Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Titleist VG3

Japanese Golf Clubs

Titleist VG3 Series in hand images and hitting impressions –  Titleist Japan did not attend the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year which was a big surpise as they have just about every previous show I can remember in the last 15 years BUT they did have all of their clubs available to test with launch monitor data,  enjoy the pics and my impressions after the jump…

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TourSpecGolfers Main Gamer: ZY-11 + Seven Dreamers L01

JBeam ZY-11 Driver

With the ability to play any JDM driver and shaft Its not an easy task deciding on just one gamer,  too much switching has hurt my score in the past but on the flip side having access to a ton of different drivers over the last 13 years has helped me understand what I want and need to play my best golf.

In 2013/2014/2015 one brand has captured the big dog’s spot more than any and that’s Jbeam.  Not from bias but for the simple reason that they are Loooong and reduce spin significantly,  It started with the original 435,  then the Blackout 435 and for most of 2015 the ZY-11.  I currently own 2 Jbeam Blackout 435’s and 2 Jbeam ZY-11’s all four with Seven Dreamers Shafts installed,  before that the Basileus AAA in 50 & 60 Stiff & Regular tipped along with many other shafts from some of our top shaft companies and It’s not just me who owns multiple JBeams many of TSG’s members have more than a few and for some strange reason just can’t let them go.

Seven Dreamers Golf Shafts

So what’s new about my latest gamer?  Well for one the white finish yet the biggest difference to note is the Limited Seven Dreamers L01 Nishijin-ori Shaft,  This means all 4 of my Jbeam drivers sport seven dreamers shafts and thankfully my driving game and confidence has never been better.  Follow the Jump to see more photos and check out the specs on this shaft/head combo…

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Kamui TP-07 Version 2 – DAT55G


Kamui has released 3 new drivers recently a new TP-07 Version 2 which uses a DAT55G face one of the most desired face materials found in JDM drivers from Daido Steel Co. in Japan,  the other is a the TP-09D and TP-09S for deep and shallow and while all three are based on the same mold ( I assume )  these do not have the DAT 55 face but rather a more traditional SP700 face.

Furthermore I find the TP-07 to be a bit more special as Kamui has shaved the face down to the exact Maximum COR while keeping it under SLE rules ( conforming ).  I will cover the TP-09 models shortly but wanted to start with the Ver. 2 TP-07 DAT55G first.

These drivers have a cult following,  although it’s been around a while and in multiple iterations this should theoretically be Kamui Pro’s best version of it.  Distance/Sound/Feel should all be enhanced with with DAT55G and the head istself still contains Nitro gas,  something I don’t think creates much of a tangible result but none the less it doesn’t hurt it either.  I have not hit this driver yet and probably won’t have time to so we do have this actual club here used for photos available  it is 10* 200g and assembled with the Fujikura Evo TS 661 Stiff Flex, Elite Y360 Black Grip coming in at 45.5″ D4.  Please inquire with [email protected] if interested.

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Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons Announced!

Honma E-05 Driver | IE-05 Irons

Honma Beres E-05 Woods | IE-05 Irons – Just announced the new E-05 Series is designed for the golfer looking for game improvement clubs,  usually the higher handicap or senior player enjoys the E-05 series as it’s larger more forgiving design,  higher launch angle and lower center of gravity specifications are key to creating clubs that work effortlessly making the end result easy to hit and much better distance.  A good example of the segment of player who would use these is:

– Player who would like to reduce a slice for longer distance.
– Player who would like to gain distance with flexibility of the club(Shaft).
– For the player who wants to get a ball easily even late swing.
– Player who always would like to hit the ball into fairway.

Sound like a good match for you?  We have full information and explanations on the technology,  materials, and performance one can expect from these after the Jump…

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Honma Beres S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons Announced!

Honma S-05 Beres

Introducing the all new Honma Beres S-05 Series scheduled for a January release,  TSG is proud to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for these and would warn that for the first quarter of 2016 these will be in high demand with limited availability. ( Click Here )

In contrast to the TOUR WORLD line of clubs designed for the stronger and better player the S-05 Beres series was created for the golfer seeking  pure enjoyment combined with improved performance helping the average player lower their scores.  In order to accommodate that Honma analyzed tens of thousands of swings and trajectory tendencies based on fitting data cultivated over time at the Sakata factory in Japan and yes these clubs are Made in Japan.

Honma S-05 Series Golf


Follow the Jump for the official information, descriptions, and specs on the new S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons…

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Saying Goodbye to the Vanquish XR


One of the most underrated players drivers has been discontinued,  it seems Maruman who are near the top of the food chain in the luxury segment has a difficult time cracking the better players market.   The Vanquish XR was a driver I didn’t consistently hit well but there was a nice stretch of weeks I was in love with it and yes with a stock shaft.   It’s a 460cc head with a deep dark look to it made of grade 5 Titanium and a proritary face called 438FG-X even the hosel was fullerene Titanium.  Stock shaft is 50T carbon + fullerene carbon in silver IP and black gradient.  Everything about this club was right,  it just didn’t get the traction it deserved,  lets hope they use a similar model in what we hope to be a future XR series.  More pics after the Jump…

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Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver for Japan


Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver – A Graphite Composite Face… that isn’t something we see very often in golf especially a face that looks as out of the ordinary as this driver,  and whats with no adjustability whatsoever?  This is common in Japan yet in the states adjustability is very popular.  Don’t ask why ;)

This face is a lightweight carbon material that features a new widened inverted cone technology that supposedly creates a hotter ball velocity that is stable and straight.  Designed for the slower swinger,  female or senior golfer it’s touted as the most premium club Taylormade has produced and with a price nearing $1500 usd it’s geared to a very specific segment.  Even if that’s not you have a look at this very interesting and intriguing club,  and if you are in the segment this caters to I suggest having a read by following the Jump…

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Grandista Type-S Driver Review


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Grandista DAT55G Driver head and today we have the same model except with an SP700 material face and silver highlights on the crown and face,  So why produce 2 drivers both with the same design yet just different face materials?  Its really about preference of feel,  Yoshida-san former tour pro and founder/designer of Grandista was able to produce a slightly softer feel and sound at impact with the SP700 model yet with the same  CT “Characteristic of Time” that the ball is compressed against the face and in this case it’s VERY high at CT=257 for both the DAT55G model and the SP700 model.   Yesterday I was able to hit both models together so please follow the jump for what I found the difference was…

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PRGR Egg Driver Conforming 2015

New PRGR Egg Driver 2015

The new PRGR Egg drivers just released for sale on september 11th, a few weeks ago in the blog we covered the Super Egg non conforming version, today we are showing you pre release photos of the conforming version known as the 2015 Egg Driver ( no super ).

This deep faced 460cc driver holds nothing back in terms of technology and materials, PRGR uses a titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) face with a titanium (Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo) body. Available in 2 lofts 10 & 11 degree’s the standard face angle is listed at 2* open but the driver looks and plays very square, this is due to the unique methods prgr uses to design, manufacture, and measure their clubs. More photos after the Jump…

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