Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons


Mizuno MP-55 Yoro Craft Irons – In Japan Mizuno offers the MP-55 instead of the MP-25 why?  I don’t know but  I do know after hitting the MP-55’s that they are indeed special irons that with the help of Mizuno’s hand crafters at their Yoro deptartment can configure these irons to fit a wide range of players from professional to mid/high handicappers by making adjustments to the top line thickness,  sole and grinds along with face progression also known as offset.

Forged of S25C /1025E it is the evolution of the MP-54,  Ready for more pictures and a break down of this beautiful club?  Follow the Jump to read on…

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Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver for Japan


Taylormade Royal Gloire Driver – A Graphite Composite Face… that isn’t something we see very often in golf especially a face that looks as out of the ordinary as this driver,  and whats with no adjustability whatsoever?  This is common in Japan yet in the states adjustability is very popular.  Don’t ask why ;)

This face is a lightweight carbon material that features a new widened inverted cone technology that supposedly creates a hotter ball velocity that is stable and straight.  Designed for the slower swinger,  female or senior golfer it’s touted as the most premium club Taylormade has produced and with a price nearing $1500 usd it’s geared to a very specific segment.  Even if that’s not you have a look at this very interesting and intriguing club,  and if you are in the segment this caters to I suggest having a read by following the Jump…

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Mizuno’s “ON FIRE” Yoro MP-R5L Series Wedge!


Yesterday we had the boat load of inquiries asking about those tricked out MP-5’s in the previous blog post,  today we want to follow up with another truly unique item from the team at Mizuno’s Yoro Craft department,  these guys deserve some praise and as I said yesterday Mizuno comes second to none in having a custom options department that no other brand comes close to touching.

 Introducing the Japan Only Mizuno MP-R5-L Wedge geared toward the player who comes into the ball steep,  there are two versions of the new R5 the W & L and the W is for the slider or golfer who’s impact comes into the ball more level,  as a steep swinger myself I had to get what I could hit best so the L it is.  Great pics after the Jump so please follow…

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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5 Irons

Mizuno MP-5

Mizuno Yoro MP-5 Irons – Behold a completely insane set of Mizuno MP-5’s custom crafted by Mizuno Japan Yoro Dept,  these are spec’d to the brim with a ton of options.

If your not familiar with the Yoro program basically its a selection of custom options that go beyond what most golf equipment manufactures offer,  hand ground by the same fine people who make the Tour players irons and influence the R&D process.  Ready to see more?  Follow the jump…

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Seven Putters Slowly Trickle in

Seven Kyuzo Putter

The brand SEVEN has been around for less than a year although the Kyuzo.01 putter was started years prior with a small batch of 10pcs done with the help of Golds Factory in modifying the blank SEVEN heads, they were beautiful yet very expensive so we decided the new goal would be to make something that had the quality and performed and felt as close to the original and rare 10pcs as possible.  The requirements were simple, it had to be made in Japan by the best people using the best  designs and materials as well as provide a wide array of custom options prior to release earlier this year we were informed very few putters could be allocated to us by our factory,  doing our best we produced that amount and nearly all sold out in the first month pre booked to customers and shops all over the world and that is why some may have seen them in Thailand or Korea already prior to official launch.  At the time of this post there are less than 20 putter heads available to offer.

It has an incredible fit and finish,  it rolls end over end with minimized skipping, and feel oh boy yes not to soft and not so firm just right we sourced metal materials from the best supplier we could find in Kyoto Japan testing SUS303, 304, SM490A, Fe Carbon, etc..  In the end we decided on something firmer than carbon but softer than stainless so we selected SM490 giving a dense and buttery vibration going from the head, through the shaft, and up to the hands.   Every putter can be modified we bring in the raw heads in and can bend and finish, assemble, and paint fill per order above you see NiCr Satin with translucent red paint fill,  Follow the Jump to read and read about and see more putters…

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Grandista Type-S Driver Review


A few weeks ago we reviewed the Grandista DAT55G Driver head and today we have the same model except with an SP700 material face and silver highlights on the crown and face,  So why produce 2 drivers both with the same design yet just different face materials?  Its really about preference of feel,  Yoshida-san former tour pro and founder/designer of Grandista was able to produce a slightly softer feel and sound at impact with the SP700 model yet with the same  CT “Characteristic of Time” that the ball is compressed against the face and in this case it’s VERY high at CT=257 for both the DAT55G model and the SP700 model.   Yesterday I was able to hit both models together so please follow the jump for what I found the difference was…

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The New JBeam FW Ti Fairway Wood


The all new Jbeam Ti Fairway Wood – Titanium and designed to be easy to hit from most lies Jbeam has made another very forgiving FW,  they now have 3 excellent fairway woods that should be considered if you are in the hunt for one,  the RX-FW which is perfect in feel and compact size for the better player,  then the Jbeam Glorious which is more shallow,  larger and more forgiving that we found very long and easy to hit as is and now the TF series which is Titanium instead of stainless with a cut away channel similar to Royal Collection  this design is interesting because its shallow,  oversized at 210ccs in the 3 wood but the CG is designed more forward so while you should have an easy time getting the ball up yes even from the rough it still wont balloon on you.  Beautiful fit and finish to it as well… Follow the Jump for more pics!

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New Crazy Sbi-02 Blade by Toyoshima


This is the latest MB from Toyoshima-san of Crazy Sports,   well actually its been refinished in black boron with red paint fill by TSG Club Works to make it look extra special.  The entire concept around this design is to produce a blade that has extra forgiveness by using somewhat of a cavity along with a slightly thicker sole than most blades have for a better balance of forgiveness and workability.

Made with strong lofts and still a 1 piece S25C hand ground and forged in Japan the new Sbi-02 iron is limited edition with Crazy only producing a small amount every 2 months,  we have not hit or tested this iron yet but to see more beautiful images please follow the Jump or contact info@tourspecgolf.com to order & customize your set…

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DOCUS DCI-702 Forged Irons


Introducing Docus Golf – A relatively new brand out of Japan with a designer who has been a part of the Japan Golf Industry for decades,   TSG is proud to announce our new relationship with Docus after receiving samples of their clubs and evaluating them with very positive results.

We have many different models to go over in the coming weeks but we will start with one of my favorites,  the new DCI-702 Cavity Blade.  Follow the Jump to read up on this new Japan Forged CMB Iron.

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