Honma Black Mirror TW737P Irons


This is a custom set of Honma Tour World TW737P Irons – TSG is now offering these to our clients via email order and in the TSG ProShop.  The “P” model is the most forgiving in the TourWorld line up It is the only cast iron of the TW737 series.  Honma has been a leader in golf specific castings for decades and is implementing a new soft iron casting manufacturing method.

Honma has also thinned out the top line yet still managed to keep the CG low.  The face itself is a hot hybrid steel material for improved distance.  Behind the impact zone Honma has strengthend and thickened the area for a softer more mild impact.  The TW737P is the most forgiving of the TW series,  then one step more forgiving is the BeZeal line up followed by the Beres models for seniors, smoother, and female golfers.  Follow the Jump for some more beautiful photos…


TSG offers 3 unique finishes,  The standard sets come in Honma’s double layer plated satin finish this finish itself is beautiful,  the inner cavity is silver as standard.  This Black Mirror finish has a black badge which is a touch I think really makes the club appear more stealth and dark.

The Sole is not as thick and clunky looking as it’s predecessor the TW727P.


The face shape is perfect,  I like to see that it’s toe has a little blocky squareness to it.  This is not found in 2 piece cast/stainless irons very often.  I have hit the standard model and it’s face seems springy and soft,  it’s incredibly forgiving without it appearing game improvement at all.  It’s mid size or some may even call it smaller.


The top line is full,  the offset is minimal.  The lofts are strong with a PW equivalent at 43*  Standard length with stel is 38″ and with carbon a touch longer.  Honma Sakata Factory offers a great line up of upgrade steel shafts but if you want carbon your only option is to select a Vizard shaft.  The standard offering vizard shafts are teh IN55 and IB85 but TSG can special order IB95 and even the Tour Players IB105 for you.  Vizards especially the IB and heavier models play stiff to flex FYI.


Let’s have a look next at the #10 iron aka PW.  It’s important to not be looking down at a shovel,  A similar size set would be something like the Epon Personal 3.  they get a bit shovelly in the short irons wear the face shape becomes more tear drop over boxy.  Honma understanding the desires of the type of people who would use these ( athlete golfer ) made good by designing a #10 iron that flows,  feels great, and looks aggressive still.


So yes beautiful irons and perform.  Another fine custom set here at TSG.  This particular set used for TSG photos is available and will be listed in the TSG proshop 5-PW or you can order a standard set if you “click here”


Enjoy the vid!



  1. Hello,
    Please advise how much is the price for the Honma Black Mirror TW737P Irons?
    And also the shipping cost to Malaysia?
    Thank you.

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