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TSG Club Works Modified Epon P3 Irons back in stock!


When we (TSG Club Works ) take on a custom job for our customers we are especially excited when the clubs are unique, cool and even a challenge.  1 piece club forged club head designs are pretty easy to work with when it comes to refinishing, and they require no cavity paint but 2 piece designs bring its own set of difficulties which require extra time, communication and money.   Today there are many people who offer golf club modifications yet few who understand quality.  Want a beautiful super high quality finish?  Ship it to Japan and allow our golf specific plating factories do what they do best.   Follow the Jump for more…

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Epon P3’s in White Satin Matte by TSG Club Works!


Last week on our instagram and facebook pages TSG Club Works revealed a set of custom Epon P3’s.  Today we have another 4-PW this time in white satin which is a new golf specific finish developed at the refinishing factory.  This iron set also has a custom leading edge grind. The White Satin is a matte finish whiter than traditional satin yet there is no glare.

Last weeks set sold in less than a day from listing in the TSG ProShop I have also included those photos after the jump…

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Razzle Dazzle Wedge in Black Boron by TSG Club Works

Razzle Dazzle Golf Wedges6

A couple weeks ago I posted photos of a new wedge by a company called Razzle Dazzle.  A long time friend and associate Abe-san formerly of RomaRo Golf who I haven’t seen in years surprised me with a tap  the shoulder at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair “Hey Chris!” what a pleasant surprise to see he is doing well and has started a brand that immediately had JPGA tour players support.

These wedges are unique and feature a high bounce in 13* and 15* making them very easy to play.  A “Claw Sole” has been notched into the toe area it starts almost midway on the sole with enough relief to give the player a good amount of play to open and tilt the face.

Normally in a Satin Finish TSG Club Works has put their special touch on these giving them a unique and durable black boron finish.  This finish is a plating so it holds up very well,  the black also hides size making this wedge appear more compact so in the end you can have a very forgiving wedge that doesn’t look oversized at all.  Follow the Jump for more…

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TSG Club Works | R9 TP Forged Copper + Satin/Blue


TSG Club Works has previously posted 3 different Taylormade R9TP Forged irons in the blog,  the black boron w/ yellow,  black mirror w/white,  copper underlay + satin w/red and the final and last set we produced the copper underlay + blue paint.  We produced 4 sets in total from used irons sourced in japan after the refinishing they are all in excellent condition not brand new but look pretty close and after testing these feel better at impact since the refinish over the factory finish.

We have not listed any of these for sale yet,  now that all 4 have been shown we will be adding to the TSG ProShop for immediate shipping,  enjoy the pics of the copper underlayer + satin blue,  by the way all of our finishes are done in Japan in this case it’s NiCr Satin which can’t even be done in the states due to EPA regulations.

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Japanese Golf Clubs

Introducing the SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade! This product is a 3-way collaboration design between SEVEN + SKG Shinagawa + Kitada CNC creating a sexy new muscle back iron with inspiration from the classic Macgregor golf irons.


We started by sourcing Japanese S15C billets to produce the blank iron head for this specific design,  then after the initial prep grind these heads were sent to Kitada CNC to have the edgy back face milled  for consistency in look and weighting perfectly placing the CG depth, height, and location in the perfect spot for each iron,  also, the Seven Logo on the back face and neck were CNC milled instead of pressed.  After Kitada-San they were sent back to Shinagawa-san for the complete grinding of the heads,  extremely limited over two years in the making we are extremely confident in the performance, feel, and quality of SEVEN’s latest creation,  much more after the jump…

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Buchi VS200 Black Boron by TSG Club Works!

Fuso Dream

Wow look at these huh,  TSG Club Works takes the already awesome Buchi VS200 irons and mods them into these black boron beauties,  these pictures are nice but in person these look out of this world.   Yellow paint with white sheep + #  and fuso dream logo look classy too.  Get in touch with us if you need these at [email protected]  Follow the Jump for More Pics!

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