately an hour to polish a single head, but it is a process born from a lifetime of experience.

Itobori Golf MTG7

The Irons and Wedges are Forged in Himeji Japan using S25C and a multi-step process that includes a final process of heat treating the head to 900* with an electric furnace then placing the head into a final precision forging press.  What this does is condenses the forged metal in way that improves feel.  Only a handful of factories in Japan are able to accomplish this feat.  The result is a very rewarding and soft feel at impact.

Itobori Golf MTG10

ITOBORI or MTG has also just released a new putter and it’s a stunner 100% CNC milled from a solid block then the customer can choose from a variety of options from finish, weld neck, custom specs & stamping, or unique grind features on the neck and tops of the bumpers.  The above photo shows a black mirror finished putter with translucent red paint fill spec’d for our photoshoot specifically.

Itobori Golf MTG9

As you can see Mayuki Takai is all about the details and combining functional features with custom hand crafting.

Itobori Golf MTG27

In the above image you see his new DAT55 prototype driver that also features the ITOBORI grind style encompassing the head.  Hundreds of these heads sold out before release putting them in extreme demand worldwide.

It’s soft feel combined with the DAT55 ultra hot face make give it a mid-high low spin trajectory,  the face shape as seen below is the perfecto compromise of depth and forgiveness.

Itobori Golf MTG28

ART WELDING is another series within the ITOBORI/MTG label where customers can choose custom weld words or features anywhere they choose.  In the photo below done in Mayuki Takai’s version of smoked copper the word Fifty 2 for this 52* wedge look fantastic with the copper under finish exposed from under it’s dark smokey coating.

Itobori Golf MTG32

When you combine the hairline scratches with the Itobori sole grind and a copper finish it comes out looking gold.  The various custom finishes seem to apply very well to this MTG’s grind work making them true functional works of art.

Itobori Golf MTG2

Below another option for the customer called ARAKENMA you can have it done fine like this wedge below or a deeper grain.  ARAKENMA is very much a raw grain grind that not only looks great but it dampens vibration over the entire club head making these wedges feel buttery soft and dense.  The wedge below is completely raw void of any finish and paint fill ready to be sent into the factory for a customer.

Itobori Golf MTG8

Mayuki Takai’s skills have been known on the Japan Tour Circuit for years and with MTG ITOBORI’s partnership with TourSpecGolf we plan to give him the global credit he deserves.  In an era today where golf clubs are mass produced lacking the crafters touch with no dynamic and creative options offered MTG stands above many as the premier custom hand crafter for irons and wedges to go to.

His products are in high demand yet he remains focused, polite and works very hard to satisfy every customers needs.  We are extremely honored to work with him.

Itobori Golf MTG35

TourSpecGolf as a company also focused on details and offering heavy customizations we can tell when people are authentically unique.  When visiting his factory in Nagoya it became evident that this man is not only an amazing crafter but he has a style about the way he does things.

Itobori Golf MTG15

Above – many of the details in his workshop are custom handmade to serve a purpose,  this wood block here for example simply to hold some of his many stamps.

Itobori Golf MTG14

The factory which is by appointment only looks like a stylish surf boutique in Hawaii,  even though few will see the insides of it he has put an immense amount of effort into how the space feels and how it’s designed,  especially the little details.

Itobori Golf MTG17

Above – Sound proof ceiling and walls keep the noise from disturbing his neighbors.

Below – His tools neatly organized with a map of the world on display in the background office.

Itobori Golf MTG18

There were literally dozens of tiny details littered throughout the shop things you really had to look for,  we have so many photos of these hidden treasures we had to make a collage just to show you some:


NO CRAFT NO LIFE – I love this motto like with all finer things in life the human touch translates a product into something special with deeper meaning and an emotional impact.  The sense of pride as you prepare your clubs for the following mornings round of golf or as your friends reach over and ask you “what’s that in your bag?”  You will spend 4 or more hours on the course,  you will spend countless hours thinking about your swing, you deserve something special – ITOBORI.

Itobori Golf MTG1

In the coming weeks and months TSG will be placing a great emphasis on sharing the many products, options, and features available by ITOBORI.  As we announce each product it will be listed in the TSG Pro Shop simultaneously.  If you would like to get ahead of the rush you can contact immediately as we are now accepting custom orders.

Itobori Golf MTG3

Orders work very much like many of the hardcore custom brands we offer,  you start by sending us an email: [email protected] describing to us what you have interest in.  Give us an idea of what, how many, what type of finish, stamping or any other details you can think of we will provide guidance and recommendations based on first hand experience.

We have been putting together a list of unique options to offer our members to address their every need.  Thank you for your support and we are proud to announce ITOBORI as part of the TSG Stable of Brand Partners.



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    • You obviously have no respect for high quality artisan work. You don’t deserve to play clubs this nice. Try a different website, or go to golf Galaxy and get some off the rack taylormade’s loser.

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  4. i was a grinder polisher with Wilsons for 25years, making club heads from raw castings to finnished item. Pity this quality workmanship has died out not, its all about profit over quality now sad.

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