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Mizuno MP-55 Irons – New for Japan 2015


Mizuno MP-55 Forged Irons – Big day for Mizuno releases the Japanese MP-55 iron has been announced and it looks promising.  Versus the MP-54/H5/15 the new MP-55 features the deepest center of gravity of all,  it’s sweet spot height is also lower than the others making it a strong lofted, higher trajectory semi-players cavity back.

Mizuno has created a new V shaped T-Slot filling most of the cavity to provide a more solid and dense feel,  the combo of loft/deep cg/low cg creates a higher trajectory for more distance and a stronger ball flight.  It is Forged of S25CM  and available 4-PW.  The new MP-55 will have YORO craft options coming to TSG at the same time as the official release which is in September.  Stay tuned for our photos of customized MP-55 Mizuno Irons.

Mizuno MP-R5L / MP-R5W Wedges

Mizuno MP-R5L & W 2015

Mizuno MP-R5L & MP-R5W Wedges  –  Mizuno Japan is rolling out their latest creations and they look great,  the new MP R5 wedges in two variants has been announced to release at TourSpecGolf in September.

The new R5 series wedges have two versions,  the “L” which is best for a steep descending downward blow on wedge shots and the “W” which has a design for the slider who comes into the ball with a level blow.  So you ready for more images and information?  Follow the Jump…

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Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-15 Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft Irons

Mizuno Yoro Craft MP-15 Irons – The latest forged irons release in the MP line by Mizuno the MP-15 so I figured I would go the distance and request them optioned like a fully loaded baked potato.  These are the designed for the low handicap player forged of their 1025E steel and feature a blend ti material that removed over 30 grams of weight replacing it with only 10 grams.

The retail version is mirror chrome and as you can see this one is done up in double nickel satin finish for a drastically reduced glare in the sun… but wait theres more!   On top of the Double Nickel Satin Finish it features a W Sole Grind which is a subtle killed trailing edge + leading edge for the steeper swinger or player who is in softer conditions that wants to get through the turf more easily.  Still more modifications done by the Yoro Dept…  Follow the Jump to Read on!

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Return of the Mizuno TN-87 Blade!


Mizuno TN-87 – Don’t you love it when the classics make a return?

And boy was this a classic, originally released in 1988 There are still set’s of the original TN-87’s floating around on the web in a variety of conditions. Finding a brand new set is next to impossible. So why are these so highly coveted?

Tommy Nakashima was at one point the #1 player on the JPGA tour, Back in the 80’s he was sponsored by Mizuno,  Today he sports the dunlop symbol but that’s really not the reason why Mizuno blade purists love them. It’s first and foremost the shape, then feel that make up its cult appeal.


Mizuno used a copper under layer below the chrome mirror finish, copper is a double edged blade because while it does create a nice soft and dense impact it also causes slight imperfections in the finishing process. If anyone tells you, it’s to hide pitted steel they have no clue.

Ready for the brutal part? These are going to cost an arm and a leg, when released there are no options to choose from, you must buy as they Mizuno offers the set. 10pcs 3-PW + AW+SW for a whopping 4 grand! That’s right 4 g’s people! If it helps it comes with a bag tag with your name on it…

There are some differences, the lie angle on the wedges have been tweaked ever so slightly also there is now a gap wedge AW that never existed before, because it was not around at the time of the original it does not have the stamping TN-87 on it, but is part of the set and only sold with this set.

If you are interested in locking one of these beauties up, you must email asap. I’m willing to bet even at this price they will not last long. [email protected]

Mizuno Yoro Craft Goodness – February 2014

It’s been a hectic and very busy month so I was glad to take some time away from sitting in front of my monitor to snap a few custom Mizuno Yoro orders. We had about 5-6 Yoro orders come in and 3 of them made their way here for some photos. The first set featured the MP-69 with a Nickel Chrome Satin finish instead of the standard mirror finish.  Customer wanted the grind of the MP-69 to be similar to the JPX 825 Forged iron which has some leading edge and trailing edge relief. He kept the stampings the same but changed some of the color.


Customer also wanted 3 of the Japan only MP-R4 wedges with a 48* wedge acting as the PW. This time the customer opted for a beautiful Raw finish and custom stampings with own name. Grain flow forged was removed and tour 2010C etching was added to the neck.


The MP-R4 is turning out to be a very popular wedge. An eye pleasing shape, easy to use, nice and sharp quad cut grooves with full face micro milling, it is also in huge demand since its available with all Yoro options. Read More to see more pics and specs!

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Dr.H Custom Yoro MP-4, MP-54, MP-R4 and Gold’s Modified California Del Mar


Dr.H is one of Tourspecgolf’s most loyal customers and is the current owner of now 3 sets of Yoro Craft Mizuno irons. He appreciates the best in premium clubs and is also has great brands like Crazy and Kamui Works and Gold’s Factory in his bag.  Today his 3rd set of Yoro Crafted clubs were delivered to me or some quick photos and I have to say this is one of the most amazing Yoro sets produced yet. A full combo set with the MP-H4 for a 3 iron followed by MP-54 4-6 Iron and Twilight MP-4 6-PW (yes he ordered two 6 irons due to loft differences – the JDM MP-54 is strong lofted). He then topped them off with RAW MP-R4 Japan model wedges. All the clubs have his name DR.H in Mizuno Blue paintfill on them (on the hosel for MP-54 and MP-H4. The offset was also reduced in all the clubs and all the irons had a W sole grind done on them as well.


Dr.H also had a 34″ Calfornia Del Mar modified by Gold’s Factory going up to 20g sole weights, 3 x arc reactors in the back cavity, original Premium Zone horizontal milling on the face and 3 sight lines. A G mark on the toe and Dr.H’s company logo on the toe face. All finished in Tour Teflon Black and done in Acid Green (which admittedly we had a hard time matching to the acid green brakes on his Porsche).  Photos tell the whole story so I don’t really need to write much more. Just Read More to see the rest of the photos!  Continue Reading

Mizuno Yoro Craft now offering MP-4 Custom Options!


Mizuno has begun officially offering Yoro Craft options for the new MP-4 Muscle back. We’ve already received quite a few orders and the first set we ordered already came in as you can see in the image above in Double Nickel Bright. There are also some amazing options for the new Japan only MP R4 wedge including 11 different finishes and numerous stamping and grind options. For those of you looking for an idea of what kind of options are available for the MP-4, I created the table below. You can also take a look at some of the finishes done with previous TSG Yoro orders here.

Just click on the image below for a bigger picture and email us anytime for a quote!


Mizuno Yoro Craft Update – MP-4, MP-54, MP-513 and MP-R4 coming soon!


This has been a great year for Mizuno Yoro Craft and TSG with nearly 50 sets produced for TSG customers. You may have seen some of the sets featured here on the blog which look absolutely amazing. In the past month I have gotten many inquiries about the new MP-4 muscle back as well as the MP-54 cavity. I spoke to our Mizuno rep and both will be available for Yoro custom orders beginning October 18th the same day for the retail launch of the new MP clubs in Japan.


At this moment we are unsure of exact options from Yoro though we can take a guess that options for the MP-4 will be similar to the MP-69 save for stampings and logo placement. The MP-54 is a bit harder to predict as Yoro is typically more strict with the 5 series due to the type of cavity which is harder to do for certain finishes and stampings (see MP-59). The new MP-R4 wedge should have lots of options like the older MP-R12 and in case many of you did not realize, Mizuno DRIVERS are also part of the Yoro Craft program, including lie adjustment, custom finish and most top Japanese shafts.


As always with Yoro Japan Crafted orders, each set is custom quoted and you must contact us for the quote and to order. For the new models here, its best to contact us on or after October 18th so we can be sure of options and costs.  So while we wait for the release here in Japan you can check out their new Yoro Craft commercial!

Custom Mizuno Yoro Order – Twilight MP-64 for Chin!


Another set of awesome MP-64’s from Mizuno’s Yoro Craft arrived this weekend. Twilight finished with matching MP R12 Wedges for Chin. Beautiful mysterious look with no paintfill.


Mizuno MP-64 4-PW
Twilight Finish
Remove Grain Flow Forged
own name: CHIN
No paintfill for logos, numbers, name
Increase FP 0.5mm (less offset)
W Sole Grind
Nippon V90 Stiff
Iomic Sticky 1.8 Red
0.5″ LONGER D3

Mizuno MP R12 52 56 60 (3 Wedges)
Twilight Finish
Remove Grain Flow Forged
own name: CHIN
No paintfill for logos, numbers, name
Increase FP 0.5mm (less offset)
Nippon V90 Stiff
Iomic Sticky 1.8 Red
0.5″ LONGER D3/D4

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Custom Mizuno Yoro Order – Black Gloss MP-69 for SAVANT!


We’ve got another set of awesome Yoro customized Mizuno irons in today. A beautiful set of gloss black MP-69 for customer SAVANT. Great call of leaving the logos with no paintfill as it makes the iron not only look mysterious but very sexy as well.


MP69 4-PW
Black with Gloss
69C Own Name SAVANT White Paintfill
Remove Grain Flow forged
No paintfill for logos or iron numbers
2010C Tour Confirmed on the neck
W Sole Grind
+0.5mm FP (LESS Offset)
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Rubber Round Logo Down 1 Wrap
37.75″ 5 Iron
D3 4-9

Iron Loft Lie
4 24 58
5 27 58.5
6 31 59
7 35 59.5
8 39 60
9 43 60.5
PW 48 61

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