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Honma TW-PT Mallet


Honma fans will be happy with this release finally a tour world series mallet with a simple yet stealth shape and theme.  I say stealth because it kind of reminds me of one in black.  Honma did a lot of testing with their professional players narrowing it down to a couple of shapes they really liked.  Today we talk about the mallet so please follow the jump for more info and pictures…

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Honma TW-W Forged New 2017 Spec

Honma TW-W Forged Wedges3

The new for 2017 Honma TW-W Forged Wedges have been released made to blend perfectly with the Tour World 737 series irons from blade to the undercut 737 “P” model.   So whats different from the previous model?  Honma has adjusted the face profile,  offset, and grinds with the help of their Pro player Hideto Tanihara.  Follow the Jump for more photos and explanation…


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Honma’s new low handicap driver – TW737 445!


The Tour World Honma 445 Driver – There are 4 drivers in the new 737 driver line up the 445, 450 455 and 460 from smallest to largest.  The most obvious differences are that each head has different cg locations,  individual head designs and face structures.  Today we are talking about their low handicap pro level driver the 445.

The new TW737 445 is designed to for reduced spin,  workability and to avoid the left side allowing the hard hitter to go after it.  The cg is high and the face not as deep as most tour clubs which allowed them to add extra forgiveness but expanding it’s outer diameter.  Lots of photos and information after the jump…


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Honma’s TW-BM Could be the Best Blade this Year!

Honma Golf TW-BM Irons Japan1

Honma Golf’s new TW737 series is incredible.  TSG will be showing you the full line up starting off with what could be the Best Blade to hit the market in a while. Honma already had the TW727M blade which was a small, narrow and workable choice so a blade that offered more forgiveness and larger dimensions was great next move.

The new TW-BM in comparison with the 727M has a taller and wider face.  Professional JPGA star Hideto Tanihara asked Honma to enlarge the head of the TW717M to try an MB that was forgiving. Instead of simply enlarging the size of the head they completely redesigned the blade from the ground up using CAD to optimize the CG so that this club maintains control and great feeling at impact with a larger sweet spot.  Many more photos after the Jump!

Honma Golf TW-BM Irons Japan4

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Honma Golf TW-BM Muscle Back Blades

Honma TW-BM Limited Edition Irons – Introducing a new limited edition Honma muscle back iron coming June 17th to TourSpecGolf. Designed with specific input from JPGA Tour champion Hideo Tanihara for a more forgiving user-friendly blade design. While it looks very similar to the TW727 series muscle back’s this one features a unique forged material process that Honma has labelled VPF or Variation Productive Force. This combination of a more user-friendly design and manufacturing also produces a softer more supple feel at impact.

The only shafts available will be the Vizard series I and IB models with the standard shaft being the IB-95 Stiff Flex. I have a lot of experience with these shafts as do many of TSG’s Honma’s customers, they improve feel at impact as they are made of carbon yet the IB models play stiff to flex even compared to steel shafts in the same weight. These shafts feature steel fibers in the tip section for improved accuracy via a stiffer tip section.

As you can see in the image below the new Honma TW-BM is slighter longer heel to toe and taller from bottom to top. The sole is also more narrow, and it does have a touch more offset. TSG will be announcing more info as it becomes available with in hand photos before release. These are limited edition and will go quickly, so we are adding these to the TSG ProShop as soon as possible.


Honma Beres S-05 4 Star Driver

Honma Golf Clubs

A few weeks ago we posted a Honma Beres S-05 4 Star Fairway Wood today we have the matching 4 Star  S-05 Driver custom ordered from the SAKATA Factory in Japan with a custom matte black crown & 4 Star Shaft.  We also had SAKATA adjust the standard face angle slightly open to promote a fade.  To custom order your Honma Custom Clubs straight from the Japan factory please email [email protected]

Enjoy the rest of the photos after the jump…

Honma 4 Stars Golf Clubs

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Honma BeZeal 525 Driver

Honma BeZeal

Had a chance to give the new Honma BeZeal a good whack,  borrowed it for some range time in 9.5* with the standard stiff flex shaft and was very surprised how this shaft fit me,  I tend to use very low spin and low launching heads ya know the player type with a square face heavier head and forward center of gravity.

The new BeZeal 525 is actually a high launch head with medium spin or honma calls the proper spin rate for this head design and while this shaft was light where I usually play almost heavy everything about this club made it go high and straight.  More of my review after the jump…

Honma Golf BeZeal

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Honma Beres IS-05 Irons

Honma IS-05 Beres

Introducing the newly released Honma Beres IS-05 Forged Iron – Honma has identified the key attributes desired by slower swingers seeking a game improvement iron,  the first an a very important one is the fact that it’s still partly forged which is not so common in the game improvement iron segment this appeals to just about everyone who seeks the soft rewarding dense impact when the ball meets the face.  Next Honma increased the overall heads dimensions over the outgoing IS-03 model both the face height and length heel to toe has been increased by 1mm.    A lot has been improved with the new IS-05,  please click read more to learn about the differences…

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Honma BeZEAL Golf Irons

Honma Be Zeal Golf Clubs

What is Honma BeZeal?  First off it’s the best selling Honma line in Japan because it fills the companies only gap between the players segment and the game improvement side.  The athlete player uses the Tour World TW727 series while the game improvement or senior segment plays the Beres S-05 and E-05 products but what about the golfers in between?  This is where BeZeal comes in and this is the sweet spot in size,  forgiveness and performance that most average players fit into.

More forgiveness and distance than the TW727 series yet with less offset and size than the Beres line,  today we cover the BeZeal Irons follow the Jump for more info and photos…

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