2016 Titleist VG3 Driver Review

Titleist VG3 Driver1

The New 2016 VG3 Driver – I first hit this club back several months ago at the Tokyo Golf Show only issue was it was inside a swing cage and I wasn’t really in review mode,  well a couple of weeks ago I was able to take it out for a round at TPC San Antonio which is a lovely track I’m familiar with and got to give her a good run.

It’s a Japan Only Premium offering from Titleist that caters to a wide range of player from the smoother swinging low handicap to even the high handicap golfer.   So what makes it premium?  It’s the 811 Ti body and the SP700 Forged Cup Face these are top grade materials often only used in the very best JDM drivers. It’s a High MOI driver with an elongated shape and what Titleist calls a center axis cg location,  It’s got the active recoil channel and sure fit adapter as well.  On to my thoughts after the Jump…

Titleist VG3 Driver5

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JBEAM ZY-7 Driver!


The JBEAM ZY-7 Driver Pre-order bank is now officially open at TourSpecGolf!  You may contact us directly via email for a custom build or purchase directly from the TSG ProShop listing that will launch tomorrow.  This driver is only available via specialty JBeam dealers like TSG.

A little background on why the new ZY-7 is such a highly anticipated driver.  J-Beam has been known to produce some of the best and longest drivers in all of Japan many of their models have unique spin reduction and launch characteristics.  Many brands like Crazy, TRPX and others have sought to collaborate with Jbeam seeking similar performance in their clubs.  This new ZY-7 is being used on the Japan Long Drive Tour by JBEAM sponsored player Yasuhiro Yamazaki as a prototype already securing him the top spot twice in his last two events.

The history of Jbeam’s drivers date back more than 30 years where Mr. Kazuhiro-san the father of the current president shown below was a persimmon driver artisan famous in Japan,  for years Kazuhiro-san watched his father meticulously grind wooden heads to the specifications of many of Japan’s best professional players.  Kazuhiro-san has taken much of what his father has taught him and incorporated modern technology and his personal philosophy on how to create maximum distance for many types of players.   Follow the Jump for more information about the new 2016 JBeam ZY-7 Driver.


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MODART MA01D+R Driver – Made in JAPAN!

Modart MA01D+R Driver6

Introducing Modart’s latest creation the MA01D+R and while it may look similar to their other three drivers this one is completely different.  The first modart drivers released a few years ago were the MA01D and MA01S both were 435cc players woods with a mid trajectory and some pretty low spin rates.  Last year Modart then released the MA01DS which was an improved version of the original but with a shaft adapter that allowed you to change shafts with ease.  The all new MA01D+R is based on an entirely new mold at a full 460cc’s it’s designed to be much easier to hit and produce a mid/high trajectory with very low spin.  It is suggested to play this head shafted at 45″ or longer.  Follow the Jump for more information on this hot new club from Modart…

Modart MA01D+R Driver10

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Kamui Pro TP-09S Driver


Last week I posted photos of the Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver here.  Today it’s about it’s shallow faced brother the TP-09S,  obviously D is for Deep and S is for Shallow.  What you can expect is a more forgiving shape to promote straighter shots on heel and toe misses while the D is better for the golfer who hits high and low on the face.

The S also has more of a draw bias by design and a slightly higher trajectory with a touch more spin,  enjoy more photos after the Jump…


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The Kamui PRO TP-09D Driver

Kamui Pro TP09 Driver

The Kamui Pro TP-09D Driver – The TP-07 was an awesome club,  the club just launched off the face with a powerful trajectory and soft metallic crunch type of feel,  it was reproduced in multiple iterations from having a nitro air filled head to a foamed head to various face materials used over a period of many years, so it was about time for Chujo the parent company of Kamui Pro to release it’s successor the TP-09D and TP-09S drivers.  The D & S stand for Deep and Shallow,  the D is what we will cover today so please follow the jump for more photos…

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Baldo 568 Competizione 420cc Driver

Baldo 568 Competizione Driver

Baldo 568 Competizione Driver – A very deep faced players driver that comes in at 420cc’s small, it’s got a forged DAT55G cup face which is as good as it gets when your talking about driver face materials. TSG can request baldo hand picks the heads for specific lofts ranging between 8.5 to 10.5 degrees as well as custom face angles and head weights. This is a better players driver designed to produce a medium trajectory and very low spin, it’s 420cc’s small but doesn’t look small and the face is extremely deep not only to aid with a lower trajectory but also better for players who mis-hit high and low of center. Baldo also claims this driver despite it’s size is very easy to hit with a stable ball flight yet is still workable.

These come standard with a 58.5* lie angle, and 198g-200g head weights the standard installed weight is 10g, but baldo does offer (12g, 8g, 6g, 4g, 2g sold separately). Baldo claims this driver reduces spin by 800 rpm on average due to the newly designed forged cup face. For more photos follow the Jump…


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Honma Beres S-05 4 Star Driver

Honma Golf Clubs

A few weeks ago we posted a Honma Beres S-05 4 Star Fairway Wood today we have the matching 4 Star  S-05 Driver custom ordered from the SAKATA Factory in Japan with a custom matte black crown & 4 Star Shaft.  We also had SAKATA adjust the standard face angle slightly open to promote a fade.  To custom order your Honma Custom Clubs straight from the Japan factory please email

Enjoy the rest of the photos after the jump…

Honma 4 Stars Golf Clubs

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Honma BeZeal 525 Driver

Honma BeZeal

Had a chance to give the new Honma BeZeal a good whack,  borrowed it for some range time in 9.5* with the standard stiff flex shaft and was very surprised how this shaft fit me,  I tend to use very low spin and low launching heads ya know the player type with a square face heavier head and forward center of gravity.

The new BeZeal 525 is actually a high launch head with medium spin or honma calls the proper spin rate for this head design and while this shaft was light where I usually play almost heavy everything about this club made it go high and straight.  More of my review after the jump…

Honma Golf BeZeal

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Kamui KM-300 Custom Spec Driver

Kamui Works KM-300

Introducing the Kamui Works KM-300 Driver – featuring a non conforming inner rebound spring that at the moment of impact releases forward for a more powerful reflection off the club face,  this spring makes this club non conforming in a new way usually non conforming is judged by the face COR related to thinness but Kamui Works has introduced this new method for even more distance advantage to the player.   These are custom handmade heads  so the options on these are many yes you can order this conforming but it will not have the inner spring.

Like the previous KM-200 they pump air into the head to further increase rebound along with grooves on both the inside and outside of the face to create better forgiveness on the heel and toe side,  as you can see there is a cut in the rear moving the cg forward and low for a low spin mid/high trajectory designed with the purpose of creating the most distance possible.  More photos after the jump…

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