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New PRGR Egg Irons Review

2015 PRGR Egg Irons

New PRGR Egg Irons – To say PRGR is at the cutting edge of golf technology would be an understatement year after year they continue to think outside of the box pushing the boundaries and trying things other company just don’t have the guts to,  their latest releases are evidence of this with their 2 new irons the Egg Iron Red as seen in this blog post and the non conforming Super Egg Iron which I will review later.

At the heart of the new Egg Irons is it’s power groove structure,  when the face meets the ball during impact it flexes and releases pushing off the face at a higher velocity,  the front portion of the sole also flexes with the face as one making this a really unique design.  High launch and low spin is the result.  More photos and comments after the Jump…

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Mizuno MP-5 Yoro Craft Order Bank – Now OPEN!

Mizuno MP-5 Forged Irons

TSG is proud to announce that Mizuno Yoro Craft Department has now begun accepting orders for their super cool heavily customized Yoro Japan Crafted irons!  The standard version retail release begins shipping on September 18th while the Custom Yoro Craft models take approx.  4 weeks to hand make in Japan so that will put the ship date right around Sept 31st if you were to order this week.

The MP-5 Iron features the most options available from custom finish,  custom grind, and several custom stamping configurations along with builds, paint fill and specs. while the MP-55 Iron has all of those custom options except for stamping configurations.  Do expect TourSpecGolf to bring in a some of each for photos and to show off just how amazing Mizunos.  Interested in a set of your own?  Email [email protected] for more information!


Mizuno MP-55 Irons – New for Japan 2015


Mizuno MP-55 Forged Irons – Big day for Mizuno releases the Japanese MP-55 iron has been announced and it looks promising.  Versus the MP-54/H5/15 the new MP-55 features the deepest center of gravity of all,  it’s sweet spot height is also lower than the others making it a strong lofted, higher trajectory semi-players cavity back.

Mizuno has created a new V shaped T-Slot filling most of the cavity to provide a more solid and dense feel,  the combo of loft/deep cg/low cg creates a higher trajectory for more distance and a stronger ball flight.  It is Forged of S25CM  and available 4-PW.  The new MP-55 will have YORO craft options coming to TSG at the same time as the official release which is in September.  Stay tuned for our photos of customized MP-55 Mizuno Irons.

Bridgestone Project JGR


A couple weeks back TourSpecGolf announced the Bridgestone J015 series which is a specialty line only sold within golf stores for personal fittings in Japan.   Bridgestone has also just announced yesterday the new Project JGR,  which continues the TourStage GR theme and is targeted to the same type of golfer.  These should be released in both Japan & U.S starting with an Early October release in Japan.  Look for these in the TSG Pro Shop as the sales date gets closer!

RomaRo Ray Alpha Irons Review


RomaRo Alpha Irons – I’ve been testing this one over 1 month casually meaning sometimes I put it in the bag for a round or two and take it to the range.  5-6 rounds and I’m confident I got a grip of what these are all about.

When first opening the box and holding them in hand a question popped into mind:  If I had to choose a thinner top line vs less offset and could only choose one which would it be?  Follow the Jump to hear my answer!

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2015 PRGR Super Egg Series

PRGR Super Egg Series Driver

PRGR 2015 Egg Series Golf Clubs

PRGR announced many new models today with a new GOLD / RED concept,  Gold is non-conforming while RED is conforming besides that some specs vary such as face angle or lofts  and swing weight The new Egg/Super Egg Driver is 460cc’s the conforming version has a 2* open face angle while the non conforming 1*,  remember this is PRGR they like open faces and design their heads to produce a straight neutral launch these are not draw bias or fade bias even considering the open face angle.  Here’s a big deal,  a large OEM using DAT55G from Japan making me can’t wait to hit this one! Stay tuned for more info!  Will be available in early October.  Follow the Jump to read the rest of the line up.

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Miura Giken PP-9005 Passing Point Irons

Miura PP 9005

Miura Giken appears to be going in a new design direction or at least trying things they havent in the past Miura usually makes spin welded forged iron heads by hand in Japan while the new Passing Point Neo PP-9005 is is their first model that’s a 2 piece head design including a deep cavity undercut, when I say 2 piece it’s because the face and body are separate and different materials,  the body is S20C while the face is SUP-10 steel and the result is actually Miura’s most forgiving,  longest distance,  and largest club head they ever made.  Oh and one more thing these are not made in Japan unlike their other models follow the jump to read more.

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Srixon Z-Series Limited Edition Black Series


Another new release coming this September 19th is a Limited Edition Srixon Z-Series Black Irons with custom graphic and color Design Tuning Shafts.  Pre-order starts next week on TSG these should sell out well before the release date,  it’s finished in what they are calling a “black satin”.  Simply Stealth.. stay tuned!

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