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Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons Pictures

VG3 Forged Irons

Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons – Introducing the new 2016 VG3’s by Titleist.  Only offered in Japan the VG3 series is geared toward the mid to low handicap player the forged version as seen in these photos features very little offset yet with a rounded somewhat thick topline it’s forged head has a progressive cavity with short irons having no undercut while the mid to long irons have a deeper CNC milled undercut for extra added forgiveness.  The soles of the mid to long irons also feature embedded tungsten weighting spread optimally across the entire sole area making these very forgiving and lowering the trajectory which blends well with it’s stronger lofts somewhat the same combo used in the Titleist T-MB 716 irons, but these are not stainless steel or hollow like the T-MB they are soft forged 1 piece heads,  just the way we like um.  Follow the jump for detailed photos of the PW, #7 and #5 irons….

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Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons

Miura Japan Only Iron

Miura Craftsman World CB-1008 Custom Irons – Another heavily customized set from the Miura Giken Factory in Japan,  this set features a Copper – Nickel – Chromium Mirror finish this is the softest feeling chrome mirror finish available anywhere,  the sole has the custom grind dent sole option and the heads have been ordered extra heavy. Finally we have requested as little offset possible on this head design making it look like a butter knife at address.  Enjoy the photos and if interested in your own custom set, please contact us at  More Photos after the jump… Continue Reading

A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons

A-GRIND CMB Combo Irons – It’s not often we see dedicated set of combo irons produced by a brand so kudo’s to A-Grind for releasing the all new CMB series which is designed as a true combo set matching the  the MB & CB in shape, size, and performance along with a dedicated driving iron to replace the your long irons for more forgiveness.

Each of the 3 CMB products can be purchased ala carte as full sets irons ( non-combo ) but both A-Grind & TSG suggests #3/4 in the Driving Iron #5/6/7 in CB with #8/9/PW MB.  Of course you can mix it up any way you want and I mean any way you can possibly think up given all the lofts they provide.  Follow the Jump for comparison images of all the different models.

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TSG Club Works | R9 TP Forged Copper + Satin/Blue


TSG Club Works has previously posted 3 different Taylormade R9TP Forged irons in the blog,  the black boron w/ yellow,  black mirror w/white,  copper underlay + satin w/red and the final and last set we produced the copper underlay + blue paint.  We produced 4 sets in total from used irons sourced in japan after the refinishing they are all in excellent condition not brand new but look pretty close and after testing these feel better at impact since the refinish over the factory finish.

We have not listed any of these for sale yet,  now that all 4 have been shown we will be adding to the TSG ProShop for immediate shipping,  enjoy the pics of the copper underlayer + satin blue,  by the way all of our finishes are done in Japan in this case it’s NiCr Satin which can’t even be done in the states due to EPA regulations.

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Honma Beres IS-05 Irons

Honma IS-05 Beres

Introducing the newly released Honma Beres IS-05 Forged Iron – Honma has identified the key attributes desired by slower swingers seeking a game improvement iron,  the first an a very important one is the fact that it’s still partly forged which is not so common in the game improvement iron segment this appeals to just about everyone who seeks the soft rewarding dense impact when the ball meets the face.  Next Honma increased the overall heads dimensions over the outgoing IS-03 model both the face height and length heel to toe has been increased by 1mm.    A lot has been improved with the new IS-05,  please click read more to learn about the differences…

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Prototype is a word thrown around too easily in the golf industry,  companies are labelling products prototypes that are nothing of the sort.  From Wiki : A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.  Many hate to admit it but the word has at the very least peaked their interest on multiple occasions but how many of us actually have the chance to play “real” prototypes I’m talking only a few made as a brand is evolving a concept into a retail release?  My guess is not many.

Here is your chance,  this is a one of a kind set of S15C Forged hand ground 100% Japan made (of course) Seven Blades 4-AW  brand new a one of one concept.  It’s special,  it’s rare and its a “real prototype” click read more to continue…


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Japanese Golf Clubs

Introducing the SEVEN X SHINAGAWA Blade! This product is a 3-way collaboration design between SEVEN + SKG Shinagawa + Kitada CNC creating a sexy new muscle back iron with inspiration from the classic Macgregor golf irons.


We started by sourcing Japanese S15C billets to produce the blank iron head for this specific design,  then after the initial prep grind these heads were sent to Kitada CNC to have the edgy back face milled  for consistency in look and weighting perfectly placing the CG depth, height, and location in the perfect spot for each iron,  also, the Seven Logo on the back face and neck were CNC milled instead of pressed.  After Kitada-San they were sent back to Shinagawa-san for the complete grinding of the heads,  extremely limited over two years in the making we are extremely confident in the performance, feel, and quality of SEVEN’s latest creation,  much more after the jump…

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Miura Giken PP-9005G Irons

Miura PP-9005 Irons

To say Miura Giken is on fire would be an understatement,  with their new MG CB-1008 players CB and also the new PP-9005G “Genesis” Iron they have Miura Giken fans in a very happy place with 2 new models  to choose from.   This new Passing Point Iron is next generation Miura by utilizing a 2 piece structure.

Made using a forged S20C body with a 455 carpenter steel face these are unlike other Miura irons,  they are thicker,  they feature a deep cavity,  and designed around forgiveness and distance.  Follow the Jump for more photos and explanation…

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Honma BeZEAL Golf Irons

Honma Be Zeal Golf Clubs

What is Honma BeZeal?  First off it’s the best selling Honma line in Japan because it fills the companies only gap between the players segment and the game improvement side.  The athlete player uses the Tour World TW727 series while the game improvement or senior segment plays the Beres S-05 and E-05 products but what about the golfers in between?  This is where BeZeal comes in and this is the sweet spot in size,  forgiveness and performance that most average players fit into.

More forgiveness and distance than the TW727 series yet with less offset and size than the Beres line,  today we cover the BeZeal Irons follow the Jump for more info and photos…

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