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New Distribution Program at Tourspecgolf!

Tourspecgolf is proud to introduce their new distribution program for qualifying retailers.  Retailers who have an established golf business, that is selling and building clubs can apply for a retailer account with Tourspecgolf.  We will begin small by offering a handful of brands like Crazy and Quadra shafts, Yururi, Geotech, Kenmochi, Muziik/Bangvoo.  Hopefully this can grow to encompass more mainstream brands as well.

If you think you can sell high end Japan market golf gear and currently run a golf shop and/or club making business, please email me at gocchin @ tourspecgolf.com (without the spaces) and I will provide you with information on how the wholesale program works. I’ll also ask for background  information/qualifications from interested parties so that Tourspecgolfer/Chris approve each account.

It’s our goal to make top notch JDM gear available worldwide and through a larger network and distribution channel more golfers globally can get exposed to and have access to cool Japanese golf gear. We look forward to those interested in joining TSGDN, the Tourspecgolf Distribution Network!

ONOFF at the 2011 Japan Golf Fair!

ONOFF never fails to have one of the classiest setups at the Japan Golf Fair and this year was no different. It’s never one of the largest exhibits nor does it feature fancy video screens and commercials or even show girls. However its definitely one of the most functional and stylish setups which is very much reflective of the company they are and the clubs they sell. Onoff along with GIII and Roddio has long been the golf wings of Daiwa Seiko Inc, which in the last couple of years has changed their name to Globeride. Globeride signifies a change to a more global outlook for all its group of companies and that very much includes ONOFF which is one of the few smaller yet mainstream Japanese brands with operations in both the US and Japan.

This years booth showcased ONOFF’s new 2011 drivers, new ONOFF Forged Iron, new S-Forged with conforming grooves as well as a few clubs out of top ONOFF Pro Shingo Katayama’s bag. We also saw the new GIII lines including their new premium and executive line the GIII Signature which sure looked very classy.  I already love both the ONOFF Forged iron and the new drivers especially the XI-S model. The irons like all previous forged ONOFF irons are ultra soft and made for the better player yet possess a lot of forgiveness thanks to tungsten in the sole and the feel is very much enhanced by its pyramid shaped cavity design. The XI-S is the square faced athlete model and while an athlete model again it sports a lot of forgiveness in its design including Gravity Control weighting which brings the CG back and deeper for easy launch and lower spin. The XI-S unlike some of the ONOFF Black models of the past also features a slightly more shallow back design. Best of all it feels wonderful thanks to a Wide Hyper Effect face made from forged ELF Titanium.

I think this is going to be a great year for ONOFF. They are a company that believes in quality over quantity and they do not flood the market with tons and tons of new models but instead concentrate on making a lineup of great looking and performing models worthy of a customers yen. This year they have a very well rounded lineup from drivers, to woods, to irons to wedges.  And to top it all off, all clubs are available through their Labo Spec department with Roddio and other upgrade shafts as well.

Chris of course put together one of his awesome videos showcasing ONOFF. Please watch it here.

Here also are some pictures of ONOFF from the 2011 Japan Golf Fair! Please click on the album to view!

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2011 TourStage X-UT Hyrbid

TourStage XUT Utility WoodJust received my 2011 X-UT hybrid from TourStage yesterday and have already taken it to the range.  I’ve got a lot of clubs I’m reviewing right now and tomorrow I have the support of TSG club tester Tatsuro Oshimoto to help me out so that we can provide a mid handicap perspective (ME) along with a plus level player (Tatsuro).

My first impressions right out of the box are, is this thing gonna be hard to hit?  It’s a fantastic looking hybrid it’s face is fairly deep and it’s dimensions playeresque.  Its overall a compact design and extremely appealing to my eye. The face looked a bit open which I like because I have a tendency to pull hybrid clubs.  I was never one to get along with wood style utilities and always preferred driving irons over them so I decided to order this one with a steel NS950 shaft to keep dispersion tight and predictable.

TourStage Golf

First Impressions were extremely positive, with the steel shaft it flew dead straight, It had a low/mid trajectory and felt very easy to get off the ground. I’ve only got about a half bucket 30 balls under my belt with it so far and real course testing occurs tomorrow.  If your familiar with last years model the UT-101w this one has a slightly lower CG yet has been moved forward for less spin and workability. The 2011 TourStage X-UT features “onset” which supports you in keeping the left side out of play. For those of you not familiar with onset, its the opposite of offset where the face is slightly positioned forward of the hosel.  The body is made of SUS630 stainless steel and the face is a hyper stainless 455 variable thickness cup face.

Tomorrow it goes up against the new Miura MG Hybrid which has a deeper face than the X-UT. The comparison will be difficult as I have shafted the MG hybrid with the Ozik Altus Hybrid shaft in X.  Stay tuned many reviews coming up!
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New Miura Giken MG Hybrid

Miura Giken MG Hybrid

Miura Giken Japan has introduced an all new Hybrid head they simply call the MG Hybrid.  The MG Hybrid is designed to have the accuracy of an iron but the ease of use of a wood. The MG Hybrid produces a more penetrating trajectory thanks to a deeper face (purposely designed the same height as a ball) and optimal CG. Miura decided that to create the optimal trajectory for different lies and conditions, the CG should not be placed too low like in many clubs today. This allows for more stability, direction and control.  The MG Hybrid features a stepped slow for less friction during contact with the ground. The black IP finish gives a premium look and design.

Miura Japan Hybrid Review

The new MG Hybrid is available only in 2 lofts, hb3 20* and hb4 23*.  The face angle on both models is square and the weights are 235g and 242g respectively.  The hosel diameter fits 0.350 shafts meaning only certain hybrid shafts will fit. (9.0mm or 0.354″ to be exact so most taper tip shafts will also work with a tight fit).  The MG Hybrid is being sold as head only and does not come with a headcover.  We can also have the club custom built to your specs so contact us for more details.  A full written review with video is in the works expect it in a couple of weeks.

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