SEVEN Under Ground Edition Putter


TourSpecGolf is creating it’s own brand set to release at the 2015 Japan Golf Fair,  originally it had started of as a collaboration brand but since then has evolved into something entirely different.  Sneak peaks here and there of the SEVEN brand putters and wedges have been seen,  some have even seen the super soft S15C copper under layer irons but for now we are able to show you this well because it really doesn’t show much at all.   Introducing the SEVEN Advanced Design “UG” Underground edition putter coming soon and available to select TSG insiders.

Gold’s Factory Stroke of Luck by TSG

stroke of luck putter

Another TSG Exclusive:  The Gold’s Factory 2015 Stroke of Luck Putter.  As we all know Gold’s Factory is without a doubt the world’s best putter modification company,  it’s really up to the client to decide first what putter to send in for mods but also what modifications to select and the result is your putter taken to the next level based on the customers vision.

A few years back TSG released exclusively themed putters in a variety of categories and one of them was named “Lucky”  this is the 2015 version of that putter and will be on sale in the TSG Pro Shop until the next iteration is created.  This 2015 model as you see in the pics is somewhat simple aesthetically with it’s “Lucky”  Japanese Kanji and the triple 777’s for good luck,  on the flip side it features a reverse engraved 4 leaf clover another sign of good luck and the writing “Stroke of Luck”,  ready to see more pictures?  Follow the Jump…

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GTD – GanGa Putter


GTD Golf – George Takei is the man behind many past brands from the Original Gauge Design Japan, G-Field, George Spirits and now head designer for GTD a new company just released.  For those who have followed the designs of G.T you know they are unique,  known for pushing the envelope and funky fun names and that has not changed with putter models like the GanGa,  Yo, and Gen.  Follow the Jump to see more pictures and get more info on the “GanGa” putter by George Takei…

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Modart R50 Putter


Made in Japan – The Modart R50 Putter,  One of the most interesting thing’s about Modart is how they mill S25C from a solid block without it being forged,  this creates a unique dense and soft feel known only to Modart clubs made this way and it’s simply divine!

The Modart R50 has a nice smoky dark finish over it with one of the most attractive sole designs we have seen on a putter ever,  it’s head weight is a touch on the heavier side and it comes with a head cover that is heads over heels better than what other makers provide.  Follow the Jump to check out more pictures of the R50…

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“Live Free or Die” – Gold’s Factory 2014


Remember a few years ago TSG offered an entire line up of themed putters made by Gold’s Factory,  Independence, Stealth, Hanya, and Lucky Putter themes along with a few others.  In 2014 we are bringing them all back with fresh new designs starting with the “Live Free or Die” Putter which takes the spot of the “Independence” putter.

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Honma PP101 and PP102 Putters

PP101 Honma putter

For those of you who haven’t heard we are highlighting Honma this week @TSG!  Today the new PP-101 & PP-102 putters and they are works of art.  Each available in two different finishes, bright nickel platinum &  dark nickel black dye.  It’s body is CNC milled of forged carbon steel,  it features two tungsten weights on the sole at each end,  the face insert is milled of SUS304 and you have your choice of a black or red emblem inside the cavity and on the face.  

PP101 Putter

As far as manufacturing goes this putter has some nice small touches,  notice the gold ring where the shaft meets the hosel,  or the B-logo sight dot, it’s emblems.  The word I would use is polished,  it’s simply well designed,  solid performing and  just feels sublime at impact.  Honma could have saved money and excluded these features  yet still produce a very nice product, but these guys aren’t playing games,  no corners cut here.   Want to see more pictures of both models?  Click Read More below!


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New Gold’s Factory M.A.C. Putters


As I had originally posted back almost a year ago when the first M.A.C. was created, Master Sasaya of Gold’s Factory is a man who appreciates the fine details in premium workmanship. In late 2012 we were casually chatting over some ramen noodles in Itabashi about how some high end cars have a single “Meister” defined as “a person expert in or renowned for a specific skill” who builds the engines in their high end models from start to finish. We all know that nobody can tweak or modify a putter like Master Sasaya does and he is very much in his own way a Meister. Using the word Meister he created his new line of one off, one of a kind putters under the banner Meister Absolute Crafting.

These new M.A.C. putters would use all of Gold’s Factory’s best design ideas, each be unique in its own way and have only one ever made. Master Sasaya takes each head, machined from JIS SUS303 and through hand machining, grinding, polishing, modifying and finishing create his usual beauty. He asked me what I thought about names for each putter as he wanted to give each unique putter a name, and I suggested why not pay homage to the Greek Gods? Their names as putters would sound very cool. Master Sasaya agreed since then we have had steady line of M.A.C. releases including Artemis, Prometheus, Apollo, Zeus, Chronos and Hades. Only one of each will ever be made so owning one will mean owning a one of a kind M.A.C. model.


The 2 latest M.A.C. putters have been created called Erebos and Athene, click on the read more to check them out!

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Odyssey limited edition Damascus Grand Putter


Odyssey had on display a very rare and limited putter made for the Japanese market named the Damascus Grand Limited Putter. ( This is true Damascus steel ) as Damascus has been a trend lately when it comes to high end putter materials that said not all Damacus is the same.  Some brands offer full Damascus made putters at less than half the cost of the material alone.  This is what I’m calling Faux Damascus or Damascus look.

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Dr.H Custom Yoro MP-4, MP-54, MP-R4 and Gold’s Modified California Del Mar


Dr.H is one of Tourspecgolf’s most loyal customers and is the current owner of now 3 sets of Yoro Craft Mizuno irons. He appreciates the best in premium clubs and is also has great brands like Crazy and Kamui Works and Gold’s Factory in his bag.  Today his 3rd set of Yoro Crafted clubs were delivered to me or some quick photos and I have to say this is one of the most amazing Yoro sets produced yet. A full combo set with the MP-H4 for a 3 iron followed by MP-54 4-6 Iron and Twilight MP-4 6-PW (yes he ordered two 6 irons due to loft differences – the JDM MP-54 is strong lofted). He then topped them off with RAW MP-R4 Japan model wedges. All the clubs have his name DR.H in Mizuno Blue paintfill on them (on the hosel for MP-54 and MP-H4. The offset was also reduced in all the clubs and all the irons had a W sole grind done on them as well.


Dr.H also had a 34″ Calfornia Del Mar modified by Gold’s Factory going up to 20g sole weights, 3 x arc reactors in the back cavity, original Premium Zone horizontal milling on the face and 3 sight lines. A G mark on the toe and Dr.H’s company logo on the toe face. All finished in Tour Teflon Black and done in Acid Green (which admittedly we had a hard time matching to the acid green brakes on his Porsche).  Photos tell the whole story so I don’t really need to write much more. Just Read More to see the rest of the photos!  Continue Reading

Gold’s Factory October 2013 Visit – Weights and insert Thingies…


It has admittedly been too long since we have blogged. These last months have been busier than ever and it will only get busier with many new releases on the horizon. I will try my best to blog as much as I can over the coming months to introduce all the new products for 2014.

I was at Gold’s Factory in Tokyo yesterday to take care of some custom jobs we are doing for TSG customers. I decided to take the opportunity to snap some photos of the weights and inserts that Gold’s Factory provides. Many times when helping a customer create their custom master piece, they are confused over all the different type of insert options that Gold’s offers.  Master Sasasya has created names for these inserts but when I tell a customer they can put Orbit around G in the sole and Arc Reactors in the cavity, they usually have no idea what I am talking about.


So I thought snapping some photos would help people visually identify with these weights and inserts. I will also do a post in the future about face millings and face insert options from Gold’s Factory. Its important to know that  every single insert used by Gold’s Factory and that you see in these photos are machined from scratch by Gold’s factory. Because of this, they can control quality and vary the size, weight, and colors of all the inserts they do. (as I have mentioned before as well, Gold’s even machines their own tools!) Many of the weights are of course for practical purposes, ie in order to bring head weight up or shift the COG/bias of the putter. Some of these inserts are of course more for aesthetics and really help each custom job look very cool.


For those of you who own a Gold’s Factory or have seen one in person, you can attest to the top notch work Master Sasaya does from perfectly cut holes on putters to perfectly machined weights and inserts that seamlessly fit them. For those who have not seen my previous posts on visits to the Factory they can see some of the machinery and staff in action in these posts:

Craig’s Excellent Adventure: Gold’s Factory
A Day in Tokyo and Gold’s Factory
Visiting Gold’s Factory – New Hand Grind Wedge

So read on and I can go over some of the weights and inserts.

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