N.S Pro Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Shafts


NS Pro has just unveiled it’s latest release the Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Shaft!  Bang that’s a mouthful,  Modus3 Tour 125 for short sounds better.   It features new technology made in Japan which we will go over but also Nippon Steel Co.  is touting the tight tolerance and Japan level quality control.

(MHT) = Multi Heat Treatment,  by controlling the strong heat levels in certain areas they are able to control the hardness of the steel where it’s needed.  This is a very big deal when it comes to making steel shafts,  It’s similar to what carbon can do by adding or changing layers of carbon to different parts of the shaft to increase stiffness.

Variable shaft thickness was always a technique of NSPRO,  they have the sophisticated technology to control the thickness of all areas of the shaft at a micro level allowing for design freedom which allows them to provide the proper amount of spin and launch for different players.  Nippon Shaft Modus3 System3 Tour 125 Link


Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts


Seven Dreamers  is a new shaft company launched early 2014,  while new the company has a long standing history in composites dating back for over half a century.  In 1955 Minamoto Takeishi Watanabe came across a material that left him intrigued with all it’s possibilities,  he decided to single handedly study composites and after 2 years of research in 1957 established his very first composite molding plant in Shibuya, Tokyo and thus began the company Super Resin Inc.  Click Read More to Continue…

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Muziik Golf Expands Line Up

Muzik Golf Irons

This year at the 2014 Japan Golf Fair Hiroshi Yoshimoto-san creator and president of Muziik golf proudly shared with us some of his latest offerings.  TourSpecGolf has been the International Muziik dealer for several years now with a powerful yet small line up including the Muziik BanVoo 787  Speeder by Fujikura which still to this day is the highest quality carbon Fujikura shaft has made available to the public.  Muziik is also very popular for their iron, wood, and especially putter grips.  My favorite grip has always been the argyle series.


The two images above highlight Muziik’s new Forged irons. It’s name is the “On the Screw” Forged CB & MB and it employs an S20C soft carbon Japanese steel material.  

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The Phoenix Returns! Bassara P-Series by Mitsubishi Rayon


This spring Mitsubishi Rayon is releasing the successor to it’s popular Bassara series shafts.  It’s the P-Series and is designed for pretty much the same player as the previous version except with some technology improvements and specification adjustments.  First off let me just say this thing is attractive,  metallic looking ion plating always gets me and on top of this vivid colored orange reminiscent of the Phoenix bird of fire it’s got my attention.


So what’s new here?  First of all it’s been 3 years since the original G & W series Bassara shafts were released,  originally designed for big distance while maintaining stability they went with a lighter weight and more kick while preventing shaft deformation.  The new P-Series takes things a step further most notably with a new technology called “Elastic Titanium Fiber” in a nut shell it further prevents shaft deformation by properly recovering the shaft to it’s original shape.  Mitsubishi claims that the new Bassara P-Series compared to other lightweight shafts energy transfer is stronger and ball velocity is up 0.4 meters per second with an increase of about 4yds total on a drive based on swing robot testing using a 42 ms swing speed setting.


Comparing Specs between the old version and the new a few pleasant yet subtle adjustments have been made,  not only is this shaft tighter but it’s also a little heavier with less torque.  This makes it a viable option for players who are more athletic seeking more distance through a lighter shaft.  For example the the “Tour Stiff” P53 comes in at 59 grams with 4.3 torque.


Introducing TRPX – XXX


Earlier this year Masakazu Abe also known as ABEX in Japan the lead shaft designer at Crazy left the company along with several top craftsmen. It has always been Abe-san’s dream to form his own shaft company so he began Triple X which goes by TRPX a high performance shaft company that uses only high modulus carbon. I first dropped by their head office in Shinjuku back in July to find out the scoop behind the company and it’s products. Abe-san was originally the one who Tourspecgolfer dealt with when we started dealing with Crazy a few years ago, so he was more than happy to talk about the possibility of working with TSG again.

The key behind TRPX is quality and design. Every shaft is of course designed by ABEX and made of high modulus carbon using a new design ABEX dubs HPI or high power impact (more on this later). TRPX is small so the focus is on lesser quantities with higher quality. The Factory consists of 4 craftsmen… thats right 4 people. One person doing each job in the creation of a shaft. One managing carbon prepreg, one doing hand rolling of the shafts, one doing a thorough quality control and spec check and one doing painting of the shaft.


Over the course of the summer I have met with the TRPX staff on numerous occasions both at their head office and factory to watch the shafts being made and tested as well as for some photography opportunities. It’s rare with most large golf companies in Japan to get to know the staff but with TRPX being so small, we thought it would be a good idea to put some faces to the people  behind Japan’s newest high performance shaft company. They were all very cooperative in letting me take their photos so keep reading to learn more about TRPX and their shafts and driver!

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Fujikura Speeder Series Makes its Return! 757, 661, 569, 474

New Fujikura Speeder Shafts

We posted pictures of the Concept Model Speeders back in February from the Tokyo Golf Fair,  It’s been months but finally more info has come to light around these and it appears at least Fujikura in Japan will be releasing these to the public.  Fujikura started off as a hardcore aftermarket shaft brand but then got caught up in the OEM game aka the money game and since then has taken a step back from producing the aftermarket shafts we know they can make.  In this post I’m going to go over all new Speeder models including the 474, 569, 661, & 757 shafts.  Click on to Read more…

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Geotech New GT U-0379 and GT ISOFIT shafts!


Back in February we got the chance to get a sneak peak at Geotech’s all new revised GT lineup. The GT line is Geotech’s bread and butter and represents the best in performance and design and technology, all without breaking the bank. We’ve watched the GT line evolve over the years and with Geotech’s metal wood manufacturing experience, get better with every new release. I had already been a firm believer of the GT line having bagged the GT N SWS FW and Utility in my bag last year. I was very excited to see the all new black GT lineup at the show and could not wait to get my hands on the clubs for some first hand testing.


I typically do not hit a 5 iron in my bag (play strong lofts) so I was looking for something to fill that slot.  I immediately thought of the new GT U-0379 so I contacted Geotech and ordered a 24* assembled for me right at the Geotech shop (while Geotech are components, any custom assembled clubs are built for the customer directly at Geotech).  The U-0379 is a good looking club, and available in 4 lofts, 17 19 21 and 24* lofts. One thing that got my attention was the heavier heads of the GT utility. By going with heavier heads, it allows for each build to have a shorter club length. We see many utilities today over 40.00″ in length and longer but with the heavy heads, the GT models come out a 1.00 to 1.50″ shorter.  Depending on shaft, this can also result in a heavier overall club build. There are a few reasons that this is good. The shorter length club results in more accurate ball striking and more consistency. This results in a good balanced between both distance and direction control/stability.  My GT utility was built using the new GT/Fujikura collaboration ISOFIT shaft (71 grams but more on this later) and came out at 360g and D2 swing weight at 38.25″.  Compared with other 24* type utilities on the Japanese market we are looking at about 1.00″ or more shorter plus 15-25g heavier.   I can get too quick with the swing sometimes especially with a lighter club resulting in either pulls or hooks and topping shots (hitting them thin). I was very happy with this as the extra weight can help control my tempo and help me hit the sweet spot more often.

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Roddio Golf Shaft Co. Evolves into Complete Equipment Brand

Remember Roddio?  The promising shaft co owned by Globeride formerly known as Daiwa,  well it’s split from ONOFF and is now doing it’s own thing.  It’s a subsidiary of Globeride just not in the ONOFF stable any longer.  I used to love their shafts to pieces,  I remember them as being very finicky to install for example the head weight + desired CPM would determine how many millimeters you must tip the shaft and yes even in drivers. When installed properly the results were fantastic but when installed the same way most shafts would be ( straight in no tipping for a driver )  The results were a high spin, high launch, whippy mess.

Some good news?  well Roddio’s are now designed to be installed like every other shaft on the market.  Even better news is they are coming back from Limbo and this time making some very interesting woods & pretty cool irons.   Check it out…

There are two model types of the same design,  one is produced by Miura while the other one Chiba-san  from the old school company Zodia.    Both have the same design but it’s the way the design is executed that’s pretty interesting.  The Miura version is much smoother and more rounded while Chiba-san’s is very grainy sort of like the raw look the yururi flatback features.  I really don’t know who actually forged these or if they are made from Spin Welded Hosels ( I hope not ) but it’s still a cool concept to be able to compare two renditions of the same design.  I think Miura wins over the Zodia but you be the judge…

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Nippon Shaft Limited Blue Edition Modus3 and Regio Formula Package!

We’ve got our hands on a few of the limited edition BLUE Promo Packages from Nippon shaft.

The set includes one 80t NS Pro Regio Formula Driver shaft and a set of BLUE to match Modus3 Iron shafts 4-PW (7 Pieces).

This limited combo is usually 699.00 but we are offering the special set for 549.00 + shipping!

The Modus3 irons 4-PW can be chosen in R, S, X or TX flex.

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