Introducing the 2016 SEVEN Wedge!


Introducing the 2016 model Seven Original Wedge – Only 6 months ago TSG launched our very own in house brand to the public.   The concept behind the company is to produce products made exclusively in Japan and utilizing the best crafters and factories Japan has to offer,  the “Original” wedges will always be a part of the SEVEN line up evolving into a wedge that we hope golfers believe as perfect in 4 key areas:  Grind/Shape,  Spin,  Feel,  and Versatility.

Comparing the new 2016 SEVEN “Original” Wedge to the previous version we have made quite a few changes follow the Jump to hear what those differences are…

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Mizuno MP-R5L / MP-R5W Wedges

Mizuno MP-R5L & W 2015

Mizuno MP-R5L & MP-R5W Wedges  –  Mizuno Japan is rolling out their latest creations and they look great,  the new MP R5 wedges in two variants has been announced to release at TourSpecGolf in September.

The new R5 series wedges have two versions,  the “L” which is best for a steep descending downward blow on wedge shots and the “W” which has a design for the slider who comes into the ball with a level blow.  So you ready for more images and information?  Follow the Jump…

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A-GRIND Limited Black Oxide Wedges


A-Grind is on a role with recent releases like their new 440cc driver and this black oxide limited wedge,  they also have another larger UT coming end of August.  This limited series of black wedges is offered in 52/58* with only 250 pcs produced.  It’s made of Himeji forged S25C and features a milled face with conforming grooves.  This wedge will wear but the feel is soft and this finish is the most requested by JPGA tour players.

For more images follow the jump and if you have interest please email [email protected] to pick up a set before they are gone.

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Introducing | SEVEN 64* Original Wedges

Seven Golf

The evolution of the brand continues,  introducing the all new SEVEN Original Series 64* Wedge an idea born in the forums of TSG by member request while at the same time our brand SEVEN was producing a new wedge grind specifically suited for 60* lofts.

This new grind is designed with the purpose of making high lofted wedges sit without rocking open yet still let you open the face.  ready to see more pics?  Follow the Jump to Continue…

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SEVEN | Double Milled Forged Wedge


(Above: Black Oxide with Gold Paint Fill)

Introducing the new SEVEN Double Milled Wedge which officially goes on sale today in two finishes to choose from as well as two lofts 52* & 58*. Both lofts share that M Style grind which was a different way to do things as usually the approach wedge has less trailing edge, toe and heel relief but we felt that offering an approach wedge with a similar grind to the SW so players can open the face to hit a higher approach with more spin.

These wedges are Forged of SS400 in Kyoto and hand ground in Himeji Japan we then send the heads to golf specific plating companies to apply it’s beautiful finish after that the heads are sent to Tokyo where TSG’s master club makers  polish, add paint fill and assemble.


(Above: NiCr Brushed Satin with Translucent Red Paint Fill)

And yet the most intriguing part of the SEVEN Double Milled Wedge is it’s aggressive face milling,  Follow the Jump to see what extreme face milling is all about…

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Yururi Satin TATAKI by Okamura

Yururi Satin Tataki

Quite the week for Yururi it has been and still more to come.  Introducing the Yururi Satin TATAKI by Okamura most and the notable difference is a RAW Grain look but this actually is plated satin so it doesn’t wear like unplated wedges do.  I love this finish because it’s still soft, now more durable and allows you to see every turn of the hand that Okamura-san did when crafting it.

ow is the original Tataki only released a year or two ago it’s another really cool finish almost rustic it’s not the normal dark or black finish other companies use the beauty lies within it’s purposeful imperfections,  it’s a “coating” with an process applied on top of it so it’s not a “plating” this means it provides a different feel not better or worse just different,  I think the satin and or grain on the new Satin Tataki makes it feel softer while the original  feels slightly clickier I could argue that I like that feel as well.  So for me it’s a toss up if your the type who prefers visual perfection with no blotches or little intentional scratches go with the new satin, if your a RAW guy then by all means the original’s the way to go.   Click Read More to Continue…

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Yururi Gekku Okamura Satin Wedge

Yururi Tour Okamura

Feast your eyes on this the all new 2015 Yururi Gekku Okamura Wedge done up in smooth brushed satin hand ground by Okamura-san himself.  You may be wondering who is Okamura-san?

He is the master and head grinder at Kyoei Golf Factory in Japan and in collaboration with TSG is responsible for personally grinding all the new TSG Exclusive Yururi wedges to ensure the highest quality and best performance that Kyoei can possibly offer.

What we have here is the original TSG exclusive version Yururi Gekku wedge with a slightly adjusted grind, shape, and stamping done up in what we are calling a Smooth Satin Finish,  it’s called smooth because we also have other new Yururi products just released in what we are calling our Satin Raw Finish.  Click Read More to carry on!…

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SEVEN AG-Wedge Series Coming Soon!

Seven Golf Clubs

What we have here are the prototype Seven 577-AG Series the “AG” = Aggressive Grind, and while the retail version will differ slightly from these I still wanted to go ahead and give everyone a sneak peak of what these are all about.  Obviously by name these focus on a grind that allow players to get creative with shots and have a lot of confidence in doing so.  Ready for more? Follow the Jump Please…

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ONOFF Labo-Spec Frogs Leap 70/64 Degree Wedges

onoff frogs leap wed

ONOFF Labo Frogs Leap Wedge – It’s an interesting concept a 70* wedge that plays to an effective 64* when used as advised.  ONOFF has released three lofts  52/64/70 each can be adjusted up to 1* stronger or weaker and the basic premise is you play these closed down a bit and come into the ball square versus across the ball.  ONOFF wants players to realizing how it’s used looking beyond it’s loft  and not just consider this a normal wedge at 70*.

The 64* and 70* feature a  twin cut sole that has variable bounce angles and out near the toe the 70* plays to 24* bounce,  toward the heel it’s 12* but center where bounce is usually measured it’s 14*  This is something most players don’t take into account when figuring out bounce,  that manufactures tend to measure center while a wedge can play totally different from the heel and toe.  Ready for more?  Follow the Jump Please…

64 and 70 degree wedges

These wedges are cast,  finished in satin and mirror,  why make a 52* along with a 64 and 70?  for the chip and run shot and these wedges are designed to promote better contact and less topping or thin shots around the green.

labo spec by onoff golf clubs

The photo above shows the club hovering but when it’s placed on the ground it naturally rocks a little closed,  you can play the 70* slightly open for 70* loft or open it up further for even more,  I’ve tried this and the face just slides right under the ball which would make it great for a short shot from atop a hill going down to a fast green.


The 64* is similar as well,  pretty much plays to a 58-60* closed down or a full 64* slightly open,  the sole design of the 64* starts at the bounce at the  toe with 23* then moving toward the heel 13* and 11*.



The 52* has a different sole grind that the Labo Dept calls Wave Sole yet it’s designed to serve the same purpose providing better turf interaction,  allowing the leading edge to sit low near the ground and provide interaction that increases your chances of a better approach shot.  TourSpecGolf has these listed in our Online Store and these are shipping well at the moment but keep in mind like all Labo Clubs they are Limited Editions and will be gone as soon as stock runs out.  Click Here to Purchase!


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