Gold’s Factory Reopens after Quake and Launches Trinity Series!

Trinity Series Arc ReactorGold’s Factory stopped all “domestic” orders since the earthquake and tsunami impacted Japan.  April 1st they will resume business as usual within Japan. (international orders were not affected) . Master Sasaya will also be  announcing a completely new series called “The Trinity”.  It’s composed of 3 different models the Arc Reactor, SEAL, and Orbit around G. Interesting names huh.   The Arc-Reactor features colored inserts produced using vibration absorbing aluminum. Usually its done by coloring anodized aluminum but these were done in a translucent material and color.  “The Orbit Around G” design uses a different insert one with the famous circle G inside and 5 holes in orbit,  The SEAL aka bulls eye insert will feature a  bulls eye tungsten style.  Just about every color can be ordered.

Pray For Japan Edition? I  Noticed an ingot produced although nothing much was said about it,  It say’s “PRAY FOR JAPAN” on it and I think it would be an awesome idea to auction off one of these  for charity.  It could be a one of a kind model with the entire proceeds going to a Japan Relief charity.

Would you like to chip toward the expense of the putter?  We can have it produced and then auctioned off on the bay?  I think I could get Master Sasaya to provide it at a charitable price.  If you are interested in taking part of this please email me at Sales@tourspegolf.com, Any sized donation is appreciated even a dollar and this is a way for all of us to be involved with the creation of a very special one of a kind putter. Sound off in the comments section so I can count those interested, I’ll enroll Master Sasaya then and after making a donation please sound off in the comments section again to help me design it.

New Distribution Program at Tourspecgolf!

Tourspecgolf is proud to introduce their new distribution program for qualifying retailers.  Retailers who have an established golf business, that is selling and building clubs can apply for a retailer account with Tourspecgolf.  We will begin small by offering a handful of brands like Crazy and Quadra shafts, Yururi, Geotech, Kenmochi, Muziik/Bangvoo.  Hopefully this can grow to encompass more mainstream brands as well.

If you think you can sell high end Japan market golf gear and currently run a golf shop and/or club making business, please email me at gocchin @ tourspecgolf.com (without the spaces) and I will provide you with information on how the wholesale program works. I’ll also ask for background  information/qualifications from interested parties so that Tourspecgolfer/Chris approve each account.

It’s our goal to make top notch JDM gear available worldwide and through a larger network and distribution channel more golfers globally can get exposed to and have access to cool Japanese golf gear. We look forward to those interested in joining TSGDN, the Tourspecgolf Distribution Network!

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