A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons

A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons – It’s not often we see dedicated set of combo irons produced by a brand so kudo’s to A-Grind for releasing the all new CMB series which is designed as a true combo set matching the  the MB & CB in shape, size, and performance along with a dedicated driving iron to replace the your long irons for more forgiveness.

Each of the 3 CMB products can be purchased ala carte as full sets irons ( non-combo ) but both A-Grind & TSG suggests #3/4 in the Driving Iron #5/6/7 in CB with #8/9/PW MB.  Of course you can mix it up any way you want and I mean any way you can possibly think up given all the lofts they provide.  Follow the Jump for comparison images of all the different models.

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Random Photos


We still have more Japan Golf Fair 2016 Blog & Forum posts on the way I just wanted to take a break from the maniac equipment photos for something a bit more random like women,  accessories and random photos from the Japan Golf Fair.

We had 3 cameras on the floor at the Golf Show,  the Sony A7RII,  Canon 5DR,  and 1DX with a plethora of lenses to choose from.  Hope you enjoy these photos!

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Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons Announced!

Honma E-05 Driver | IE-05 Irons

Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons – Just announced the new E-05 Series is designed for the golfer looking for game improvement clubs,  usually the higher handicap or senior player enjoys the E-05 series as it’s larger more forgiving design,  higher launch angle and lower center of gravity specifications are key to creating clubs that work effortlessly making the end result easy to hit and much better distance.  A good example of the segment of player who would use these is:

– Player who would like to reduce a slice for longer distance.
– Player who would like to gain distance with flexibility of the club(Shaft).
– For the player who wants to get a ball easily even late swing.
– Player who always would like to hit the ball into fairway.

Sound like a good match for you?  We have full information and explanations on the technology,  materials, and performance one can expect from these after the Jump…

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Honma Beres S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons Announced!

Honma S-05 Beres

Introducing the all new Honma Beres S-05 Series scheduled for a January release,  TSG is proud to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for these and would warn that for the first quarter of 2016 these will be in high demand with limited availability. ( Click Here )

In contrast to the TOUR WORLD line of clubs designed for the stronger and better player the S-05 Beres series was created for the golfer seeking  pure enjoyment combined with improved performance helping the average player lower their scores.  In order to accommodate that Honma analyzed tens of thousands of swings and trajectory tendencies based on fitting data cultivated over time at the Sakata factory in Japan and yes these clubs are Made in Japan.

Honma S-05 Series Golf


Follow the Jump for the official information, descriptions, and specs on the new S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons…

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Seven Dreamers Creates Laundry Robot

Seven Dreamers Laundroid

Our favorite shaft company Seven Dreamers  knows no boundaries,  From Carbon space materials to nasal stents we see their latest contribution to the world with the Laundry Robot the Laundroid and it’s an amazing thing,  the prototype was recently unveiled in Tokyo and while it’s work in progress the final product promises to solve the problem of how long it takes to fold laundry and keep them wrinkle free.

Seven Dreamers says we waste nearly a year of our lives folding laundry,  president Shin Sakane told the BBC this project had been in the works for 10 years and holds so many secrets for the future in the realm of robotics.  The release date for the final version is in 2020 just dump a pile of washed and dried laundry into the Laundroid and it will be able to fold, sort and deposit the clothes in the correct drawer.


Ryoma Beyond Power Driver

BEYOND POWER by Ryoma Golf is a shaft specially designed to produce the highest smash factor possible.  Ryoma offers excellent standard shafts that compliment the Maxima heads even better than aftermarket shafts.  This new Beyond Power utilizes a new technology we are seeing used more frequently in the Japan Golf Shaft Industry known as “multi-kick”  this allows companies that have used it like Fujikura and Jbeam to produce what Ryoma calls “Infinity Flex”  which is supposed to add an average of 2.7mph to your head speed.  Ready to read more?  Please follow the Jump…

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SEVEN – S15C & SS400 Forged Cavity Blade Irons

Seven Golf Clubs

Seven Advanced Design is only several months since its official launch yet it’s been years in the making. hundreds of sketches of different cavity backs,  dozens of sample irons from other brands combined with over a decade of listening and learning about what our members truly desire from a compact players iron. 

Learning the Japan golf industry inside and out has helped a lot, knowing where and how other brands get stuck,  see’ing the life cycle of companies including their ups and downs and understanding why they rise and why they fall has allowed us to create a unique scenario for SEVEN.  

In this post I will talk about the History of just 1 of our products,  explain our concept and express thoughts that led to the final design…  Enter the Seven Cavity Blade.

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PRGR 2015 iD Nabla RS 01 Driver


Pro Gear 2015 iD Nabla RS 01 Driver – 2 versions released of this new model the 01 for the better player and 02 for the mid capper yet both have open face angles,  interesting move by PRGR as much of their wood line up this year features the same.   PRGR is using sound tuning in the RS series drivers giving the 01 a lower more muted pitch while the 02 has a higher tone to it these also works as vibration absorption which ultimately changes the way the driver feels at impact for the better.

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PRGR id Nabla RS 01 Driver

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Yururi Tataki Wedges Now Available


Introducing the new Yururi Golf Tataki Wedge,  It’s been a while since Yururi has released new wedges and why should they with the continued success of the Raw Gekku and Gekku Tour easily TSG’s best selling wedge over the years.  This is Yururi’s new players wedge, it’s no joke,  it’s compact, rounded in all the right places and just finished beautifully.  It’s available in a wide range of lofts 50.5/52.5/56.5/58.5/60.5 and in lefty they even have 5 different lofts,  It sells for $175 U.S head only and TSG will build it custom with just about any shaft and grip you choose.

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TSG Reward Program Launches!

What is TSG Reward Points?

TSG Reward Points is a currency you can use on TourSpecGolf.com. They work like “TSG Cash” and can be used to buy (or save on), anything you see on our website! There are no downsides and becoming a member is free and easy. Remember, there are many ways to earn points. The more you buy golf gear, share us on social media, and refer friends…the more you get from us! It is our way of saying Thank You to our customers and community.


As you can see there are many ways to gain points for simply being a participating member on TSG,  from writing reviews in the pro shop for products you have purchased (25pts),  to sharing a purchase on facebook (100pts) and introducing a friend to the world of JDM gear  can snag you (250pts)  these all add up when combined with purchases and other ways to gain points earning you the ability to cash in those TSG points for maybe JDM balls,  accessories, or even equipment.

It’s free,  it’s easy and simple.  Below is an outline of the Status rewards tiers,  some members are already in a tier without even knowing it,  points have been accumulating in accounts for the past month so if you made a purchase in the previous month you may have noticed you now have a balance in your cart which can be spent at the time of checkout.


Earn perks like Free Shipping, Discounts on all products,  Earn 2% cash back on all purchases, and access to “The UnderGround” TSG’s secret forum where your opinion influences the direction of the TSG website and even some Japanese Golf Brands!

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