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New CGS Orion Muscle Back Irons

CGS Orion Irons and Wedges2

CGS Orion is creating quite the following in the maniac golf circles in Japan.  TSG has already introduced the CGS Orion Type-S and Type-G wedges and today we are highlighting their all new CGS Orion Blade.

What makes CGS Orion stand out is they are manufactured in two places.  In Ichikawa Himeji Japan’s epicenter of hand grinding then  sent to Tsubame Sanjo which is famous for it’s polishing and the company that handles the CGS Orion product has been well known for the polishing the screens of Apple’s first generation Ipod’s. This combination of Himeji handcrafting and Tsubame Sanjo’s polishing creates a stunning effect.  Ready for more muscle back madness?  Follow the Jump…

CGS Orion Irons and Wedges6


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2016 PRGR Titan Face Irons

PRGR Titan Face Irons2

PRGR 2016 Titan Face Irons – This week we highlighted many of PRGR’s new club releases in the RS series. Everyone loved the RS Forged irons we posted on Monday but it is highly likely we will end up selling more of this Titan face model.  The general golfing public is looking for 2 basic qualities,  Distance and Forgiveness while the more vocal and maniac golfers found on the internets blogs, forums, and social media tend to desire a more purist and compact club.  This creates a conundrum for golf brands: Be the cool and support the keyboard warrior or go after the segment that caters to the larger pie, the recreational player.

Today we take a dive into what would help most mid to high handicappers scores the most,  a semi-game improvement iron thats easy to launch long with ease.  Follow the Jump for more comments and pictures…

PRGR Titan Face Irons4

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Seven CB Prototype – Only 2 Sets Worldwide!


Here is the latest SEVEN Cavity Blade Prototype – Only 2 sets produced hand made of Forged SS400 in Ichikawa Japan. We have released multiple variants of this cavity design adjusting the grind and shape along the way.  It is an Original CAD design that we are able to transfer to various head molds which allows for flexibility in manufacturing.  The cavity design itself allows for enough center mass to aid in forgiveness and feel yet not so much that it reduces workability.  By keeping the areas besides the center steps free of metal and slightly reducing perimeter weighting we have been able to blend the best attributes of a blade together with the forgiveness of a players cavity.  Follow the Jump for more photos and info…


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Bridgestone Tour-B Series now in the TSG Pro Shop!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.10.29 AM

The Bridgestone Tour-B Series Golf Clubs have officially been announced.  While TSG has been posting news of this including in hand photos (here) this new pro line goes straight for the athlete low handicap player.  The first thing to notice is it reminds us a lot of TourStage and for those of you who are new to the Japanese golf scene TourStage is what Bridgestone used to be in Japan and at one time the #1 equipment company in Japan.  Overall the TourStage product was better designed with more features than the Bridgestone gear they would later rebrand to.  Not anymore as these new Tour-B’s start off exactly where TourStage left off.  Impressive to say the least.

Another thing to take note of is that there are no adjustable hosels on these clubs,  If you look on Tour most of the players opt for a non adjustable version of a club and this is the case here.  Already all the younger athlete Bridgesteone staffers have switched over to the new line of equipment and as you can see below the bags look stealth too.  I have a quick break down of all the new clubs after the jump…


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PRGR RS Forged Irons

PRGR RS Forged Irons1

PRGR RS Forged Irons – When it comes to technology and design PRGR is always pushing the envelope.  In this head alone we have an S25C forged body with a rolled maraging steel ES235 face.  The inner cavity design is a patented technology called Flash One that features a vibration dampening material within.  Rubber blended tungsten weighting fine tunes the cg locations from within making this new RS forged iron a compact cavity back with amazing forgiveness ( considering it’s size ) and a rewarding soft feel upon impact.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

PRGR RS Forged Irons4

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ITOBORI – Satin Finish Combo Irons

Itobori Golf106

The last set of Itobori Combo Irons we posted on TSG were very similar to these but in a gorgeous black mirror finish,  today here we have the brighter less glare prone satin finish to drool over. All Itobori irons and wedges ordered from TourSpecGolf can be custom made to your requests this has made them irresistible to many of our hardcore clients who just can’t leave anything alone without putting their mark on it.  Add to that that the price includes these options and that these are 100% handmade in Japan by Mayuki Takai himself and backed by TSG’s support, service, and suggestions  its one of the easier choices if your in the market for something special. In the above photograph your looking at Satin Itobori Blades with translucent blue paint fill.  This customer also requested the smooth sole + hariline option.

Itobori Golf140

You can order an entire set of blades or a combo including a cabvity back as seen below and include driving irons to replace the three and four.  It’s up to you!  the options are endless!

It’s been a few months now since we added Itobori to the TSG stable of brands,  we are firm believers in Mayuki Takai’s work as many Tour Pro’s in Japan have been as well.   I’d like to share some of the feedback our customers have provided after recieveing their Itobori irons,  be it CB, MB, or Combo sets everyone has been extremely happy with their purchases and the fact that we have sold a decent amount yet they are not found in the Buy/Sell/Trade shows customers are holding onto these at a high rate.

Itobori Golf168

Follow the jump to read my feedback and some of the comments that have been shared to me by our customers…

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Mizuno MP-66 Japan Only Irons

mp-66 mizuno irons

Introducing the all new Japan Only Mizuno MP-66 Forged Iron.  We have received many inquiries since TSG first revealed this about a month ago when we added it to the online proshop.  It’s a very exciting time to be a Mizuno fan,  here at TSG we have always been big fans of their designs and technology especially the custom yoro departments work.

This MP-66 may look similar to some of the other MP models but there is an evolution of design progress combined with their own patented technology that makes this iron special.  Follow the Jump to read on…

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REONESS RI-51 Forged Irons

Reoness RI-51 Irons4

Introducing the REONESS RI-51 Irons forged of soft S20C carbon steel using an original mold made specifically for REONESS.  Designed by H.W Kan and a small team of JPGA players these irons provide the control of a higher COG with the forgiveness of a low COG placement iron.

Just enough meat was placed behind the impact zone to provide a nice soft sensation at impact while keeping it very workable for the better player.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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TSG Club Works – Soft Black Yonex MB’s

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG3

Here at TSG we love Soft Black,  it’s a durable non glare finish that feels great at impact.  Here are photos of a set of Yonex Ezone MB’s we refinished.  Translucent grey paint was used as it works really well with this finish.  TSG Club Works finishes are all done in Japan.  Get in touch if you have a set you want to bring back to life. We offer NiCr Satin, White Satin, Mirror Chrome, Black Mirror, Copper Satin,  Copper Mirror, Smoked Copper,  Black Boron,  Black Teflon, and many more!  Follow the jump more more photos…

Yonex Golf MB Soft Black TSG4

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