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Introducing Kenmochi Golf Clubs!

Kenmochi Golf ClubsOver the last couple of years TourSpecGolf has been in negotiations with Asahi Golf which own’s a label called Kenmochi Golf.  It’s official now and TSG will now be offering the product to the english speaking world through the online proshop and our new distribution channels to select accounts. Kenmochi is a popular club grinder who works for and at multiple grind factories and foundries in Himeji, Japan.

The product is priced fairly and the line up is impressive, this year at the 2011 Japan Golf Fair they announced their new adjustable driver, putter, and iron models to the public. The design philosophy is in step with the majority of our customers, manufactured in Japan with thin top lines, little offset, brushed satin finishes with Japanese stampings.

Kenmochi Golf PutterWhat impresses me is their subtle use of RAW grind techniques and how they keep it to certain areas on the club heads. For wedges it only appears on the lower portion of the back face as well as found on the face of the putter. Yururi Golf made the RAW style famous then later Vega applied a similar style and now Kenmochi Golf has in a different way.  Above is an image I took of the putter, it comes in a fantastic box, as does the New KD-01 adjustable driver.  For the most part it’s sold as component but you may order it shafted with custom specs from us.

The total line up includes two drivers the black KD-01 is USGA conforming and the gold tinted model features an Ultra high C.O.R face.  two irons and I should disclose they are open model yet heavily adjusted to feature the favoriate attributes that a better player would request. Two wedge models one in brushed satin the other in black both feature some RAW style accents.  And a limited edition putter.  The Kenmochi KP-01L Putter is what I call OLD SKOOL in design and comes attached to a heavy weighted 160 gram steel putter shaft.

Kenmochi Golf KD01 driverWe are putting a review together for the new adjustable driver.  It comes in the box as seen above which includes its head cover and adjustable wrench Kenmochi’s KD-01 driver is Made in Japan and features a high grade BT341 Titanium crown and sole.  The Black conforming model features a 6-4 Ti face with a 3.1mm thickness at its sweet spot and the maximum 0.83 COR.

The Gold non-conforming model features a high spring SP700 Ti face with a 2.7mm thickness at its sweet spot and a COR approaching 0.88.  The KD-01 features 8 different head positions and can have the face opened an additional 2.2* or closed an additional 1.5* to help with draws and fades.  The KD-01 is made for all levels of golfers looking for workability coupled with forgiveness and premium distance performance. The KD-01 features a mid shallow face and deep back head for mid to high launch matched with low spin.

Kenmochi WedgesThe entire Kenmochi line is currently available as of April 1st 2011 and can be found in the TSG proshop by clicking here.  If you are a Golf store owner or a professional clubmaker with an actual retail store front you may apply for an account to have access to many of our brands including Kenmochi by filling out an application by clicking here: TSG Reseller Program

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New Yururi KM-0107 Irons in Black!

Yururi Golf

Received my new gamers from Yururi last week.  They were sent to Crazy Factory in Adachi to have the new CBI-80 Limited Graphite Iron shafts installed.  The shafts are in the 105 gram range and retail for around 470 bucks per shaft. The CBI-80 shaft’s play very stiff compared to just about everything,  Stiffer than most steel shafts in the same flex so I was advised by the Crazy Factory Staff to go with the R-flex. I’m sure happy I did because they play perfectly.  Initial impressions based on only two rounds is that they deliver lots of role in the long irons and lots of stopping power in the short.  It’s a mid high trajectory that is extremely accurate.  Gained about 10 yards versus any other graphite shaft I have played.

yururi golf clubs

The KM-0107 black heads are pure bliss, so soft at impact when struck pure.  They setup like a dream perfect players cavity back, actually I think they are designed for the low handicap player, a hair smaller and your in blade territory.  It’s also known as the Yururi CNC iron, its Himeji forged of S25C and features a very attractive CNC milling design in the back face.  It’s available in Brushed Satin and the black as seen in these pics.  Satin is a few grams heavier and more durable, black feels softer and more rewarding.  After every couple of rounds a quick spray of WD40 and back into the iron head covers they go.  You can also have your set staggered with every other club in black or satin finish.  this would be a small headache for your clubmaker to weight them all equally.

Yururi KM0107 Forged Cavity Back IronsIn the above images you can see that it features a box toe kinda style with new rule conforming grooves,  the topline is on the thin side when compared to other cavity backs, very minimal offset and a thinner sole for less drag. The loft’s are fair as well with a PW coming in at 46*.  I will be posting a video review and images of my full bag in the next couple of days. They are available for order in either black or satin in the TSG Pro Shop!

Crazy Graphite Iron Shaft

New Distribution Program at Tourspecgolf!

Tourspecgolf is proud to introduce their new distribution program for qualifying retailers.  Retailers who have an established golf business, that is selling and building clubs can apply for a retailer account with Tourspecgolf.  We will begin small by offering a handful of brands like Crazy and Quadra shafts, Yururi, Geotech, Kenmochi, Muziik/Bangvoo.  Hopefully this can grow to encompass more mainstream brands as well.

If you think you can sell high end Japan market golf gear and currently run a golf shop and/or club making business, please email me at gocchin @ (without the spaces) and I will provide you with information on how the wholesale program works. I’ll also ask for background  information/qualifications from interested parties so that Tourspecgolfer/Chris approve each account.

It’s our goal to make top notch JDM gear available worldwide and through a larger network and distribution channel more golfers globally can get exposed to and have access to cool Japanese golf gear. We look forward to those interested in joining TSGDN, the Tourspecgolf Distribution Network!

ONOFF at the 2011 Japan Golf Fair!

ONOFF never fails to have one of the classiest setups at the Japan Golf Fair and this year was no different. It’s never one of the largest exhibits nor does it feature fancy video screens and commercials or even show girls. However its definitely one of the most functional and stylish setups which is very much reflective of the company they are and the clubs they sell. Onoff along with GIII and Roddio has long been the golf wings of Daiwa Seiko Inc, which in the last couple of years has changed their name to Globeride. Globeride signifies a change to a more global outlook for all its group of companies and that very much includes ONOFF which is one of the few smaller yet mainstream Japanese brands with operations in both the US and Japan.

This years booth showcased ONOFF’s new 2011 drivers, new ONOFF Forged Iron, new S-Forged with conforming grooves as well as a few clubs out of top ONOFF Pro Shingo Katayama’s bag. We also saw the new GIII lines including their new premium and executive line the GIII Signature which sure looked very classy.  I already love both the ONOFF Forged iron and the new drivers especially the XI-S model. The irons like all previous forged ONOFF irons are ultra soft and made for the better player yet possess a lot of forgiveness thanks to tungsten in the sole and the feel is very much enhanced by its pyramid shaped cavity design. The XI-S is the square faced athlete model and while an athlete model again it sports a lot of forgiveness in its design including Gravity Control weighting which brings the CG back and deeper for easy launch and lower spin. The XI-S unlike some of the ONOFF Black models of the past also features a slightly more shallow back design. Best of all it feels wonderful thanks to a Wide Hyper Effect face made from forged ELF Titanium.

I think this is going to be a great year for ONOFF. They are a company that believes in quality over quantity and they do not flood the market with tons and tons of new models but instead concentrate on making a lineup of great looking and performing models worthy of a customers yen. This year they have a very well rounded lineup from drivers, to woods, to irons to wedges.  And to top it all off, all clubs are available through their Labo Spec department with Roddio and other upgrade shafts as well.

Chris of course put together one of his awesome videos showcasing ONOFF. Please watch it here.

Here also are some pictures of ONOFF from the 2011 Japan Golf Fair! Please click on the album to view!

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Mizuno MP-Hokkaido Irons 1 of 5 sets Made!

Mizuno MP-Hokkaido Irons

Finally got them back! What your looking at is 1 of 5 sets of the Mizuno MP-Hokkaido irons based on the older MP-62 design.  I sold these off in 2007 to TSG member idrive and have been pestering him for the last several months to allow me to buy them back.  At the 2011 Japan Golf Fair I had a chat with one of  Mizuno’s top staff  about their custom irons department and asked what is the most rare set of Mizunos produced that was actually sold?  They really didn’t have an answer for me until I asked what about the MP-Hokkaido’s?  It was like wha! how do you know about those?  They were offered as a gift to Mizuno’s top account in Japan allowing them to sell only 5 sets.  It features what’s called a hokkaido grind that was hand made by Mizuno’s senior grind master from heads that started 20 grams over.  These were finished and plated in Japan as well.

I’m now searching for another set of irons I should have never of sold, the Titleist Miura made Tiger Woods irons. You know who you are, I want them back!
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