SEVEN – Black Mirror Finish K1 Putter


I’m tired of writing Kyuzo.01 so I’m calling them K1’s from now on. Here’s a standard K1 with Black Mirror Finish, I used to call this finish something else but then member Spoon used the term Black Mirror in a forum thread and I think this describes them better.

Technical Term – Soft Black 100% Polished
Known as – Black Mirror
aka – Twilight

Only 1pcs available – Click Here  | Follow the Jump for detailed photos…

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The Story of Yuji Numazawa – Armsgain Putters

Armsgain Putters TourSpecGolf

Nobody in the golf industry even comes close to the success that Yuji Numazawa has had in his career in regards to golf equipment design.  No one…

Payne Stewart, Seve Ballesteros, Greg Norman, Bernhard Langer,  Gene Sarazan, Lee Travino, Jose Maria Olazabal and that is just a fraction of the players who used his handmade equipment back in the day.  This is Numazawa-san’s story…

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2016 Gold’s Factory German Silver Multi Insert Putter

Golds Factory Multi Insert

A sight to behold,  take a look at this one!  Creativity was flowing a couple months back and I decided to put a concept together for a truly special Gold’s Factory putter.  It’s called the 2016 German Silver Multi Insert Putter,  so much going on it’s hard to decide where to start.  Let’s just stop for a second and look at that beautiful sole shot… ok ready?  now follow the Jump…

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VM-Tech by Gold’s Factory!

Golds Factory VM Tech

Introducing VM-Tech by Gold’s Factory a putter and shaft insert made of stainless steel and while small it does a few very big things for putter performance & feel.  The first is it increases the putter heads verticle MOI from neck to face,  horizontal MOI measured from low on the front of the face to the furthest point back,  face balance is measured heel to toe while Vertical MOI produces a top to bottom balance adding a little more distance for the same length stroke + more forward roll,  but how could such a small piece of metal have such an effect on the Vertical MOI? well because this tiny part is 20 grams heavy which brings us to it’s second advantage,  your putter head is now heavier so this is not only a good thing for balance and feel but also a cost effective way to increase head weight.  Finally when using a steel putter shaft it the VM-tech insert dampens and softens the feel as the shaft vibrates up into the hands this is an extra barrier reducing the harsher vibrations where the putter hosel meets the shaft.  So in the end you get a greater Vertical MOI, + 20g weight, and softer feel with better roll.

Taking this a step further gold’s factory has created gold plated versions of the VM insert which are supposed to better for dampening vibration while adding a cool subtle gold band between the putter shaft and the hosel (pic not shown).  The new VM-Tech insert by Gold’s Factory sells for about a #100 in standard stainless and $150 gold plated.  Please get in touch to modify your putter with this option by emailing info@tourspecgolf.com

VM Tech 3

VM Tech by Golds Factory

Introducing Armsgain Putters

Armsgain Putters

By Yuji Numazawa,  One product the Armsgain Model-01 Putter a design now touted in Japan for being one of the most well balanced in the golf industry,  In 1985 Yuji Numazawa met Gene Sarazen and Carsten Solheim who both after speaking with him recommended he create the perfect putter,  back then he was working for Honma Golf and that year he retired from the company to pursue his own dreams.

Numazawa-san travelled to the United States to connect with the aura that American golf had surrounding it and after returning to Japan a year later joined Bridgestone sports in 1987.  A total of 30 years experience for top manufactures working with tour pro’s and amateur players, then a long period of silence as he lost motivation in 2008.

Shortly after Numazawa was casually asked to design a putter for one of Japan’s rising players from that moment on his passion and enthusiasm was re re ignited to its strongest level ever,  shortly after coincidentally Mercedes-Benz reached out to Numazawa-san to produce a limited edition putter with an “inseparable relationship of beauty and function” It was released in limited numbers ( 200pcs ) and sold close to $3,000 usd,  all pieces sold in under 1 month.

Numazawa-san considered the fact that 40% of the score comes from a players skills on the green and that the putter was truly the most important club to master in the bag and along with skill the player needed a tool an extension of their vision of the ball rolling into the cup.

Armsgain Golf

For more about the putter itself please follow the Jump…

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Seven Putters Slowly Trickle in

Seven Kyuzo Putter

The brand SEVEN has been around for less than a year although the Kyuzo.01 putter was started years prior with a small batch of 10pcs done with the help of Golds Factory in modifying the blank SEVEN heads, they were beautiful yet very expensive so we decided the new goal would be to make something that had the quality and performed and felt as close to the original and rare 10pcs as possible.  The requirements were simple, it had to be made in Japan by the best people using the best  designs and materials as well as provide a wide array of custom options prior to release earlier this year we were informed very few putters could be allocated to us by our factory,  doing our best we produced that amount and nearly all sold out in the first month pre booked to customers and shops all over the world and that is why some may have seen them in Thailand or Korea already prior to official launch.  At the time of this post there are less than 20 putter heads available to offer.

It has an incredible fit and finish,  it rolls end over end with minimized skipping, and feel oh boy yes not to soft and not so firm just right we sourced metal materials from the best supplier we could find in Kyoto Japan testing SUS303, 304, SM490A, Fe Carbon, etc..  In the end we decided on something firmer than carbon but softer than stainless so we selected SM490 giving a dense and buttery vibration going from the head, through the shaft, and up to the hands.   Every putter can be modified we bring in the raw heads in and can bend and finish, assemble, and paint fill per order above you see NiCr Satin with translucent red paint fill,  Follow the Jump to read and read about and see more putters…

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Latest Gold’s Factory Modified Putters @ TSG!

Golds Factory Putters

Some clients prefer not to wait 3-4 weeks for their custom GF putter so we decided to bring in a few so they can ship quickly.  In this blog post we will be covering the 5 latest custom and modified Gold’s Factory Putters recently added to the store.

Make sure to move fast if you are lusting over one of these fine flat sticks as there is only 1 of each already made and the modified putters can’t be ordered on a normal basis unless you send in a head first.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

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Modart R51 and R52 Putters

Modart Golf Putters

They make really nice putters don’t they?  My fav most fav clubs from Modart are their woods, suda wedges,  and now putters.  All original shapes in compact form elegant and simple with an absolutely perfect finish that’s easy on the eyes.

The R51 – plumbers neck, mallet style,  soft flat grey finish.  The milling is at perfect depth it’s a forged putter so already soft.  The R52 – Your classic L shape but this one is smaller,  sharper,  more refined, It’s perfect.  Follow Jump to See More…

Modart R52 Golf Putter

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Craig’s Factory Miura Giken Putter by Gold’s Factory :)

Gold's Factory Miura Putter

It all started with a used and abused Miura Giken Japan putter…  One of our top clients sent in 9 or so pretty beat up putters and asked us to mod them to our vision one per month or so,  with only 3 putters remaining and 6 completed already in the clients hands I decided to go all out and produce something “special” for him.  This client is extremely discerning he wants things a particular way and with all the options we could pull from and a no concern for price it could have been very easy to produce a tacky overly optioned putter that he wouldn’t of liked.

Good news is he and I share similar tastes,  first it must be a heavy head,  second it’s gotta have class with an understated approach to it’s design.  I started with a drawing then a design and sent it to the master “Masayuki Sasaya-san” of Gold’s Factory who worked on this putter personally as if it was a M.A.C series and while this putter is still in the air on it’s way to the clients hands I still feel nervous that there is something he won’t like about it as it is my design and vision completed by Gold’s Factory to appeal to another persons preference,  I guess those nerves are a good thing.  Follow the Jump for more pics and the complete breakdown of what was done…

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Taylormade Japan arc1 Putter and Carbon Steel TP Wedges


In recent years Taylormade Japan has slowed it’s pace a tad when it comes to releasing Japan market only specific models but we are still lucky enough to get a taste here and there. Back in late spring several online golf communities and blogs noticed a new prototype putter being used on the PGA tour, a neo-mallet with a huge ring for a body. This putter was aptly named the arc1 by Taylormade and we all began to wonder at what point TM would release this putter to the public if ever. Fast forward to late summer when Taylormade announced that Japan would be he retail test market for the arc1 which is not surprising considering TM has been known to release more unorthodox and technology testing type of products here before anywhere else (or only here in many cases). It’s been nearly a month since the arc1 has come out and I was able to finally get a demo from TM Japan to try out.


You have to give TM credit for daring to be different in designing something they believe to make a functional difference in a golfer’s putter game. A more radical design can sometimes take the risk of being called ugly because it’s different and that certainly was the case earlier this years as photos of the tour prototypes began surfacing. Cries around the web proclaimed it to be ugly and something out of Star Trek along the lines of the Starship Enterprise – and that’s whatever one said when TM first showed off it’s spider putter years ago. (Though in my opinion, the arc1 is more deserving of the Starship Enterprise comparison.) Truth be told though, TM is not the first one to create a mallet putter that looks like a hole. Many years ago Mizuno created a line called the Draino putters in which the 100 model looks eerily similar.  Even Odyssey’s Marxman putter has similar ring to it but looking at the arc1, the execution of TM’s design is probably the best of all.


Looks of any club is certainly subjective and a personal preference and many times we see clubs “grow on us”. I’ll be honest when I say that I didn’t mind the looks when I first got the putter. If one can get over the looks, the primary concern is of course does this design help make putts. Looks aside, one thing TM did get right with the arc1 is the head weight.  The majority of golfers want a heavier head. In all the years I worked at TSG, I never once had a customer come to me to make or find a LIGHTER putter head. All the talk about head weight and it’s affect on greens of different speeds is certainly valid, but in the end, I’m a believer that a heavier head stabilizes my stroke and gives me a much more consistent feel and direction than a head I cannot feel. The combination of the arc1’s SUS304 ring and 220g aluminum body result in a very healthy 385g (give or take 2-3g for variance) head. I very much like the weight in my hands and with this heavy head, at all the lengths offered by TM 32″ 33″ 34″ 34.5″ 36.5″ you can expect a nice had heavy feeling swing weight. Keep in mind though to keep swing weight from going overboard in the 34.5″ and 36.5″ lengths, TM has countered the balance with heavier 130g TM Smart arc Grips. The 32″ 33″ and 34″ come with a 63g TM Winn arc Grip and the 33″ and 34″ also have an option of the 103 Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0R. My demo is a 34″ with Winn arc Grip so the swing weight is right up there around E9.5.

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