Japan Golf Fair 2016

Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons Pictures

VG3 Forged Irons

Titleist VG3 Forged Japan Only Irons – Introducing the new 2016 VG3’s by Titleist.  Only offered in Japan the VG3 series is geared toward the mid to low handicap player the forged version as seen in these photos features very little offset yet with a rounded somewhat thick topline it’s forged head has a progressive cavity with short irons having no undercut while the mid to long irons have a deeper CNC milled undercut for extra added forgiveness.  The soles of the mid to long irons also feature embedded tungsten weighting spread optimally across the entire sole area making these very forgiving and lowering the trajectory which blends well with it’s stronger lofts somewhat the same combo used in the Titleist T-MB 716 irons, but these are not stainless steel or hollow like the T-MB they are soft forged 1 piece heads,  just the way we like um.  Follow the jump for detailed photos of the PW, #7 and #5 irons….

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Emillid Bahama


Was digging through some of our Japan Golf Fair Photos and forgot to post these photos from the brand Emiliid Bahama,  ok so I’m gonna just put my opinion out there and say the photos came out well and to some these may look really cool but the brand misses the mark in so many ways,  it looks gaudy,  cheap,  overdone and the quality isn’t there.  We do have some customers that love the driver and great I’m glad it works for them but it’s just hard for us to stand behind a brand that produces one good product then makes a dozen mistakes in the rest of their line up…  ok rant over follow the jump for more pics…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Random Photos


We still have more Japan Golf Fair 2016 Blog & Forum posts on the way I just wanted to take a break from the maniac equipment photos for something a bit more random like women,  accessories and random photos from the Japan Golf Fair.

We had 3 cameras on the floor at the Golf Show,  the Sony A7RII,  Canon 5DR,  and 1DX with a plethora of lenses to choose from.  Hope you enjoy these photos!

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Mitsubishi Rayon

Grand Bassara Shaft Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Rayon was at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year with a stacked line up they were touting their latest release the Grand Bassara aggressively which highlights the future of light weight shaft technology,  Mitsubishi has released 2 versions the Grand Bassara G29 and G39 and the weights are some of the lightest in golf bar none,  follow the Jump to read about Mitsubishi’s awesome line up of new shafts…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – KATANA Voltio IV

Katana Voltio IV

TourSpecGolf believe it or not has a large following of Katana users,  these are mostly customers from S.E Asia and not part of the core following of english speaking forum users,  Katana has been at just about every Japan Golf Fair in the last decade + and this year feature an all new 2016 Katana Voltio IV Series in multiple iterations,  the best looking imo is the Voltio IV Hi Speeder Black Series but we have photos of the full line up after the Jump…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Mizuno


Japan Golf Fair 2016 Photos from the Mizuno Golf Booth,  USA & JPN share many models but there is a good amount of products that are Japan only like the MP-55 Forged Irons,  MP-R5L and R5W,  JPX EIII Series and a ton of shoes but let’s not forget Yoro Craft,  the booth didn’t have the entire line up on hand but we did our best to take photos so please enjoy…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – CRAZY

Crazy Golf

Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Crazy Shafts,  it’s been a very long time since Crazy was at the golf show and while they told us they had a lot of new products in the works I had no clue their booth and the buzz around the booth would be so strong,  years ago their former president got into trouble with the law which cast a shadow over the company but now Crazy is running in full force and embracing the original concepts that made them one of Japan’s elite shaft brands years ago.  Welcome back to the dark side folks follow the jump to read on…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Elite Grips

Elite Y360 Grip

A lot of TSGers have moved from Iomic and Nowon to Elite Grips in 2015 and Elite seems to be continuing it’s expansion pretty aggressively into 2016 with the latest product being their textured putter grips in a wide variety of colors. Here are our photos from the Elite Grips Booth at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair.  Follow the Jump…

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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – RomaRo Golf

RomaRo Driver Golf

Of all the brands at the 2016 Japan Golf Fair if I had to pick one that excited me the most it would be RomaRo,  technically they were not at the golf show but like every year past they set up a conference hall across the street for their own invite only mini show it’s a smart move in my opinion they get to spend time with the accounts and dealers they want to see and focus on expanding their business vs a public showing of the line up.  So yes RomaRo is my favorite brand of the show and after the jump you will get a good idea why…

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