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2015 PRGR Super Egg Series

PRGR Super Egg Series Driver

PRGR 2015 Egg Series Golf Clubs

PRGR announced many new models today with a new GOLD / RED concept,  Gold is non-conforming while RED is conforming besides that some specs vary such as face angle or lofts  and swing weight The new Egg/Super Egg Driver is 460cc’s the conforming version has a 2* open face angle while the non conforming 1*,  remember this is PRGR they like open faces and design their heads to produce a straight neutral launch these are not draw bias or fade bias even considering the open face angle.  Here’s a big deal,  a large OEM using DAT55G from Japan making me can’t wait to hit this one! Stay tuned for more info!  Will be available in early October.  Follow the Jump to read the rest of the line up.

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RomaRo Golf Alpha Fairway and Alpha Utility Woods

RomaRo Alpha Fairway Wood 2015

RomaRo Alpha Fairway Wood – The entire series of Alpha woods contains the same DNA,  easy to hit, long, very straight forgiving and higher launching I think that wraps it up nicely it’s forged cup face and stainless 17-4 body make for a satisfying sound at impact.

It’s shallow face looks as though you can get airborne well and that inspires confidence a low center of gravity help with picking the ball off turf it’s flatter more rounded sole slides very well.  In this post we have both the Fairway & Utility to talk about so please continue to read on…

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A-GRIND Fairway Wood Review

A-GRIND Fairway Woods

It’s been less than a year since A-GRIND has opened its doors to the public originally they were only found via the Tour Service on the Japan PGA Tour and they were not for sale given away by Ako-san who is part owner and designer of the company not to mention the lead designer for royal collection for more than a decade.

The connection with RC is apparent in this Fairway Wood,  Royal Collections most successful products were it’s fairway woods and now that Ako-san has left and started his own company the DNA of the design has gone with him. In this blog post I share my long term thoughts on the A-Grind Fairway Woods.  Follow the Jump to Read On…

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PRGR 2015 iD Nabla Tour Series Coming Soon!

PRGR Nabla Tour Series Wedge

PRGR did a showing of their up coming releases for mid 2015,  we are allowed to show you some of them but not all.  The PRGR Nabla Tour 2015 Series is exactly what TSG members would expect retro look pro level clubs packed with technology especially the 3 wood in my opinion.

The new Nabla Tour Wedge has a flat silver finish to totally eliminate glare and trailing edge grind that goes to the center of the sole which PRGR says provides enough to open the face a few degrees yet allows the player to hit full shots with the club sitting square if you want it to.  Ready to see the Driving Iron and new Fairway Wood?  Click Read More…

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J-BEAM Glorious Fairway Wood

J Beam Glorious

At TSG there has been a cult following of certain fairway wood models over the years like the PRGR Egg ( 2nd gen ) and the Ryoma D1 F3 both which we geared toward the same type of player,  those looking for a shallow face thats easy to get up into the air,  forgiving on off center hits making the ball fly straight and finally very long which is often about having a high launch combined with low spin.

We just may have another one of those “grail” items in the all new 2015 Glorious FW by Jbeam,  follow the jump to read more…

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A-GRIND Golf Japan!


Introducing A-Grind Golf and while the brand and name itself is new the people behind it have been part of the Japan Tour for over a decade.  Let’s start with the man himself Yusuke Ako-san who was the lead designer for Royal Collection from 2004 to 2013 for all their clubs including woods, irons, wedges, and utilities.

Yesterday I sat down for lunch with Ako-san  in Kobe  Japan  to talk about A-Grind and to organize special offerings for our members,  Click Read More to Follow…

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Callaway Japan Only Beta Series

Callaway Japan Beta Series

Japan Only Big Bertha Beta Series Woods & Irons – Globally Callaway Golf has released the Big Bertha Alpha Series & V-Series while Japan get’s a very unique new model called the Big Bertha “Beta” that was produced to replace the higher end Legacy models.  The U.S Big Bertha V-Series is based on the Japanese Legacy Driver while this new BETA could become the foundation of a next gen design by Callaway Global.

This is the lightest weight Callaway driver has every released and it features their thinnest and lightest face material in the history of the brand called 811 Titanium which promises to have the highest ball velocity of any Callaway Driver ever.   This driver has a fixed heel weight giving it a draw bias to aid in keeping the right side our of play and it’s also Interesting they released a higher end model using yet left out the adjustable hosel in the sake of performance & design.  A new internal sound rib was implemented for better feel and the standard shaft similar to the Fujikura Air a very light weight longer in length distance focused design mated special with this head design is supposed to make the new Beta series driver Callaway’s biggest distance club they have ever released.   Ready to see the rest of the models including the new HEAVENWOOD?  Follow the Jump Please…

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Fourteen Type-7 Driving Iron

Fourteen Golf Type-7 Driving Iron Hybrid

Fourteen Type 7 Driving Hybrid Iron – You seen it on the PGA Tour at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas,  we have been seeing variants of these for more than a year on the Japan Tour and now it’s been sent to us for testing and eval.  I’m going to keep this short and sweet,  This is a near perfect driving iron that is highly refined,  from it’s angles, feel, forgiveness and overall performance it hit’s all marks for the player type it’s intended for.

So who is it intended for?  I’d have to say the low/mid handicapper who want’s to shoot tight accurate bullets to land in 2 on a par 5, or I can imagine it’s extremely usefull off the tee on tricky par 4’s or longer par 3’s,  yes there are higher launching more forgiving driving irons and hybrids that can be used but none as evolved as this in my opinion.  Follow the Jump for more pics and review…

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RomaRo Chapter 2 iBrid Hybrid Iron

RomaRo iBrid Driving Iron

Back in February of 2014 at the Japan Golf Fair RomaRo showed off it’s new iBrid Chapter 2 driving iron,  many months went by with no official release and customers began asking when  it will become available.  Good news is it’s now at TSG head only or with custom shaft options.  Better yet I’ve fallen heads over heels with it’s performance,  looks, and feel.  let’s dive a little deeper into the good stuff.

RomaRo iBrid Chapter 2 Driving Iron

Not many driving irons have a forged cup face,  for those not familiar with a cup face it’s basically a higher rebounding softer feeling design where the face is not welded at the edges but  more cup like wrapping around the edges before it’s welded making the face more flexible.  It’s evident that the Chapter 2 iBrid has a forged cup face because it feels so much better than any other driving iron I’ve tried it’s a more springy more spongy launch you will notice immediately at impact.

For more pictures and the rest of the review please follow the Jump…

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