RomaRo Tour Stream Wedges – Forgiveness for the Better Player

RomaRo Tour Stream Wedges

The word “Tour” in this case signifies that this is the RomaRo Alcobaca wedges most compact with less offset model and compared to other compact players wedges it’s still slightly oversized.  I’ve always suggested the Alcobaca to players who request a higher MOI very forgiving wedge and I’d suggest disregarding the word tour and consider this much of the same a high spin forgiving wedge that is good really for all levels,  for the high handicap who wants a wedge to grow into or the low handicap who doesn’t mind looking and hitting something a bit larger.

RomaRo threw the kitchen sink at this one with a ton of good attributes,  I will explain this with more pics after the jump….

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Honma TW-W FORGED ** CuStoM BLaCk NiCKeL **

Honma TW-W

You are looking at Sakata Factory Custom Black Nickel Honma TW-W Forged Wedges!  Hideto Tanihara had a hand in working togeher with Honma in the development and testing of these wedges.  Geared to the low handicap / pro player it’s designed for a lower trajectory with what he calls “incredible spin”,  he plays both the AW & SW on the JPGA tour with Vizard IB-95W Shafts which are also unique in that Tanihara-san wanted a shaft that would produce a more accurate lower launch result that still stopped on the greens quickly.

I have not hit the Black Nickel version but I do have a few rounds under my best with the standard finish model and they not only feel great but are top of the food chain when it comes to quality of fit, and finish we wouldn’t expect any less from Honma.  Follow the Jump for more feedback and photos….

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Honma W106 Wedge

Honma W106 Wedges

Honma’s W106 Wedge is a high MOI high spin wedge that is slightly oversized for more stability and forgiveness as a result.  They use two types of finishes,  one side to produce more spin called the “Spin Zone”  the sole is a double finished “Slide Zone” that goes smoothly through the turf.

It features a larger sweet spot and increased moment of inertia to reduce distance loss on bad shots making it a very good options for the average player.  We have a bunch more pics and some chit chat about the grind and what else this wedge features after the Jump…

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New Crazy Toyoshima 104W Wedges by TSG Club Works


Crazy Toyoshima 2016 Wedge –  Isn’t she lovely?  The standard finish is satin while this one is TSG Club Works modified. We receive the heads from Crazy then send it to a Japanese copper factory where they are dipped,  then several weeks later we get them back and soak them in a chemical agent to apply its outer most dark layer for a beautiful smooth finish that we have dubbed “Smoked Copper”

We have been perfecting our smoked copper finish,  this is the latest iteration it’s different from before as its smoother visually in its darker areas and applied more evenly.  Kaizen as they say,  always improving.   Enough about the mod job it recieved as these wedges are some of the best and those who know anything about Toyoshima-san’s wedges or have ever owned a Crazy Wedge can automatically assume these will play just as good if not better than previous versions.  Follow the Jump we have 2 more finishes to show you and photos from all angles…

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TSG Club Works | Titleist Cold Forged Vokey | Custom Finishes


The Cold Forged Vokey has been one of the most popular wedges sent to TSG Club Works for a refinish and in the above image you can see why, here we have a beautiful copper satin that at sunset or sunrise will glow almost orange.  Some of these finishes are not for the faint of heart let’s take for example copper mirror or satin each time the oil from your fingers touch this finish it leaves a fingerprint in a darker bronzy color that over a short period of time becomes a rusty patina immune to glare or glow as it once was.

Below is copper mirror and like the satin it wears easily,  you never lose the copper you simply gain the patina over it and it is an acquired taste,  Please follow the Jump to see more images of cold forged vokey refinishes including black oxide,  black boron and copper mirror + satin…


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Mizuno’s “ON FIRE” Yoro MP-R5L Series Wedge!


Yesterday we had the boat load of inquiries asking about those tricked out MP-5’s in the previous blog post,  today we want to follow up with another truly unique item from the team at Mizuno’s Yoro Craft department,  these guys deserve some praise and as I said yesterday Mizuno comes second to none in having a custom options department that no other brand comes close to touching.

 Introducing the Japan Only Mizuno MP-R5-L Wedge geared toward the player who comes into the ball steep,  there are two versions of the new R5 the W & L and the W is for the slider or golfer who’s impact comes into the ball more level,  as a steep swinger myself I had to get what I could hit best so the L it is.  Great pics after the Jump so please follow…

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Titleist Cold Forged Copper Wedges by TSG Club Works


TSG Club Works presents the 2015 Titleist Cold Forged Vokeys in Smoked Copper Finish – It’s trendy and many of our customers have been sending in a variety of wedges for our Japanese Hand Made Smoked Copper treatment for a couple of reasons,  the first is with copper the heads have a softer sticker feel at impact,  second is after several rounds you begin to see them transform into a beautiful patina finish which people seem to enjoy.

It’s a more rustic and crafty appearance for sure andworth noting is more than 70% of PGA Tour pro’s use wedges that will wear in a raw form,  or oxide style finish but smoked copper seems to not only trump those in feel but also in character after long term use.  More pics after the Jump….

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Introducing the 2016 SEVEN Wedge!


Introducing the 2016 model Seven Original Wedge – Only 6 months ago TSG launched our very own in house brand to the public.   The concept behind the company is to produce products made exclusively in Japan and utilizing the best crafters and factories Japan has to offer,  the “Original” wedges will always be a part of the SEVEN line up evolving into a wedge that we hope golfers believe as perfect in 4 key areas:  Grind/Shape,  Spin,  Feel,  and Versatility.

Comparing the new 2016 SEVEN “Original” Wedge to the previous version we have made quite a few changes follow the Jump to hear what those differences are…

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