Yonex – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

Yonex has always been a solid performing golf brand and a few years ago when they signed a 16 year old phenom named Ryo Ishikawa, many in the golf industry wondered what impact the singing would have on Yonex. Fast forward to 2012 and Ryo Ishikawa is certainly the face of Yonex Golf and while he has not had the same success overseas, he easily ranks among the most popular athletes in Japan.  Ishikawa’s singing has not only increased Yonex’s marketability and image but has allowed Yonex to pump more of its resources into developing a wider and better line of golf clubs. This of course has resulted in more sales.

While the Yonex booth at this year’s fair did feature many models carried over from last year, they did have an update EZone SD series of clubs and an all new Royal EZone premium line of clubs. The SD line is a rather moderb looking line of clubs aimed at average golfers who want distance and ease of use performance without breaking the bank.  On the other hand, their new Royal EZone line is a premium lineup made for slower swingers and average golfers ready to spend for the best in technology and design.

The above Royal Ezone driver is a multi piece carbon composite head which uses high intensity 8AL-1V Titanium and and a new HD-HM carbon crown.  It is ultra lightweight at 276g or less depending on flex and 46.25″ for maximizing distance. The Royal EZone line also features a carbon composite FW and high rally maraging steel irons, all with distance in mind.

When snapping pics of the main EZone line it amazed me how traditional looking the heads are at address. For those who have never seen the new Yonex clubs in person, the pear shape at address (especially of the FW) may surprise many. And this goes for their fairway woods and utilities as well. No big heads at address here. Take a look starting with the EZone 380 driver at address:

And then the EZone St FW at address:

And here is the EZone Utility:


Overall a very nice flow across all those heads. On the irons side, we saw models for all levels of players from the premium Royal EZone irons, to the average golfer EZone SD and forged EZone cavity bags for the better player and of course the forged Ryo Ishikawa blades.

Tourspecgolfer has also put together his usual video on the Yonex both which you can view right here!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the Yonex pictures in our gallery!

Mizuno – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

Admittedly Mizuno is probably one of the better know Japanese brands worldwide. With a strong involvement in all different kinds of sporting goods, Mizuno is well recognized for quality and performance. This year Mizuno Japan is working on a marketing campaign to even further stress the quality of Mizuno golf club manufacturing.   The campaign promotes Yoro Japan Crafted and features many of Mizuno’s Japan’s top craftsmen. Commercials, print ads, posters all feature the work of these Japanese artists who forge and grind Mizuno’s top models for the Japanese market.

This years Mizuno booth focused not only on the current club lineup but also the manufacturing process, Mizuno takes from raw steel to forging, to grinding to finishing. Besides displays showing the step by step process of making an iron at Mizuno, the booth at the show featured a mini workshop right in the middle with different Yoro craftsmen through out the day, grinding and finishing forged irons and wedges.

In the last 6-7 years the JPX line has been a staple in the average golfer and premium offerings in the Japanese market. As of last year, the JPX brand became global, sharing many models with Japan. Mizuno did however, still save a few models just for the Japanese market and this year is no different with the average golfer model JPX AD line launching in Japan.

The new JPX AD line includes a new JPX AD driver which complements the JPX800 and Japan model JPX800S, as the high MOI, lightweight distance model for the average golfer and senior player. Two new irons will also be released the JPX800 AD  which is a higher handicapper distance model and the JPX800 AD Forged you see above which is for the average golfer and better player wanting a forgiving soft forged iron.

There was also an all new MP Craft driver for the better player. This is Japan’s forged Mizuno driver, with a compact pear shaped head and its called The Craft 611 this time around.  It features a varaible thickness webbed crown matched with a variable thickness ribbed face forged from ELF Titanium (which means we probably know who forges this one and its not Yoro Japan Crafted).  The 425cc driver is very popular among athlete golfers and single digit players to pros looking for feel, stability and control.

But lets not kid ourselves, the real highlight every year at Mizuno is what new shoes they will have!

A couple of new light style shoes, a new stability shoe as well as an all new all leather pro model MP shoe means we all need new shoes for 2012!

Make sure you check out the gallery in the forum where you can see more Mizuno clubs from the show as well as pictures of their manufacturing process!

Callaway – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

Callaway always has one of the biggest booths at the Japan Golf Fair and this year was no exception. In past years there was a huge emphasis on the Japan only Legacy line but this year focus was instead placed on the new RAZR Fit series which took up most of the booth. Callaway however was not without its Japan only models as the Legacy Black line and domestic market Odyssey putters were also on showcase. 

Among the most popular selling putters in Japan year in and out have always been the iX branded Japan only putters featuring a black PVD finish and firmer Japan tour prototype insert. Along with the new ProType Tour Series, Limited Edition models and Flip Face putters, Odyssey Japan will also release the Flip Face iX and ProType Forged iX Milled putters in Japan.

The black PVD Flip Face iX will feature two inserts, a white insert and a black insert, chosen depending on the green speeds and desired feel. The white insert is for faster greens  and a soft feel at impact. For slower greens and a more firm feel at impact the black insert should be used . Using the current White Ice insert as a guideline, the white insert is softer and the black insert is firmer.  The Flip Face iX will bve available in #1 #5 and #9 shapes.

The new top of the line iX model will now be the black PVD ProType Forged iX Milled putter. This Japan only model will feature a brand new white hot insert and removeable weights. Each putter comes with a weight kit with 2 x 10g, 2 x 15g and 2 x 20g weights allowing a player to adjust headweight from 340 to 360g depending on the type of greens he or she is playing on. There will be 6 models, #1, #4HT (high toe),  #5, #5CS, #9 and #9HT (high toe).

Besides the putters, Callaway also showed off their new Legacy Black irons and their Legacy Black woods.

For more pictures of Callaway clubs at the Japan Golf fair please be sure to check out our gallery!

Fourteen – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

Fourteen is one of the smaller brands in Japan that garners respect as much as the big brands like Tourstage, Mizuno, Titleist and others.  They are well know for excelling in designing and producing high performance clubs that also look and feel fantastic. For the past decade, Fourteen has especially been popular with pros and top amateurs in Japan when it comes to wedges, battling it out for top spot along with Titleist Vokeys. Their MT-28 Series has been a best selling wedge in all its genrations and with the release of their new RM-11 wedge last fall, they look to continue that trend.

The bit news however at the Golf Fair for Fourteen was not about any clubs but rather the signing of PGA pro Ryuji Imada who will now sport Fourteen clubs as he plys his trade on the PGA Tour (joining  Arjun Atwal and Chad Collins). Ryuji’s specially made 3 wedge set was on display at the show featuring a 48* and 53* in the new RM-11 Forged as well as a specially made 61* from the previous MT-28 V5 T.S. model.

The RM-11 Forged is one of the cleanest and nicest looking wedges around with its tapered blade and and uncluttered back face.  The versatile grind of the Fourteens are always a big draw for golfers of all levels. Along with the RM-11 released late last year, Fourteen showed off its new MT28 J.Spec V4.  Those of you who know Fourteen and its JDM releases will know that the Forged J.Spec is designed for the Japanese market, with a rounder head and leading edge as well as a wider sole with more offset. It has always been the automatic wedge in Fourteen’s lineup and is very popular with the average golfer and this year it feartures a new reverse taper design and new trapezoid style score line that increases area by 15% resulting in more spin. Spin is further enhanced by having the face mirror milled to ensure perfect flatness and more bite due to increased contact with the ball. Good news for lefties is that Fourteen will be offering the J.Spec left handed this year as well!


One surprise at the show was the introduction of a new speciality sand wedge, the D-030. As I walked by it I took a second take as the design looked very much inspired by Yururi’s Fried Egg wedge release a few years ago. The D-030 with its wide sole, increased offset and spatula like design, is designed to open up easily and flip the ball right out of the sand by easily entering and exiting bunkers with minimal effort.

Besides all the great wedges, Fourteen also showed off their new forged irons including the TC-930 and TC-530 which join the T-710. The TC-930 is a smaller cavity made for the better player while the TC-530 is mid sized and aimed at the mid capper to average golfer wanting ease of use and foriveness. Both show off Fourteen’s usual clean design and handsome looks and we will soon get to test their performance to match their looks.

All in all, Fourteen had a very nice showing at the Japan Golf Fair. They are very much unappreciated outside of Japan but are a very well rounded brand, with great woods, irons and wedges.  Look for more Fourteen reviews soon on the blog and in the meantime check out the Fourteen Gallery in the forum!

TourStage 2012 Japan Golf Fair Video

Here’s a short video featuring the latest TourStage products as seen at the 2012 Japan Golf Fair.  Most notably the newly redesigned X-Drive 707, X-Blade 707 along with the new GR Series. They had a great layout this year with the TourStage Pro Support Van smack in the middle.

Taylormade Japan 2012 Japan Golf Fair Video

See the all new Gloire Forged Driver by Taylormade! This year at the 2012 Japan Golf Fair we were able to review and hit the Taylormade RBZ, R11S & R11J as well as the complete Gloire Line Up!

Cleveland Golf – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

When Sri Sports bought Cleveland Golf a few years ago, many were curious how Sri would fit Cleveland under  their golf umbrella which already housed top Japan market brands Srixon and XXIO.  It slowly became apparent that Sri wanted a premier wedge in their lineup as the wedge has never been a big seller or performer for either Srixon or XXIO.  Srixon/XXIO converted over pretty much all of their top Japanese pros to Cleveland wedges and released Japan market specific forged models. 

This year at the Japan Golf Fair, I almost could not find Cleveland clubs. The Sri Sports booth which is usually huge and houses Srixon, XXIO and Cleveland was still quite large but almost 80% of the booth was dedicated to the new XXIO lineup.  I went to the back of the booth which was facing a wall and suddenly noticed a small rack of Cleveland wedges and a small corner with Never Compromise putters. I have to admit I was surprised. No Cleveland woods or irons, just the new CG17 in black pearl, chrome and the Japan only CG17 Forged.

There are two major changes for the new CG17, the first is how their laser milled face is done. The width of the milling is now 1.5 times larger than the previous CG16 and the design has gone from straight lines to a wavy style milling to create more bite. I tried to take a close up picture in poor lighting to show the milling and surprisingly the picture turned out pretty well. As always Cleveland contiues to use their zip grooves.  The second major change is Cleveland decided to bring back the original shape of its ever popular Tour Action 588 wedge for the CG17, slightly higher heel, smallish straight neck and forgiving sole with heel relief all make the CG17 very easy to open up.

As I mentioned Never Compromise also had a little corner with its new Sub30 line of putters which are released overseas. They featured a new Type 50 Mallet with a 350g head that I had not seen before. Otherwise it was the same Type 10 20 30 and 40 that you can find overseas. I was hoping that Cleveland would release some Japan only drivers as they did in the past or a Japan only forged iron but for now it seems we’ll only see the CG17 Forged as the single JDM model.

Taylormade – Japan Golf Fair 2012 Report

Our first brand recap from this years Japan Golf Fair is the every popular Taylormade. The last couple of shows has seen an all white booth, with all white lights, staff members dressed in white and all white clubs. Some may say its almost like being in a hospital but one thing is for sure, the way Taylormade can market and produce clubs, is in some ways like the medical precision of a top surgeon. They know how to create an image as well as release clubs everyone wants and are interested in. The Golf Show was no different as whenever TM was ready to make a presentation event, spectators as well as press/media would gather at the TM booth like no other.

The great thing about Taylormade Japan is they know how to attract the paying golfer in Japan and that is by releasing a lot of options for golfers to choose from. Not only does Japan get all the TM models the rest of the world does, every year they also get Japan only Taylormade clubs. So for those from outside of Japan, I can say the usual suspects were at the show including the new R11S and Rocket Ballz lineup, and the new Ghost Tour Putters and ATV stainless steel wedge. So what does Japan get so far this year that the rest of the world doesn’t?

The new ATV wedge is marketed in Japan by Taylormade under two models, a stainless steel head model, and for Japan only, a forged head model.  Both models share the same design and All Terrain Vesatility sole. They share the same specs, same micro milled face, as well as pretty much the same graphics. The differences are, the Japan model is forged from soft carbon steel and finished in a dark Smoke IP (Ion Plated) Finish vs the cast stainless steel ATV model in a tour Satin finish. The Japanese have an obsession with forged clubs and Taylormade always seems to oblige (though we are still waiting for word on Japan only forged irons). We’ll have both ATV wedges for side by side testing but there probably is no doubt the carbon steel model will feel softer.  Our pro Tatsuro told me he preferred the look of the Smoked IP carbon steel model as its dark finish creates contrast and frames a white golf ball very well.

Taylormade seems to love giving Japan exclusive and limited edition putters like the Itsy Bitsy Ghost Limited. This year while Japan gets the new stainless steel Pure Roll insert Ghost Tour putters like the rest of the world, it also gets a new forged and milled premium S20C carbon steel Tour Preferred Ghost model which is designed to produce the ultimate in roll and feel. There will be 4 shapes which also utilize interchangeable weights like the Ghost Tour. The Daytona-12, Maranello-81, Fontana-12,  and Monte Carlo-72 all featuring the new FM face. The model above is the Fontana-12 and in the top banner for this post you can see the back cavity of the TP Ghost putters.

Taylormade Japan in the past has always tweaked its flagship driver into a more forgiving easy to use model for the average golfer in Japan.  Like the R9 Max and R9 Supermax which were Japan only models, TM will also release an all new R11J model which like the R11S, is a 460cc head but with ease of use and a focus on distance and forgiveness. It provides the Japanese golfer who wants to tweak and tune with the Adjustable Sole Plate as well as Flight Control Technology but in a simpler to use and swing package. The ASP sticks with a triple adjustment versus the 5 way adjustment in the R11S to keep it simpler. A higher MOI as well as lighter overall club weight also point towards more ase of use. The bulge and roll of the R11J are increased to create more gear action to help average golfers recover from off center hits by still going as straight as possible.  An overall friendlier setup with higher trajectory for max carry.

The Japanese seem to always crave titanium fairway woods and will not hesitate to pay the additional costs associated with producing  a Ti FW. Taylormade knows this and always seems to oblige with various Ti model fairway woods over the last decade. Titanium produces a hotter driver like feel and is preferred by many average golfers in Japan who want more distance and ease of use. The R11 Ti FW, which will be released along with the R11J, is the larger head fairway wood, light weight and hot titanium face and body that Japanese golfers embrace. Besides the softer feeling impact the R11 Ti FW is 16g lighter than the typical R11 FW.  The 3 wood is also 20cc larger than the standard R11 FW. All in all, these features mean better feel and more distance and forgivness for the average golfer.

Finally there was the new GLOIRE lineup. As those who know french Gloire means Glory and while Taylormade Japan has named the lineup using the French name Gloire, they do in fact pronounce it gu ro re. The Gloire line is Taylormade’s new premium lineup which in a way takes it a level up from its previous XR Japan only line. Appealing to golfers who want premium design, materials and performance, Gloire clubs are also made for ease of use and big distance. The big draw of the new Gloire line up is its new Forged alpha beta Titanium driver.  The Gloire forged driver is designed for not only premium feel but big carry and big distance thanks to a 46.5″ club length, ultra light club weight (280-292g depending on flex). It of course has FCT, as well as a weighted tuning port which controls trajectory by altering the CG. The Gloire and its tuned inverted cone technology face creates a sweet spot 20% larger than the previous generation ICT face.

The Gloire lineup also includes an all titanium fairway wood with an even larger head than the R11 Ti FW. The Gloire 3W sports a huge 195cc head and again is designed to be ultra lightweight with maximum distance in mind. Even at 195cc, the face is actually on the deeper side making it excel both of the deck as well as the tee. Because of this, it doesn’t look overly huge at address (see below in the link to  pictures in our Taylormade Japan Golf Fair gallery for examples).  Even the 24* 9W is a whopping 175cc which is in fact the same size as the R11 Ti FW 3 wood.   The Gloire FW features very low CG thanks to two large tungsten weights which makes it very easy to get the ball in the air for big carry and distance.  However the weighting is kept forward in the head to keep spin under control for just the right balance of carry and run.

As many of you who read the blog know, maraging steel has been gaining popularity in high performance golf clubs over the last decade. Soft forged like feel, hot Titanium like performance but lower cost make it very attractive for manufacturers to use in their irons which a lot more material is needed. The new Gloire irons do indeed feature a thin maraging steel face matched with a soft 450 stainless body.  Tungsten in the sole creates a very low center of gravity, increasing MOI and ease of use and forgivness. The Gloire iron is again made for easy launch and big distance.  The ribbed maraging face produces soft feel but high ball speeds and a huge sweet area thanks to a pocket type cavity. With its light 50g range graphite shaft we’re talking ultra light weight for irons and very easy to swing and lots of confidence with its larger head and offset to help square the ball.

There were also new Gloire golf balls, a Gloire utility iron (which I somehow missed taking pictures off!) and a women’s Gloire lineup as well.  Overall some pretty nice clubs especially for the average golfer wanting more distance and more forgiveness. For the better golfer interested in JDM gear, they have the TP Ghost as well as the ATV Forged wedge but as I said above we are still crossing our fingers for an R11 and R11 TP forged…. Most of the new products begin launching late March and early April so look for the pre orders in the pro shop to reserve!

I’ve uploaded over 120+ pictures of all the new Taylormade Japan clubs from the golf fair so please visit our gallery to check them out!

Tourspecgolf 2011 Best Clubs Part 3

We’re already into the second month of 2012 and I haven’t finished the recap yet for 2011’s best clubs at TSG. I’ve been swamped with the new site launch and getting ready for the Japan Golf Fair as well as helping many golfers get their 2012 bags in order.  As I had mentioned in part 1, Tourspecgolf probably sells the widest range of equipment of any store and that goes for even top Japanese based local outfits.  With many top end premium boutique brands, to famous mainstream brands to smaller budget brands, there is something for every playing level and budget.  Many demanding golf enthusiasts shop here and what they buy is very reflective of what is not only the most popular but also what is top performing. We should always keep in mind though,  not every club is for every golfer.  We are all different in swing styles and handicaps and finding the right fit doesn’t always mean simply buying what is most popular. Its about finding the right fit for each individual. Today I’ll look at what were (and still are) the most popular clubs of the last 14 months or so here at TSG.

There are so many great wedges to choose from coming out of Japan. This is both a good and bad thing, good because we all love to have choice and bad because we can’t make up our minds which wedge to get! One thing is for sure is that the forged wedges rule the roost here and is one of the reasons why many customers around the world turn to TSG for the ultimate in soft feel and awesome spin.  The only cast wedge to ever make make a dent in yearly wedge rankings has been the Vokey TVD and its past 3 iterations. Otherwise, you can pretty much count on every popular wedge being forged. Some of the best selling and most popular wedges this year include the Royal Collection DB Forged, forged at Endo from S20C and with very versatile performance and wonderful feel, the Fourteen MT-28 V5 Forged, with its taper blade and beautiful no frills shape at address as well as great spin, Yururi’s Forged Tour Wedge which excels in tight lies and provides amazing spin control. However 2 wedges pretty much dominated the top and continue to do so even into 2012.

Yururi Gekku Raw Forged Wedge

The premium forged Gekku Raw wedge has long been a popular seller even before 2011. This year it seemed to make a big comeback as people seemed to come to appreciate its one of a kind look much more.  Compared to other wedges it can be purchased as heads only, and is the lowest priced of all Yururi wedges which all play a factor in its popularity. 2011 also saw many golfers going out of their way to find non conforming sharp grooves which all play into the hand of the Gekku Raw. The Gekku Raw is the oldest wedge model in the current Yururi lineup but as a classic it still exudes superb looks, quality and performance. What makes it stand out from many mass produced wedges these days is it’s grainy black appearance and the fact that every Gekku head is grinded and finished individually by hand. One would think a raw unplated wedge that is not buffed smooth would look like a rough stone, but on the contrary the Gekku has always looked like a work of art. By looking at the wedge you can tell the grinder’s skill. Yururi has told me as well sometimes they can tell which of their grinders did which head due to signature style of grinding for each grinder meaning each Gekku Raw wedge is truly unique in small ways.

I’m pretty much copying what I wrote about the Gekku back in the summer when I already began noticing its revival, there is no need to re-write what has already been said. A great feeling wedge is not only about what type of steel it uses and how it was produced ie cast of forged. The design of the head plays a huge part into how a wedge ends up feeling. The grind of a wedge can dictate what kind of impact you get though various conditions. Yururi attention to the Gekku’s grinding is very obvious and can be seen all around the head. Leading edge and trailing edge relief allow for easy entry and exit from the turf, heel relief allows a player to open up the wedge and still keep the face aimed at the target and careful grinding of the neck make it flow seamlessly into the wedges top line. Many of these aspects allow a player to create wonderful feel and spin and reap the benefits of this soft forged head. Finally another reason why the Gekky Raw is so popular is its wide variety of lofts. In this day and age with so many different iron and wedge setups available, I can’t understand why so many brands will limit themselves by releasing a wedge with 2 lofts options. People ant variety and the Gekku gives it with  41* 45* 49* 53* 57* and 61* heads AND 49* 53* 57* and 61* as LEFT Handed models! This is why the Gekku Raw outold pretty much every wedge in 2011 until…

Titleist Japan Vokey Forged

Let’s face it, when many of us think about wedges the name Vokey pops up. There are many Titleist fans around the world and top pros (even under contract with other brands) who swear by their Vokeys. So when Titleist Japan announced a Vokey Forged wedge for the Japanese market late last fall… all hell broke loose… literally.   The Endo forged S20C wedge was a hit long before it was even released with tons of pre orders not only through TSG from global customers but all throughout Japan from many who live and die by their Vokey wedges. At launch towards the end of October, only a handful of customers were lucky enough to get  in on the first batch before Titleist ran out of clubs. In the following months we have had many many orders, more than any other wedge by far, but unfortunately with customers waiting for quite a long time while Titleist caught up to demand (at this point the wait is still 4-8 weeks for standard spec and custom orders).

So does the Vokey Forged live up to its demand? It seems so as feedback I get from customers as well as testing I have done (review here) say this is one versatile wedge with very good feel and very good spin. Lofts ranging from 46* to 62* in 2* increments are available making for very versatile wedge combinations in everyone’s bag. Bounce ranges from 8-10* on all the wedges meaning, its not really a low bounce wedge nor is it a high bounce wedge.  The design of the Vokey’s grind and sole make it versatile so with its medium bounce numbers it can actually perform well in a variety of conditions and with different swing types. The new Vokey Forged features a combination R and M Grind (on the 54 56 58 60 and 62*) with a pre worn leading edge. The M grind results in trailing edge relief as well as heel relief allowing for more control type shots and deft touch around the greens when opening up the face of the wedge. The leading and trailing edge also produce clean entry and exit through a variety of turf conditions and in fact create a thinner sole area for usage in tighter lies. The 46 48 50 and 52* also feature a pre worn leading edge but the sole is flatter and in turn a bit wider to allow for full shots and less digging. Unlike the non conforming grooves of the Yururi, the Vokey Forged Wedges do possess  USGA Conforming grooves with 17 double pressed score lines more tightly bunched together for more spin. A spin milled face adds more bite and spin control across the entire face and helps keep spin up even on partial swings. Its undoubtedly one good looking wedge with versatile performance to boot. 

So the Yururi Gekku Raw pretty much dominated most of the year until Halloween came around and the Vokey Forged pretty much blew all other wedges out of the sand to dominate demand even up to today (and who knows for how much longer – though there seems to be no slow down and people seem willing to wait for their orders).  The truth is there are many amazing wedges out there and key points people look for when they come to TSG is soft forged feel, great spin and most of all versatility.  Versatility is a major purchasing factor especially for the average golfer or recreational player which most of us all. We can’t always make the same swing, we can’t always land in the same place, we end up in all kinds of lies and our game is nowhere near perfect. A versatile wedge can be a life saver.  We have been very lucky that there are many amazing forged wedges coming out of Japan that are very versatile and this year will be no different as we look forward to new releases at the Golf Fair. Look for a nice forged versatile wedge that fits your swing and playing level and you will go a long way towards bringing down your score. As always we’re here to help if you need recommendations!

Introducing the new Miura Giken WMF-06 Forged Wedge!

Miura Giken Japan has introduced their all new WMF-06 Forged wedge for the 2012 season (introduced late 2011). The WMF-06 is aimed at the better player wanting top notch spin control along with the purest feel in a verasatile wedge. Like all Miura Giken irons and wedges, the new WMF-06 is W.D.D. (Weight, Dimension, Density) Accurate Forged from premium JIS S25C.  This forging technique perfected by Miura creates a perfectly balanced shaped head with consistent density in the quality of steel and with perfect weight.

When I first received the WMF-06, the first thing that stood out was of course its grind and sole design. The WMF-06 features a two step or two stage grind which creates a versatile multi level sole. The purpose of this was to eliminate unecessary parts of the sole creating toe and heel relief as well as a unique type of trailing edge relief.  While the sole features a lot of relief, because there is less sole making contact with the ground it actually excels in tight lies as well. The unique cut away center area of the trailing side of the sole serves a couple of purposes, one is to create more pure approach shots by reducing friction through the turf and secondly to provide maximum control and accuracy out of the bunker by channeling the sand through that cut away and keeping the head on line straight at the target.

The WMF-06 is a tear drop shaped wedge with a taller toe allowing for better players to work the face and create maximum spin control.  The leading edge is slightly rounded to prevent digging and the bounce is actually on the high side at 9* for the AW (53) and a whopping 15* of bounce for the SW (58*). These bounce numbers can be a bit misleading as with the multi level sole, it is the point of he sole where there is the highest bounce.  However when opened up bounce is reduced dramatically due to the two stage grind and cutaway which plays an even bigger part when the face is opened up.

The Miura WMF-06 features very little if any offset at all which will please the better player. It sets up nicely at address framing the ball well with subtle nickel satin finish. The finish of the WMF-06 is a big part of Miura’s new design for his wedge as well. It features a new Cu-Ni dual plating toe enhance feel and bite of the wedge. With conforming grooves, Miura decided to underlay a first plate of copper finish to enhance feel and bite of the wedge. They then used a thin plating of Nickel to protect the wedge.  This produces a very soft feel taking Miura impact even a step further.

This is certainly a very unique looking wedge and its design is one that I have to test out so I’ve decided to bag this wedge as my SW for a while and see how it goes.  I am no pro so spin is not my strong factor, so when I choose a wedge its very important to me that it feels great and while it looks compact and has a straight neck, still can produce good spin PLUS good forgivness.  So far on looks and design alone, the Miura WMF-06 will very well fit  those characteristics.  More testing soon but it the meantime, look for the WMF-06 in the pro shop available as 53* and 58* heads only or contact us to get a custom shaft and grip built to your specs!

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