Honma TW727 455S 4-Star Driver

TW727 455S 4 Star

Here’s something new & special that we don’t see very often,  A Honma 4-Star Upgrade but on the new Tour Wold 727 Series club.    Many have heard of  Honma star rated clubs and shafts but the majority still doesn’t quite understand how the program works or how it’s better than the standard versions so I figured it’s time to explain this and there is no better way than to test it myself on range and course.

Honma 4 Star Shaft

So what makes the 5 Star better than the 4 or the 3 better than the 2?  Follow the Jump to learn why Honma offers these pricey upgrades and what they do to better performance for the player…

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Basileus 2015 AAA Shaft Almost Sold Out!

Basileus Triphas AAA 2015

The Basileus 2015 AAA Limited 500 Shaft is coming in March but with only 500 shafts made they are nearly all pre reserved  with some specifications already sold out.  Basileus is owned by the company called Triphas (Tri-Fuss) and each year they release a uber high end model using the absolute best materials from their suppliers with a design they sets the bar higher in shaft making.

2015 Basileus AAA Shaft

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Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI

Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft FRANKI

Mitsubishi OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI – Last year TSG visited Mitsubishi Japan at the Tokyo Golf Fair and saw several prototypes labelled FRANKI they were extremely light weight as in less than 25 grams!!!  Just this week Mitsubishi Japan is showing off it’s official creation the OT Iron Shaft by FRANKI.

Who is Franki?  I have no clue but this shaft has peaked our interest as it is a major departure in how carbon shafts are made.  Mitsubishi’s goal was to create an affordable and highly capable iron shaft that has the soft feel of carbon yet the tight trajectory and stability of a steel shaft.  Follow the jump below this image to read on and see it’s specs…


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NS Pro Zelos 8 Shaft

NSPro Zelos 8 Shaft

The new NS Pro Zelos 8 shaft was just announced,  The zelos 7 was much needed in the NS Pro line up as their lightest shaft the NS750 Wrap tech was known to have a very thin, hollow, and tin like sound that many disliked.  The Zelos line is designed to bring a higher launch with a smooth almost carbon like feel yet maintaining accuracy of a light weight steel shaft.

The new ZELOs 8 is stiffer in all areas from tip / mid section / butt end than the Zelos 7 and compared to the NS750 it has a stiffer tip,  softer mid section and they are both equal in butt stiffness.  Available in R and S flex and now listed in the TSG Pro Shop.

Follow the Jump to See the Specs…

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Reinventing Crazy Shaft – Single B the 2nd Chapter


The last five years have seem some extreme ups and downs for the ever popular Crazy Shaft brand. Since introducing Crazy to the global market, TSG and golf enthusiasts have witnessed their spectacular climb to success in just a few years. We’ve also witnessed their quite unspectacular decline due to mismanagement and some poor decision making by their original owner. There is no doubt Crazy has made some cool and amazing products and will continue to do so but for much of last year and early this year, there was a huge cloud of uncertainty over what would happen to the brand. For those who were not aware of what happened, here’s a bit of a recap since none of what happened is a secret in any way.

Many things can be attributed Crazy’s success including fantastic brand image and marketing as well as solid, premium quality products. Crazy not only made golf shafts but created an image and a lifestyle. Their influence was not only prevalent in Japan but also overseas where Crazy enjoyed tons of success. Early in 2013, several key staff, designers and craftsmen suddenly left the company to form TRPX, and in a way this was a prelude to things to come. In June of last year, Crazy’s charismatic president and primary owner and founder, Tachibana-san, was arrested for insurance fraud. Tachibana-san’s personal wrong doings began the decline what had become a very good company with great staff and great products. Here in Japan (and probably every where else in the world but especially here) pride, honor, respect and image is everything. Japanese shops and businesses began cutting ties with Crazy even though Tachibana-san who acted on his own had been removed from the company, and the Crazy brand and it’s staff had done nothing wrong. Domestically sales began to decline, putting huge pressure on the companies ability to financially sustain their operations.  This lead to layoffs and a stagnation in new product development.  A reduction in Crazy’s staff from 50 hard working golf enthusiasts to less than half that number put a huge strain on their efficiency which hurt them even further.


Crazy began to look at options as to how to save the brand. Staff members could have easily given up and let the company go under but speaking with many of the staff last year who were riding out the tough times, not a single one wanted to jump ship and abandon Crazy. They all had hope that the company would pull through and rise from those dark days. Crazy began looking for suitors but it wasn’t that easy finding not only an investor who was financially sound, but one who had genuine interest in Crazy’s development and growth as a golf company. Crazy after all was not just looking for a quick buyout for their problems but rather a road to it’s previous glory and beyond. They met with many possible buyers and investors, from banks, to other golf brands and shaft brands, and even spread their search overseas, and yes Crazy even suggested TSG take the helm of Crazy but unfortunately it was not the right fit for us, as we wouldn’t have been able to give a brand like Crazy the true focus it deserved.

Earlier this year around the golf fair time, rumors began circulating that Crazy was on the verge of being taken over by a new investor who was ready and willing to guide Crazy to new heights. The name Red Wall Japan and the All Japan Pro Wrestling group came up as the potential buyer but in the end a well off entrepreneur with family relations to Red Wall Japan ended up taking over Crazy.  The new president Shiraishi-san is a stark contrast to the former president. Shiraishi-san is focused and serious unlike Tachibana-san who was far more laid back with a whatever goes style. He himself is a former Japan amateur champion so takes his approach to the company is both from the perspective of an owner and as a golfer and customer. Shiraishi-san’s initial focus was to get Crazy back on track here in Japan and in order to do that a new corporation was formed called Single B.  Single B would give the company a new clean corporate slate to deal with domestic businesses. At the same time the image and growth of the Crazy “brand” was far too much to simply give up. So Crazy has become a “line” under Single B. When I stopped by the Crazy Factory last month to talk to staff about the changes, I was surprised to see that the exterior of their flagship shop had been changed to White from it’s previous Black. The color change very much represents an image change for Crazy while, still cool and fashionable, more serious and corporate. I was very happy to see many familiar faces and to be able to sit down with staff and talk about new products and future products.

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Crazy Regenesis LY-03 Shaft Announced!

Many of the top end brands have the ability to use top materials to create lighter and stronger shafts for bigger distance,  enter Crazy Sports by Single B’s Regenesis LY-03 yes part of the longest yard series.  Designed to help golfers eliminate the right side it is soft to flex and light weight so Crazy Sports has created some stiffer flexes to appeal to the stronger athlete like SX, X, and XX.  The shaft has a new material Crazy has been working on that significantly reduces shaft deformation bringing the club head back to square quickly after the bend and although light it fits a wide array of player who want a high trajectory with strong ball flight.

Crazy Sports Regenisis

TRPX Utility Series Shafts


Introducing the TRPX Utility Series Shaft!  Set for a December Release pre orders will be a must as with the unavailability of the Crazy Black Utility these are destined to be in short supply in Japan and on TourSpecGolf.  So far little is known but we do know there will at least be R/SR/S versions in 4 different weights UT-6/UT-7/UT-8/UT-9.  Stay tuned for more information and keep on the look out in the proshop for the official product listing soon.


Quadra Fire Express Prototype 2014 Ver.1 Shaft


The Quadra 2014 Fire Express Proto Type Ver.1 Shaft – Even golfers who produce fast head speeds still want to increase their distance as well as improve their ball control. However, Some Athlete players are sensitive to shaft movement and deformation as well as club head behavior upon addressing the ball, take away, and the downsswing into impact and this seems to be the reason why there are many faster swingers who use hoverly heavy hard and stiff shafts over others to focus more on control of direction and dispersion.

The Quadra 2014 Fire Express Proto Type Ver.1 Shaft shaft has the capability of meeting the demands of these stronger faster swingers. On top of that, it focuses on providing good overall feel with capability to increase distance and control with a suggested driver length of (45 inches) which is often used and preferred by athlete golfers.


For the stronger swinger this shaft is considered on the lighter side but by effectively dividing the weight evenly within the shafts center, it’s lighter weight performs as tight as heavier shafts. On top of the Quadra technology implementation throughout the shaft, it provides higher accuracy by adding more Quadra sheets to the butt end of the handle and still provides smooth feel throughout the swing and is able to stabilize the shaft to improves control. The Quadra 2014 Fire Express Proto Type Ver.1 Shaft also helps to avoid the wild or pop-up hits for players with fast head speeds, the amount of spin is decreased and lowered.

There is a new flex system based on how many sheets of Quadra’s High Modulus & Nanoalloy Technology that determines the CPM’s. For example F1-F4 has different layers while F0 has three times the Quadra layers as F4. (see chart for CPM’s)

Crazy Sports Type A – Type B Driver Shafts


Crazy Golf now known as Crazy Sports has been undergoing somewhat of a rebranding and realignment of it’s offerings,  It’s now a division of a new company/brand named Single B.  There haven’t been any releases in the past year due to Crazies president being arrested for Insurance fraud in 2012/2013 which sent the brand spiraling before being purchased by a new Investor.

Now things look to be on the right track and quite possibly better than ever with 2 new brands and  a more focused approach for Crazy Sports starting with the release of 2 new shafts the Type A and Type B which are both Made in Japan of High Modulus 50T Japanese Carbon.  The Type A is a light weight,  tip stiff,  mid kick shaft in the 50 gram range while the Type B designed for the more aggressive swing type featuring a mid/high to high kick ( depending on flex ) in the 60-70 gram range.  Follow the Jump to check out the pics…

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