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Grandista RS-F Fairway Woods

Grandista Driver | Fairway Wood

Introducing the new Grandsita RS-F Fairway Woods – with all the amazing fairway woods on TSG it’s hard to choose “the right” one and here comes another stunner the RS-F3 by Grandista,  lets start with some very good news, it’s got a DAT55G face,  a forward CG for lower spin,  yet a fairly shallow face to help get the ball up,  the cut away and two weight bars create a very stable trajectory.  I’ve hit all 14/15/16* custom 3 wood lofts and can suggest these with confidence they stack up with the best of them for sure top 3 in my book as well.

Yoshida-san former tour pro and founder/designer of Grandista is on a roll,  his drivers are top 5 in my book and this fairway wood is top of the heap as well,  It’s designed for the lower handicap player yet its extremely easy to hit with it’s mid/high trajectory and due to less spin a tighter shot dispersion yet maintaining workability,  sounds almost too good to be true but it all works out and compared against other JDM fairway woods for low handicap golfers these have a slight distance advantage as well.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

Grandista Fairway Woods Golf

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A-GRIND UT PROTO by Yusuke Ako-san

A-GRIND by A-Design

Absolutely one of the best players Hybrids I have ever laid by hands on,  The A-Grind UT PROTO.   Currently A-Grind has 2 Hybrid Wood style clubs and 1 driving iron design and personally I think this is the better option of the three if your looking for a more traditional hybrid.  For those of you who don’t know much about A-Grind Follow the Jump we will dive a bit into his history and then my Review…

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Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons Announced!

Honma E-05 Driver | IE-05 Irons

Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons – Just announced the new E-05 Series is designed for the golfer looking for game improvement clubs,  usually the higher handicap or senior player enjoys the E-05 series as it’s larger more forgiving design,  higher launch angle and lower center of gravity specifications are key to creating clubs that work effortlessly making the end result easy to hit and much better distance.  A good example of the segment of player who would use these is:

– Player who would like to reduce a slice for longer distance.
– Player who would like to gain distance with flexibility of the club(Shaft).
– For the player who wants to get a ball easily even late swing.
– Player who always would like to hit the ball into fairway.

Sound like a good match for you?  We have full information and explanations on the technology,  materials, and performance one can expect from these after the Jump…

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Honma Beres S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons Announced!

Honma S-05 Beres

Introducing the all new Honma Beres S-05 Series scheduled for a January release,  TSG is proud to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for these and would warn that for the first quarter of 2016 these will be in high demand with limited availability. ( Click Here )

In contrast to the TOUR WORLD line of clubs designed for the stronger and better player the S-05 Beres series was created for the golfer seeking  pure enjoyment combined with improved performance helping the average player lower their scores.  In order to accommodate that Honma analyzed tens of thousands of swings and trajectory tendencies based on fitting data cultivated over time at the Sakata factory in Japan and yes these clubs are Made in Japan.

Honma S-05 Series Golf


Follow the Jump for the official information, descriptions, and specs on the new S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons…

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Kamui Works Custom Order Driving Wood

DSC07536-Edit-Edit copy

Years back Kamui Works was one of our best selling drivers,  they make fully custom woods by hand in Japan which is not something many or any brands really do,  this has allowed us to cater to golfers who need extreme specs like 5* open face angles,  custom black IP’s soles,  ultra heavy or light head weights and adjustments of bias and CG locations internally,  I mean what brand does this?

I wanted to make something a little flashy and unique while also fitting the needs of a request we get quite often,  that is the need for a driving wood off the tee box that can also handle fairway’s like a fairway wood.  The end result is a jaw dropper a 210g head with 12.5* loft and a 1* open face angle,  black IP sole with Ferrari yellow paint.. yum!

I’m not hitting this one,  it’s really just to remind our members what Kamui can do with drivers and fairway woods.  For those who want to Jump at this we have only 2pcs ready made and able to ship in a day or two so get in touch with [email protected] if you want to avoid the wait or you want a custom order to spec a unique driving wood for yourself.  Lexus Blue or Ferrari Red anyone?

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The New JBeam FW Ti Fairway Wood


The all new Jbeam Ti Fairway Wood – Titanium and designed to be easy to hit from most lies Jbeam has made another very forgiving FW,  they now have 3 excellent fairway woods that should be considered if you are in the hunt for one,  the RX-FW which is perfect in feel and compact size for the better player,  then the Jbeam Glorious which is more shallow,  larger and more forgiving that we found very long and easy to hit as is and now the TF series which is Titanium instead of stainless with a cut away channel similar to Royal Collection  this design is interesting because its shallow,  oversized at 210ccs in the 3 wood but the CG is designed more forward so while you should have an easy time getting the ball up yes even from the rough it still wont balloon on you.  Beautiful fit and finish to it as well… Follow the Jump for more pics!

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New Mizuno MP CLK-F / CLK-H / MP-Fli HI Utility Clubs

Mizuno MP CLK-F

Wrapping up the new summer releases from Mizuno are the MP-CLK-F Fairway Woods,  MP-CLK-H Hybrids, and MP FLI HI Driving Irons.

The new Fairway Woods features a Forged Cup face in the #3 & #5 while the 7 features a maraging face insert. Mizuno has also introduced a cut away sole channel as many OEM’s have recently and says that it increases RBI for a stronger trajectory and more distance.  This year Mizuno has designed the new CLK-F & CLK H to flow in shape and spec so more players use the full line up.  3/5/7 woods into the 3UT and possibly into a Fli Hi driving iron.  Stay tuned for more info!

2015 PRGR Egg Fairway Wood


PRGR 2015 Egg Fairway Wood – Based on the famous PRGR Egg 2nd generation the now 4th iteration of this popular fairway wood has taken technology to an entirely different level.  PRGR has adopted a new CFRP carbon crown to reduce weight and lower the CG point compared to metal this CFRP crown also flexes to help get the ball higher with less spin.  Ready for more pics and our take on the new Egg Spoon?  Please follow the jump…

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PRGR 2015 Egg UT


PRGR recently released a wide selection of PRGR Egg woods and irons and Pro Gear was kind enough to send us samples a couple weeks back well before release.  To say they are excited about the new Egg series would be an understatement they truly believe these are the longest most forgiving clubs in this segment and as usual everything is jam-packed with tech that other brands don’t use.

The biggest feature on the clubs is the head itself and there is really a lot to explain about them so where to begin?  Let’s start by clicking read more to see more pictures and explanations + quick review on these…

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