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Japan Golf Fair 2016 – Titleist VG3

Japanese Golf Clubs

Titleist VG3 Series in hand images and hitting impressions –  Titleist Japan did not attend the 2016 Japan Golf Fair this year which was a big surpise as they have just about every previous show I can remember in the last 15 years BUT they did have all of their clubs available to test with launch monitor data,  enjoy the pics and my impressions after the jump…

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RODDIO Muscle Back by Miura Giken Japan

Miura Roddio MB

The Miura Giken (Japan) made Roddio Muscle Back Iron – Limited Edition only 100 sets produced and already sold out,  TSG has 1 set only available heads only 4-PW,  I will not be hitting these for testing as they are too rare they will be going to some lucky Miura Japan fanatic out there who wants a very rare and hard to get set especially brand new. Follow the jump after the below image to see this beauty from all angles…

Roddio Iron by Miura

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Honma Beres S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons Announced!

Honma S-05 Beres

Introducing the all new Honma Beres S-05 Series scheduled for a January release,  TSG is proud to announce we are now accepting pre-orders for these and would warn that for the first quarter of 2016 these will be in high demand with limited availability. ( Click Here )

In contrast to the TOUR WORLD line of clubs designed for the stronger and better player the S-05 Beres series was created for the golfer seeking  pure enjoyment combined with improved performance helping the average player lower their scores.  In order to accommodate that Honma analyzed tens of thousands of swings and trajectory tendencies based on fitting data cultivated over time at the Sakata factory in Japan and yes these clubs are Made in Japan.

Honma S-05 Series Golf


Follow the Jump for the official information, descriptions, and specs on the new S-05 Woods and IS-05 Irons…

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Seven Dreamers Creates Laundry Robot

Seven Dreamers Laundroid

Our favorite shaft company Seven Dreamers  knows no boundaries,  From Carbon space materials to nasal stents we see their latest contribution to the world with the Laundry Robot the Laundroid and it’s an amazing thing,  the prototype was recently unveiled in Tokyo and while it’s work in progress the final product promises to solve the problem of how long it takes to fold laundry and keep them wrinkle free.

Seven Dreamers says we waste nearly a year of our lives folding laundry,  president Shin Sakane told the BBC this project had been in the works for 10 years and holds so many secrets for the future in the realm of robotics.  The release date for the final version is in 2020 just dump a pile of washed and dried laundry into the Laundroid and it will be able to fold, sort and deposit the clothes in the correct drawer.

Seven Putters Slowly Trickle in

Seven Kyuzo Putter

The brand SEVEN has been around for less than a year although the Kyuzo.01 putter was started years prior with a small batch of 10pcs done with the help of Golds Factory in modifying the blank SEVEN heads, they were beautiful yet very expensive so we decided the new goal would be to make something that had the quality and performed and felt as close to the original and rare 10pcs as possible.  The requirements were simple, it had to be made in Japan by the best people using the best  designs and materials as well as provide a wide array of custom options prior to release earlier this year we were informed very few putters could be allocated to us by our factory,  doing our best we produced that amount and nearly all sold out in the first month pre booked to customers and shops all over the world and that is why some may have seen them in Thailand or Korea already prior to official launch.  At the time of this post there are less than 20 putter heads available to offer.

It has an incredible fit and finish,  it rolls end over end with minimized skipping, and feel oh boy yes not to soft and not so firm just right we sourced metal materials from the best supplier we could find in Kyoto Japan testing SUS303, 304, SM490A, Fe Carbon, etc..  In the end we decided on something firmer than carbon but softer than stainless so we selected SM490 giving a dense and buttery vibration going from the head, through the shaft, and up to the hands.   Every putter can be modified we bring in the raw heads in and can bend and finish, assemble, and paint fill per order above you see NiCr Satin with translucent red paint fill,  Follow the Jump to read and read about and see more putters…

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New Crazy Sbi-02 Blade by Toyoshima


This is the latest MB from Toyoshima-san of Crazy Sports,   well actually its been refinished in black boron with red paint fill by TSG Club Works to make it look extra special.  The entire concept around this design is to produce a blade that has extra forgiveness by using somewhat of a cavity along with a slightly thicker sole than most blades have for a better balance of forgiveness and workability.

Made with strong lofts and still a 1 piece S25C hand ground and forged in Japan the new Sbi-02 iron is limited edition with Crazy only producing a small amount every 2 months,  we have not hit or tested this iron yet but to see more beautiful images please follow the Jump or contact to order & customize your set…

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Introducing the 2016 SEVEN Wedge!


Introducing the 2016 model Seven Original Wedge – Only 6 months ago TSG launched our very own in house brand to the public.   The concept behind the company is to produce products made exclusively in Japan and utilizing the best crafters and factories Japan has to offer,  the “Original” wedges will always be a part of the SEVEN line up evolving into a wedge that we hope golfers believe as perfect in 4 key areas:  Grind/Shape,  Spin,  Feel,  and Versatility.

Comparing the new 2016 SEVEN “Original” Wedge to the previous version we have made quite a few changes follow the Jump to hear what those differences are…

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Diamana Kuro Kage XM Shaft

Diamana KuroKage XM Shaft

Mitsubishi Rayon will release the new KUROKAGE XM series shaft on October 3rd,  Last year they released the XT version also known as XTS while it was a prototype,  this year the prototype XMS will be released to the public as the XM series.  It’s basically a softer KuroKage XT  shaft featuring a softer tip section and stiffer butt end overall making it launch higher with more flex in the shaft.  Mitsubishi has incorporated a titanium-nickel metal wire to help the shaft recover quickly to square up the club face,  another feature of the metal wire is to reduce back spin while improving shaft efficiency and energy transfer.

Mitsubishi KuroKage XM

Available in 60/70/80 gram versions the new Kuro Kage XM shafts feature a mid kick point with torque in the range of 2.9 – 3.7*  These should be in the TSG Pro Shop this week for pre order!

Diamana Kuro Kage XM Shaft

PRGR Golf Super Egg Driver 2015

PRGR Egg golf clubs

PRGR will release 2 new drivers in October both labeled Egg one is non-conforming and named Super-Egg (gold)  the other conforms simply called the new egg driver (red).

It’s not often big brands release anything non-conforming yet PRGR realizes the vast majority of golfers don’t play in sanctioned events, anyhow PRGR has pushed the COR beyond 0.85 in the Super Egg.  Follow the Jump for it…

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