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2015 PRGR Super Egg Series

PRGR Super Egg Series Driver

PRGR 2015 Egg Series Golf Clubs

PRGR announced many new models today with a new GOLD / RED concept,  Gold is non-conforming while RED is conforming besides that some specs vary such as face angle or lofts  and swing weight The new Egg/Super Egg Driver is 460cc’s the conforming version has a 2* open face angle while the non conforming 1*,  remember this is PRGR they like open faces and design their heads to produce a straight neutral launch these are not draw bias or fade bias even considering the open face angle.  Here’s a big deal,  a large OEM using DAT55G from Japan making me can’t wait to hit this one! Stay tuned for more info!  Will be available in early October.  Follow the Jump to read the rest of the line up.

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Miura Giken PP-9005 Passing Point Irons

Miura PP 9005

Miura Giken appears to be going in a new design direction or at least trying things they havent in the past Miura usually makes spin welded forged iron heads by hand in Japan while the new Passing Point Neo PP-9005 is is their first model that’s a 2 piece head design including a deep cavity undercut, when I say 2 piece it’s because the face and body are separate and different materials,  the body is S20C while the face is SUP-10 steel and the result is actually Miura’s most forgiving,  longest distance,  and largest club head they ever made.  Oh and one more thing these are not made in Japan unlike their other models follow the jump to read more.

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Srixon Z-Series Limited Edition Black Series


Another new release coming this September 19th is a Limited Edition Srixon Z-Series Black Irons with custom graphic and color Design Tuning Shafts.  Pre-order starts next week on TSG these should sell out well before the release date,  it’s finished in what they are calling a “black satin”.  Simply Stealth.. stay tuned!

Miura Giken PP-9005 Passing Point Irons

Miura Passing Point PP 9005

Coming this month to the TSG Pro Shop the all new Miura Giken Passing Point PP-9005 Forged Cavity Irons,  labelled NEO this time it’s a big departure from how Miura irons have been made in the past,  This is the first multipiece design I can remember from Miura that has a Forged S25C body that is separate from the face which is a  J.I.S SUP-10 Steel.  The PP-9005 also comes with a  deep undercut cavity lowering the center of gravity and also allowing Miura to gain more head size without gaining as much head weight which equals the more forgiving Miura everyone has been asking for.

Miura Giken also has a new finish that uses a separate surface treatment called Accurise Coat which is supposed to reduce friction during turf contact.  On top of this they also feature a full copper underlayer for an even softer feel.

While this undercut/badge/2 piece iron is  new to Miura it also brings in a more modern look like the inside of the cavity which features a carbon style badge that gives it some extra edgeyness but at the same time that comes off looking a little cheap to some.. what has remained is Miura’s commitment to minimal offset, a beautiful shape,  geared toward the better player and in in the case of the new Passing Point Neo PP-9005 that is no different.  In hand photos are and course reviews are  just a week or two away.

Passing Point Miura 9005 PP Irons

SEVEN PROTOTYPE – V1.5 SS400 Cavity Blade


SEVEN – Every time the brand “Seven” produces a new model many True Protos and test samples must be made,  we experiment with different grinds, finishes, specs, and anything else we think is needed.  Today we pay homage to one of our most special sets of True-Protos and while may look similar to the first version of the cavity blade I would consider it’s DNA version 1.5.

The original CB as seen “here” features blade like specifications to face progression (offset) to top line thickness which is in the 4mm range.  This prototype was designed to bring it a little more forgiveness while finding out how these changes effect feel during impact.  Follow the jump to learn what happened with this one of a kind Seven True-Proto’s.

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New R1 Cavity Back Forged by A-GRIND

A-Grind R1 Golf Irons

Ako-san has been extremely busy with his new company A-Grind and the results are paying off with the winner of the Volvo China open playing an A-Grind UT 20.5* club so big congrats to A-Grind and Ako-san on that one.  Today I’m going to highlight something we have been waiting for since the Japan Golf Show back in Feb where we caught glimpse of a prototype R1 CB iron which I must admit looks stunning.

Forged in Himeji Japan & Made in Kobe the A-GRIND R1 is the new design cavity back made of mild S25C,  it’s designed for the low capper to pro with a very thin top line and compact appearance,  it’s toe and face shape are unique to cavity back irons and its neck transition is very quick yet subtle and small to provide a more blade like appearance at address.   More photos after the Jump…

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Miura Giken Limited Type D & Type F Irons

Miura Limited Type D

Miura Giken has a couple of new variants recently announced called the Y-Grind series Type-D & Type-F blades,  both very similar to the blades they already have the market but hand ground with some aggressive new angles and edges.

Of the two models the D & F MG has released 200pcs of each model 100 in a more silver metallic finish and 100 in a flatter silver look x 2 different sets that means a total of 400 of these new blades  combined will exist.  While it looks like most of their other blades as the base heads are often shared there are still some visual distinctions that are easily noticeable from different angles that we will highlight in this blog post.  If you like Miura Giken ( Japan Version ) and you enjoy drooling over muscle back irons its time to read more…

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The 2015 Honma TW727V Forged

TW727 V Irons

Last year the model “V” was Honma’s most compact forged players cavity  iron it was called the Tour World 717V and this year it’s grown a little to become a more forgiving and softer club making way for a new and even more compact players CB the “VN”.  This is good news to me because I liked the previous V a lot but this one  with even more forgiveness and still a low offset thin top line iron It’s now better than ever.

Honma’s professionals really liked the V but wanted an iron the had a cavity and traditional lofts still,  this paved the way to create the VN to fit this need allowing the V to maintain slightly stronger lofts and implementing just the slightest bit more size and a deeper cavity.  Ready for more angles of this beauty?  Follow the jump!…

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