Modart CBC Irons Back in Stock!


Finally available again the Modart CBC Irons,  these have been out of stock for months with customers waiting patiently ( thank you! )  Now I’m happy to inform everyone that these are now shipping with custom builds available from TSG.

For those who are not familiar with Modart here is a bit of back story:  Modart was created by Suda-san all the clubs offered by Modart are made completely in Japan featuring a full line up of woods and irons and wedges and putters.  Suda-san having spent more than 10 years in the golf industry had long had a dream of making his own brand. He spent years honing his grinding and club design skills at Fourteen Golf where under the guidance of Grind Studio master and former top Fourteen grinder Masahiro Tomaru. When Tomaru-san left, Suda-san became the top grinder and focused on grinding Fourteen wedges for top Japanese pros on tour. Besides grinding for tour pros, Suda-san was also in charge of up and coming releases which include the very popular MT-28 V5 wedge in his portfolio.  Ready to hear what makes these irons so different and special compared to the others?  Follow the Jump….

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Seven Dreamers L01 Limited Edition Shafts (Only 300 Made)


Introducing the new Limtied Edition L01 Shaft by Seven Dreamers,  It is the companies very first limited series hence it’s name L01.  It’s special due to it’s new carbon textile material and more attractive and complicated to produce weave,  the result is a better feeling “more smooth”  sensation yet without any widening of dispersion or a higher launch.

Seven Dreamers considers the L01 the ultimate shaft solution derived from their enormous fitting and design data based on the Seven Dreamers Fitting Bank,  7D has also allowed customers to select one of their 24 BEST shaft designs without a fitting or question form… BUT TSG is taking the L01 to the next level by highly suggesting you fill out the 16 question form anyway for Seven Dreamers to double check providing you with the absolute best fit possible.

So you choose your model,  fill out the form,  Seven Dreamers will say if they think your selected design is a good choice and if it’s not sometimes they slightly tweak the design or choose a different one for you.  All bases covered :)  or you can simply opt out of the question form and have the model you want shipped in about 4 weeks to you as shaft only or assembled by TSG’s top club maker.

Seven Dreamers Shaft Fitting

Ready to see it in it’s beautiful pattern in hand?  Follow the Jump to read on…

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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-5’s


Time for another beautiful set of Yoro Craft Irons this time it’s the new MP-5’s fully tricked out with custom grinds, finish and stamping.

We asked the team Mizuno’s Yoro Craft Dept to add a W Grind to the sole which is one of the most and versatile grinds for the better players anywhere,  the toe was hand ground sharper and the top line straighter for a more angular and edgy appearance,  the offset was reduced ,  finish changed to double nickel satin,  markings on hosel removed and custom stamping and text deletion so no where on this head does it actually say MP-5 on it.   Like it?  Tons of pics after the Jump….

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Kamui Works Custom Order Driving Wood

DSC07536-Edit-Edit copy

Years back Kamui Works was one of our best selling drivers,  they make fully custom woods by hand in Japan which is not something many or any brands really do,  this has allowed us to cater to golfers who need extreme specs like 5* open face angles,  custom black IP’s soles,  ultra heavy or light head weights and adjustments of bias and CG locations internally,  I mean what brand does this?

I wanted to make something a little flashy and unique while also fitting the needs of a request we get quite often,  that is the need for a driving wood off the tee box that can also handle fairway’s like a fairway wood.  The end result is a jaw dropper a 210g head with 12.5* loft and a 1* open face angle,  black IP sole with Ferrari yellow paint.. yum!

I’m not hitting this one,  it’s really just to remind our members what Kamui can do with drivers and fairway woods.  For those who want to Jump at this we have only 2pcs ready made and able to ship in a day or two so get in touch with info@tourspecgolf.com if you want to avoid the wait or you want a custom order to spec a unique driving wood for yourself.  Lexus Blue or Ferrari Red anyone?

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New Crazy Toyoshima 104W Wedges by TSG Club Works


Crazy Toyoshima 2016 Wedge –  Isn’t she lovely?  The standard finish is satin while this one is TSG Club Works modified. We receive the heads from Crazy then send it to a Japanese copper factory where they are dipped,  then several weeks later we get them back and soak them in a chemical agent to apply its outer most dark layer for a beautiful smooth finish that we have dubbed “Smoked Copper”

We have been perfecting our smoked copper finish,  this is the latest iteration it’s different from before as its smoother visually in its darker areas and applied more evenly.  Kaizen as they say,  always improving.   Enough about the mod job it recieved as these wedges are some of the best and those who know anything about Toyoshima-san’s wedges or have ever owned a Crazy Wedge can automatically assume these will play just as good if not better than previous versions.  Follow the Jump we have 2 more finishes to show you and photos from all angles…

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2016 SEVEN CB Iron Limited


Introducing the New 2016 Limited Edition SEVEN CB – Forged and Hand Ground in Himeji Japan with Steel Sourced from Kyoto the new Limited 2016 CB features a top line that is 0.75mm thicker than the original Seven Cavity Blade.  The center bump within it’s CNC milled cavity has been widened and increased in size for better feel and forgiveness,  with slightly more offset than the original this appeals to the same segment of player who would consider ONOFF Kuro or other semi mid sized CB irons,  the lofts are modern traditional with the PW coming in at 47* these are Limited to only 25 sets made worldwide.  Follow the Jump for more photos…

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Japan Only Mizuno MP-55 Irons by Yoro Craft


Over the last couple of weeks we have been teasing with multiple Yoro Craft editions by Mizuno absolute works of art hand ground with possibly the best crew on the planet to do such,  Today an all NEW model that is Japan Only Introducing the MP-55.

The retail MP-55 is no slouch at all either and every bit as good possibly better for the masses but what I’m showing here today is the hardcore version.  Forged of S25C /1025E this iron is Made in Japan and  comes finished in Nickel Chrome Mirror standard.  We had ours tricked out quite a bit with the goal of it looking as compact and “player” as possible yet maintain the forgiveness of the original.   Misson accomplished!  Read On….


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TSG Club Works | Titleist Cold Forged Vokey | Custom Finishes


The Cold Forged Vokey has been one of the most popular wedges sent to TSG Club Works for a refinish and in the above image you can see why, here we have a beautiful copper satin that at sunset or sunrise will glow almost orange.  Some of these finishes are not for the faint of heart let’s take for example copper mirror or satin each time the oil from your fingers touch this finish it leaves a fingerprint in a darker bronzy color that over a short period of time becomes a rusty patina immune to glare or glow as it once was.

Below is copper mirror and like the satin it wears easily,  you never lose the copper you simply gain the patina over it and it is an acquired taste,  Please follow the Jump to see more images of cold forged vokey refinishes including black oxide,  black boron and copper mirror + satin…


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Titleist AP1 FORGED Irons | Korea Model


Titleist AP1 Forged Irons Korea Spec Model – Titleist Japan had the VG3 series along with the Cold Forged Vokey and full release T-MB 716 irons on top of  the full selection of retail models that Titleist offers,   Korea has always had only 1 exclusive model and this year again its the AP1 Forged iron but in the latest 716 series.

The AP1 Forged is a cavity back with distance and forgiveness in mind It features a deeper undercut cavity creating a low CG,  the lofts are strong and both heel and toe have tungsten weights to keep MOI up.  All around these are very similar to the standard release AP1’s but where it differs greatly is in feel,  the Korea Only AP1 “Forged” Irons feel closely related to the VG3 and T-MB irons and we are thankful for that.


Designed as Titleist’s most forgiving forged CB these are mid sized irons  they are not small nor are they big I would say that they cover a wide range of skill levels from pro to high handicap and what I mean by pro is senior tour level or ladies tour not so much PGA tour as those guys prefer compact sized iron heads.  More photos and information after the jump…

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